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Former Pistons coach Lawrence Frank joins Jason Kidd’s Nets as assistant

Ohm Youngmisuk of ESPN:

Lawrence Frank has decided to join Jason Kidd’s staff with the Brooklyn Nets as his lead assistant coach, a league source told ESPNNewYork.com.

Am I crazy for thinking, now that the Nets are getting Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce, that they would be better off with Lawrence Frank as head coach and Jason Kidd as the assistant? If Brooklyn is dead set on contending immediately, why take a chance on a coach with no experience running a team? And Kidd could make a good buffer for Frank’s demanding and sometimes off-putting style.

Of course, if the Nets wanted an established head coach, they can do better than Frank, anyway. But on this staff, maybe roles should reversed.


  • Jun 28, 20139:39 am
    by CNA5


    Lawrence Frank can’t handle in game adjustments.  He doesn’t do a great job of getting people on the same page.
    He’s a well prepared coach with solid x’s and o’s acumen.  Jason Kidd can draw from all of his strengths and control the game through Deron.  I’m not sure if it will be a success, but I think Kidd’s a better option for the big chair than Frank.

  • Jun 28, 20139:59 am
    by DoctorDave


    Well, we already know that Dougie Howser has worked for Kidd once; why wouldn’t it work again?

  • Jun 28, 201310:01 am
    by RyanK


    If they work together they might make a good team.  Kidd has the respect, Frank has the experience.  Frank can coach Kidd on coaching…if he needs help.  There’s always an adjustment when assuming a new role…I’m not sold on Kidd being a great coach, but time will tell.

  • Jun 28, 20132:40 pm
    by CityofKlompton


    I am curious to know if anybody has been head coach for a team, left or been fired by that team, and later returned to be an assistant coach.  This is a very bizarre situation in every respect.

    • Jun 28, 20132:46 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      I think it’s probably rare, but Doc Rivers is reportedly going to hire Alvin Gentry as an assistant, and Gentry used to be the head coach there before getting fired.

      • Jun 29, 20133:00 pm
        by CityofKlompton


        Two in the same season. Interesting.

  • Mar 12, 20145:07 am
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