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Lawrence Frank might work in NBA next season – maybe even as head coach

If Doc Rivers coaches the Clippers next season – and Kevin Arnovitz explains why that’s still a possibility even though talks have been reported to be dead – the Celtics will need a replacement.

Lawrence Frank served as Boston’s defensive coordinator before the Pistons hired him, and that went well. So, apparently the Celtics would be interested in giving him more responsibility. A. Sherrod Blakely of CSN Northeast:

In addition to Vinny Del Negro, former #Celtics asst. Lawrence Frank expected to emerge as candidate to replace Rivers as well.

The Celtics can and should do better. I’m not convinced Frank would fail as their coach, but he’s shown enough in stints with the Pistons and Nets that Boston could either get someone with a better track record or at least someone who hasn’t shown so many negatives, and too few positives, as a head coach.

Speaking of the Nets, Frank has an open and public invitation to join Jason Kidd’s staff. Mike Mazzeo of ESPN:

Brooklyn Nets coach Jason Kidd has offered Lawrence Frank the opportunity to be an assistant coach on his staff.

"The invitation is out there, so it’s up to him," Kidd said Friday on ESPN Radio’s "Mike & Mike."

"He’s in a special situation. He’s at home, his wife is sick, so I understand coming off of coaching [the Detroit Pistons] and [possibly] wanting a year off with his family, so I respect that. The big thing is he knows how much I love him and how much I need him, but family comes first, and I respect that."

That’s more in Frank’s wheelhouse, playing a role as prominent assistant for a completely inexperienced head coach.

I’m rooting for Frank to get either job, mostly because that would signal his wife’s health has improved. But I’m also not sure the Pistons hired a better head coach in Maurice Cheeks than the one they fired. I’d be very intrigued to see what Frank and Cheeks do next season.


  • Jun 18, 20136:55 pm
    by Grizz


    I am sendng $30 checks to Dan and everyone else who posts here if Lawrence Frank ever is an NBA head coach again, let alone this upcoming season.

  • Jun 18, 20137:27 pm
    by Mel


    You compared Cheeks to Frank . Thats SOOO funny. Cheeks took a young team to the playoff. Frank to a veteran team to the playoffs with a veteran point guard who coached the team on the floor. As soon as those vets left, the team fell in tot he abyss. Cheeks record is at least closer to .500 which is .498 to franks .474. Franks records declined after the vets left, and he never had a .500 season. So I wouldn’t worry about Mo having a better season than Franks. Plus Mo played the game, his understanding of the game goes much deeper than Frank who was a video coordinator before getting his first chance. I hope he get to be a assistant coach he can do that.

    • Jun 19, 20131:14 am
      by City of Klompton


      Never had a .500 season? Try 03-04 through 06-07… that’s three full seasons and most of a fourth. Nice try, though.

  • Jun 18, 20137:32 pm
    by rick77


    When you find me a coach that starts out 0-16 and 4-20 then I will take this jiberish seriously. The fact that he starts his seasons out slowly like that says to me that you just want to hate anything the Piston’s do as it involves the coaching search. Better than Cheeks is highly questionable. Frank’s record is recent and Cheeks is from over at least 5 years ago. I think you are just being really disingenuous when you go about discussing this..

  • Jun 18, 20138:10 pm
    by Gordbrown


    Cheeks might not be better but he couldn’t possibly be worse. Criminal misuse of assets including trying to fit square pegs into round holes. Consistently blowing double digit leads. Players tuning out. A horrible record despite occasionally blowing out teams that ultimately finished with better records. That’s not the talent, that’s on the coach. I don’t give a shit whether the coach played the game. I don’t really care that reporters like him or not. I don’t care if he is supposed to be the hardest working coach of all. All I care about is that the team uses its assets to the best of their abilities. The Pistons clearly did not do that. End of story.

  • Jun 19, 201312:17 am
    by Matt


    With Franks knowledge of the game he should become an assistant for Kidd. Head coach, no. He cant run a team or adjust when his gameplan fails, plus that doghouse thing was just stupid and disrespectful to the players. It also helped the argument the Detroit mistreats rookies. I’m glad he’s gone, I wish we got someone better though. Call me skeptical but I don’t think Cheeks can turn Knight, Burke, or MCW into Westbrook. I think if he can give freedom to Knight he will do better. It seemed to me like Knight wasn’t going to be good under Franks “leadership”. I’d say Cheeks can’t do worse but I said that for Frank.

  • Jun 19, 201312:20 am
    by tarsier


    This has nothing to do with the post or even the Pistons in general, but HOLY CRAP!!! What a game 6!

    • Jun 19, 201312:32 am
      by Oracle


      Oh yeah, Game 6 was a CLASSIC!!

  • Jun 19, 201312:34 am
    by Oracle


    BTW, Frank just plain sucks! If Boston hires him they” get what they deserve!

    Cheeks is a better person, and likely slightly better as a coach, but a lot depends on the situation and timing! IMO, Cheeks is right for where we are, but  can’t see how we wouldn’t want to do better in 2 years! 

  • Jun 19, 20138:26 am
    by RyanK


    Frank refused to give more minutes to Dre, playing Max as a starter most of the season.  Do you think Cheeks would make a foolish decision like that?  What about placing Stuckey out on the wing asking him to stretch the defense with his deadly outside shot?  

    Cheeks will likely make his own bad decisions, but they won’t be as obvious as the two examples above.  And whether it should matter or not, Cheeks has the allstar point guard reputation.  He will command the respect of his players where Frank never could and that does make one coach better than the other.

    Cheeks probably won’t be a long-term answer as coach, but he can make a positive impact for 2-3 seasons.  Hopefully by that time we can attract a higher end coach to help us make deep playoff runs.

    • Jun 19, 20133:25 pm
      by joe dumars


      ugh, Drummond got the minutes he got because of his conditioning. There were multiple times Drummond during the season had to ask out of games because he was tired. George, and Greg would even point it out.

      I’m guessing you don’t pay attention all to much to all the other rookies because, it a rarity a rookie gets to start out and average 30 + minutes their 1st year. Drummonds minutes isn’t a Frank issue, its a league wide thing that many coaches would handle a similar way.

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