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Key Kings bring in C.J. McCollum again

The Kings, more likely than any other team picking 1-7, will have the biggest impact on whether Trey Burke falls to the Pistons.

For one, if the consensus top six prospects – Nerlens Noel, Ben McLemore, Otto Porter, Anthony Bennett, Victor Oladipo and Alex Len – go in the top six picks, the Kings will decide which other player won’t be available to the Pistons.

Also, the Kings need a point guard, especially one who distributes as well as Burke, more than the other teams in Burke’s range do. Isaiah Thomas would be a very good backup, and although he can hold his own as a starter, he’s not the best fit with other high-usage teammates like DeMarcus Cousins and Tyreke Evans. The Suns (No. 5) have Goran Dragic, and the Pelicans (No. 6) have Greivis Vasquez and Austin Rivers.

So, it’s a positive sign the Kings are looking at players other than Burke. C.J. McCollum will visit Sacramento for a second time, according to James Ham of Cowbell Kingdom.

McCollum, Shabazz Mohammad and/or Michael Carter-Williams – any of the three could get Trey Burke or another top player to the Pistons.


  • Jun 24, 20137:47 pm
    by DG


    The Kings have been very helpful in the last few drafts: Robinson over Drummond; Biyombo over Knight and Cousins over Monroe.  They are welcome to continue this trend and select MCW over Burke.

    • Jun 25, 201312:06 pm
      by G


      Biyombo was Charlotte. The Kings had the pick after Detroit in that draft, traded back & took Jimmer (instead of keeping it & taking Kemba. Whoops).

      Anyway, I don’t see how anything that anyone did that led to Detroit taking Knight was “helpful”. 

  • Jun 24, 20137:53 pm
    by joe dumars


    I don’t think this means a whole lot. The Pistons spend two days meeting and working out both MCW and McCollum.

  • Jun 24, 20138:03 pm
    by Who Is Us



    Your fixation with Trey Burke is becoming unhealthy! You Are letting yourself get carried away like an over excited fan. If you keep this up Burke’s reps may have to think about a restraining order for you!! 

    • Jun 24, 20138:36 pm
      by BC


      I want to see Dan’s reaction if Burke doesnt turn out haha

      • Jun 24, 201311:19 pm
        by Dan Feldman


        A good deal surprise, sure, but not total shock or anything. I don’t consider anyone in this draft a sure thing. I just think Burke has more value as a prospect than anyone else with at least a 30 percent chance of being available at No. 8.

        • Jun 25, 20135:11 am
          by Filo Putz


          I agree that the fixation with Burke is not objective. The pistons need so many pieces to reach the point where they can compete. In order to assemble the right mix you need to be objective. There is no point guards in this draft that will ever play in a championship series, with the possible exception of as a backup. After Mclemore and Oladipo do you really believe anyone else this year is that special to upgrade a franchise? Can Burke possibly over achieve and turn out better than expected. Yes, of course. but I would prefer building the frontline with Zeller to replace Maxiell. then signing Calderon or Jack (short term of course), while hoping that a 22 year old Knight shows some improvement. Plus, before  july 1 there’s a possibility to upgrade at the 2 and or 3 without having to overpay in the weak free agent market.

          • Jun 25, 201312:18 pm
            by G

            Saying no PG in this draft will ever compete for a title is hardly objective. Burke’s ceiling at PG is pretty high. You’re saying that instead of rolling the dice on Burke, you’d rather take Zeller to be the backup PF?

            You’d HOPE Knight would show improvement as a PG (something he hasn’t done in 2 years).

            Here’s the kicker – you want to upgrade the 2 or 3 without overpaying in a WEAK FREE AGENT MARKET. I’ve got bad news for you. THEY HAVE TO OVERPAY WHEN THE MARKET IS WEAK. It’s supply & demand, basic economics. 

          • Jun 25, 20133:39 pm
            by Filo Putz

            Knight is 21 years old; so yes it’s not out of the question that he will improve. and If he doesn’t there will be other options down the road through the draft, free agency and trade. Burke and Carter Williams would have to both show much more than they have  to be a leader on a championship quality team. Unless of course there surrounded by elite players, that overcome their weaknesses. If it was up to me they would  not sign anyone because I don’t like anyone besides Josh Smith (they don’t have a shot at Howard or Paul)  and tank for next years draft. But unfortunately they have to get to 90% of the Cap. Trade is preferable to signing free agents because it’s not yearly salary that’s the problem but getting locked in for multiple years that saddle teams.

          • Jun 25, 20134:37 pm
            by G

            Anybody in this draft would have to show much more than they have to be a leader on a championship team. That cuts you no ice.

            Knight is 21 and his abilities as a PG are pretty much the same as they were when he was 19. I think he can improve as a player, but I doubt we’re going to see much improvement as a PG, unless Cheeks turns out to be a combo guard whisperer or something.

            Obviously they have to sign someone because a) they have to field a team, and b) there’s that cap floor rule you mentioned. Why can’t they just sign shorter deals? Everyone is crapping their pants this off season because “Dumars has money again, 2009 style”. FYI, your boy Josh Smith is the 2nd most likely cap albatross after OJ Mayo, so I’m not sure why you like him so much. Trading is almost out of the question, as Detroit doesn’t necessarily own its next pick and the only valuable assets are Monroe and Drummond.

            Why not go after Calderon or Jack on a short term deal, or Teague on a longer deal, and then fill in with 2 yr deals for guys like Dorell Wright, Brewer, Speights, or Hickson?

  • Jun 24, 20139:40 pm
    by Bo


    Dan, I agree with you on your Trey Burke analysis! I understand your point of view and fully agree. He is the best distributing point guard in the draft … the Pistons are a team that could use that productivity GREATLY … a young Burke is a much better option than an old Calderon … he can grow with Drummond and Monroe (yet I still openly advocate for a straight-up trade for Cousins) … I see a core of Burke, Cousins, and Drummond as a future BIG THREE … but I digress … Trey Burke should be the Pistons’ choice … he is EXACTLY what the Pistons need as of today … Keep up the positive energy regarding Burke! … it’s exciting! 

  • Jun 25, 20134:10 am
    by Wolverines23


    I don’t understand why people are so quick to exclude Greg Monroe and trade him and bring in another player. He clearly is still the best player on Pistons roster as of now, and was one of the first pieces. The guy has consistently improved each year, and at least wait for next season or even a half a season more for him to play with Drummond to see if it works. So far it’s been positive, he’s already losing weight, adding a consistent mid-range jumper, and improving his quickness and defense. Yes he won’t ever be able to shoot the 3 point shot, but that’s why our 1, 2, and 3 have to be great shooters or they simply cannot start for the Pistons. 

    Knight can shoot. Trey Burke will be able to take the 3 when he wants to step up. KCP can also give us good numbers, so can McCollum, and Shabazz, but both of them also rely on getting to the paint a lot more and I’m not sure if that’s what we need, guys like Stuckey who go at the rim hard and expect to get fouled, I can see Shabazz and McCollum trying to do that, when it’s not needed as we will Monroe and Drummond down low. So I’d like Burke who can drive and dish like Bynum and Calderon were able to successfully do with Drummond. KCP also works, but that means Brandon Knight is our future PG and I think none of us are in favor of that, unless he improves significantly this summer. 

    But yeah lay off the Monroe hatred it’s kind of annoying and pointless, at least be patient and see what the two can do together before writing him off. Thank you :D Go Pistons! 

    • Jun 25, 20138:38 am
      by tarsier


      I think it mostly comes from the fact that he’s due to get a big raise soon. That is the only reason I’d consider most trades for him.

      Basically, he currently has a ton of value as a very good big man on a rookie scale deal. But soon he may well be an offensively gifted but defensively inadequate player on a big contract (think Al Jefferson or David Lee). If the Pistons want that, why not sign Jefferson as a FA without giving anything up and get something in return for Monroe?

      That’s the line of reasoning. The question is whether Monroe can improve to the point that he will be an asset even on a big deal.

  • Jun 25, 20134:44 pm
    by Filo Putz


    Anyone who doesn’t understand the value of having a good 3 man rotation at both the 4 and the 5 will never get how NBA basketball is played. If you can’t rely on an elite top ten player, you need to build a roster and obviously you can’t have great backups at every position. But if your strength is up front that is the best place to start.

  • Jun 25, 20134:57 pm
    by Filo Putz


    Until July 1 they can still trade Maxiell, Calderon, Bynum to a team that is looking for cap relief.

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