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George Karl to Pistons seems like longshot

The Nuggets fired George Karl, a decision nobody saw coming. Is the move shocking enough that the Pistons would rethink their position of bringing in no new candidates? It probably doesn’t matter.


Karl is very intrigued by the open Los Angeles Clippers job, two sources close to the coach told ESPNLosAngeles.com’s Ramona Shelburne.

The feeling is mutual with the Clippers, who had preliminary conversations with Denver last week. A source with knowledge of the Clippers’ thinking said he will a candidate who will be "strongly considered."

NBA coaching sources, meanwhile, told ESPN.com’s Marc Stein that the Memphis Grizzlies — who are still deciding whether or not to bring back Lionel Hollins — will definitely discuss their job with Karl now that he’s available.

I’d love for the Pistons to consider Karl, who hasn’t had a losing season in Kyle Singler’s lifetime, but if the Clippers and/or Grizzlies want him, it would be very difficult for Detroit to compete.


  • Jun 6, 20136:17 pm
    by mike


    Considering Gores probably has more money than both Sterling and MEM owner combined, it wouldn’t  be that difficut. Gores would  just have to offer a huge contract and steal him away with money.

    It doesn’t seem Gores is as “ready to spend” though, as he once proclaimed at the end of the season.

     On the bright side, if Karl goes to LAC  and Shaw goes to  the Nets, that would seem to open the possibilty of Hollins coming here. Of course Denver would be the competition, but there’s always the chance that they don’t want Hollins. 

    I think its foolish that the Pistons are committing to the McCheeks Movement, before even seeing how this is all going to play with all these good coach’s suddenly available.

    Its very possible one of them could be left without a job at the end, and if we are aready committed to McCheeks, that’s going to really stink.

  • Jun 6, 20136:51 pm
    by Lorenzo


    Right on…Karl, Hollins, or Shaw aren’t coming here, it’s a pipe dream. They will have offers from better teams and from all indications will be hotly pursued by those teams. While I’m sure they have/will be sounded out….it is rightly in the best interest of the team to focus their energies on viable candidates such as McMillan and Cheeks (though he seems underwhelming) rather than dalliance with the untenable.     

    • Jun 6, 20138:17 pm
      by Huddy


      The more good options that are out there the better chance we have.  Avery Johnson won coach of the year and then he’s gone and no new job.  There are definitely better jobs out there but the more high quality options the better chance one wants some security instead of holding out on a top job with multiple big names involved.

      • Jun 6, 20138:56 pm
        by Lorenzo


        I think that would be the case if there was one or possibly two “premier” jobs available. Except there are four premium jobs available in the Clippers, Nuggets, Grizz, and Nets….with an additional two, possibly three mediocre jobs in the Sixers, Pistons, and Raptors (if they end up parting with Casey). On the flip side there are 2 premium candidates in Hollins and Karl with a popular assistant in Shaw; in short there are more premium jobs than candidates, demand out weighs supply. You have to expect the top teams to fiercely compete for the top candidates; the coaches are in the driving seat here and are going to command good money/years on their contracts as well as having the luxury to inherent a talented roster. I don’t foresee any of the top guys struggling to find employment in this market. 

        All this is bad news for mediocre destinations like Detroit; who more than likely will find it (nearly)impossible to lure the highest tire candidates. Hence I think it’s in the best interest for the Pistons to focus in on the two mooted candidates before a team who lost out on the Karl/Hollins sweepstakes turns their (desperate) attention to the second tier candidates.  

  • Jun 6, 20137:31 pm
    by Russell C


    why the inferiority complex about the team and the City? Detroit at least has a history of competing for titles and like him or not Dumars has a link to all three of them. The Clippers owner has a history of dumb moves and being an a–hole, and is a common link to the Clippers being a laughingstock. The Pistons are not that far away, though listening to some of you one would think they have no talent at all. Another high draft pick and over 20 mil in cap space is a pretty good place with the pieces they have already. I say make a pitch for Karl. He has won with less.

    • Jun 6, 20137:49 pm
      by City of Klompton


      It’s not that we have ZERO talent on the roster, but a coach already knows what he is getting with the Clippers (or Grizzlies, Nets).  We have cap space, but there is no telling who we sign/trade or how it will pan out at this point.  The Clippers, Grizzlies and Nets are already playing playoff games.  We can’t even sniff the playoffs at this point.

    • Jun 6, 20138:57 pm
      by Nick


      Right on! Gonna be their loss down the road.

  • Jun 6, 20139:15 pm
    by Ryan M


    When a coach of Karl’s caliber is available and you are serious about winning you throw whatever money he wants at him.  I can handle if he picks another team but if we don’t even try to get him that will be a huge mistake.   

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