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Joe Dumars driving Maurice Cheeks – literally

Drew Sharp of the Detroit Free Press:

Dumars drove Cheeks to his introductory news conference Thursday at the Palace. While in the car, both talked about how quickly now locker rooms are “lost” with young players not as good as they think are, and certainly not as great as their predecessors, exercising influence on front office decisions they haven’t earned yet.

If you’re looking for anecdotal evidence Maurice Cheeks is Joe Dumars’ hire, this is it. Dumars and Cheeks definitely seem to be on the same page, which hopefully helps the Pistons right some of the issues that occurred under previous coaches.

Really, it’s a cool scene to imagine – two all-time greats sharing stories in Dumars’ car. I would have loved to sit in the backseat and listen.


  • Jun 19, 20139:19 am
    by RyanK


    I suspect you’re right about this being Dumar’s choice.  If Dumars is going to be fired over the situation, he should be allowed to pick his personnel.  Dumars will likely be more supportive of a coach he picked than one that was forced on him.  This will help I think.  

    I just wish Gores every would sit in the front row next to the bench like Bill Davidson used to.   When he sees 4 games per seasons (two of them in LA), the feel of “piston family” is hard to create.  Likewise, the owner has a much harder time enforcing accountability if he’s not there to make everyone think he knows exactly what’s going on.

    • Jun 19, 20139:52 am
      by Jeremy


      Which is why my concern is that Gores’s only motive behind purchasing Palace Sports and Entertainment (PSE)is to flip it for a profit once he is able to raise the value of the company. The value of the company mainly sits with the Pistons. The only way to ensure a profit is to put together a winning team because winning = butts in the seats, beer and food sold at games, and little kiddies hitting their parents up for a $60 jersey. As fans we have to remember that Gores’s occupation is taking fledgling companies, turning them around, and slanging them to the highest bidder. Davidson’s interest in owning the Pistons was purely one of hobby, as his occupation was running the family business (Guardian Industries).
      In what little defense of Gores that I can give for his decision to not attend all 41 home games or, for that matter, sit court-side at the ones that he does attend, there are plenty of owners/ownership groups across all the professional sports leagues that remain hidden. We as Pistons fans are just used to ownership being visible and, somewhat, accessible. That doesn’t mean that Gores isn’t sitting in front of an IMAX-quality theater system installed in the basement of his multimillion dollar estate in Los Angeles and watching a private feed of games with angles that we as fans only wish we had access to. It also doesn’t mean that he is a horrible owner either. I just contend that he is akin to those District/Regional Managers that pop in to your company’s office every so often just to ensure that everyone knows who is still in charge.

  • Jun 19, 20139:45 am
    by deusXango


    If Dumars knows the value of being able to pick his own personnel, then shouldn’t Cheeks be free to do the same, to a certain extent? “Locker rooms are “lost” with young players not as good as they think are, and certainly not as great as their predecessors” is a statement that fits Stuckey more than any player on the Pistons roster; were they talking about letting him go? It seems like it, and I for one would be pleased.

    • Jun 19, 201310:07 am
      by Oracle


      @DX – Absolutely it fits Stuckey, and makes you wonder how serious Joe is!

  • Jun 19, 201310:12 am
    by Oracle


    It’s interesting that these two talk bout that because that sword cuts both ways!

    The players now have the power over both Joe & Cheeks because they can get both of them fired, and it’ 99.99% sure they can get Joe canned after next season if they wanted to!  

    So Joe better get rid of players he’s screwed over… oops… that’s practically the whole team! Time to go into butt kissing mode?  

  • Jun 19, 201310:22 am
    by KillMovez


    Do you mean ” Drew sharp of the detroit free press”?

    • Jun 19, 20131:54 pm
      by G


      No, Detroit Sharp. New writer. Sees the Detroit Sports World through shit-colored glasses though, just like the other guy.

    • Jun 19, 20133:07 pm
      by Dan Feldman


      Thanks, fixed

  • Jun 19, 201310:30 am
    by Jeremy


    I’m not sure how to feel about that quote on what Dumars and Cheeks discussed. So, locker rooms become lost when players have a distorted reality of their skill set? Or is that the locker room becomes lost when a coach humbles a player that has a distorted reality of their skill set (i.e. Curry, Kuester, Frank, Cheeks, you name the coach, telling Stuckey for example that he isn’t as good as he thinks he is)? Isn’t a major component of coaching building a belief within your players that they are great at their skill set – building confidence?
    The second part of the quote (“and certainly not as great as their predecessors”) is just as troubling. So, taking your example of Stuckey, if Stuckey is not as great as his predecessor (Billups in this case), why was he given the keys to the team and Billups made expendable? There was someone there who thought that Stuckey at the very least had had the chance of being better than his predecessor or else that move would have never been made. Did Stuckey have a distorted view of his skill set coming into the league or was this something that was instilled into him by Joe and the slew of coaches that he played under?

  • Jun 19, 201312:08 pm
    by mshansky


    Its inexplicable how Stuckey has managed to stay here for so long. Other than no other team seeing anything there, it again certainly reflects poorly on Joe’s personnel decisions. There is no way the Pistons can be competitive, entertaining, and have any team identity with him out there. Whenever he is on the court, ball movement ceases, players scramble to figure out if he is even going to pass the ball at all, and  his inconsistent scoring, assists, rebounds, and ENERGY are at odds with the team improving at all. I hope Cheeks doesn’t see him as reclamation project. He really is toxic….If he plays next season, their record will be no better than this year’s, no matter what “other pieces” are added…

  • Jun 20, 20136:02 am
    by Sport Detroit


    Short ride to the Palace.  Very little time to go down memory lane.  You wouldn’t had heard much sitting in the back seat unless they drove 300 miles or more.

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