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Andre Drummond dunks on Chris Brown

I have no context, and I doubt any would matter anyway:

Actually, here’s a little context. After tweeting a link to that Vine, Andre Drummond also tweeted:

It was all planned out to, nothing serious just a joke!

I love that. Drummond is so caring, he’s worried people would think it would reflect poorly on Chris Brown.


  • Jun 13, 20136:57 am
    by MongoSlade86


    That’s messed up if he is trying to make fun of Brandon Knight.

    • Jun 13, 20137:14 am
      by Reaction


      He just dunked on someone… Happens all the time. There is no real correlation between this dunk and the DeAndre Jordan on Knight one. Unless you consider every tall guy dunking on a short guy making fun of Knight…

      • Jun 13, 20137:33 am
        by MongoSlade86


        My bad I was just joking. I must have forgot to put an lol in there.

    • Jun 13, 20137:48 am
      by Jeremy


      Agree with Reaction – you can’t make that assumption off this video. Maybe Jordan was just trying to make fun of MKG dunking on Monroe in February and decided to posterize BK7 – no? logic flawed there too? What is more messed up is the NBA has Social Media Awards and gave an “award” out for Jordan’s dunk on Knight.

  • Jun 13, 20137:22 am
    by Fallon


    I bet Chris Brown could stop him if Drummond wore a Rihanna costume!

  • Jun 13, 20138:55 am
    by Vince


    I’m more impressed by his elevation! Everytime I see him jump I’m astounded by his athleticism. 

  • Jun 13, 20139:15 am
    by danny


    imagine if he can get to like 6 percent body and be at a peak physical condition.  It’ll add an extra inch or two.

  • Jun 13, 20139:31 am
    by ryan


    I love this. They’re clearly doing a Trey Burke career highlights mockumentary kind of thing.

  • Jun 13, 201310:07 am
    by Todd


    The only thing that stuck out to me in this video is the elevator hops that Drummond has (as Vince pointed out). While we rarely get to see an open court dunk like this for a big man like Drummond (does he have a legit nickname yet, if not he needs one better than some ripoff of Dre or Andre3000), I think his speed and hops along with the size issue we may have at the PG/SG may mean that it is time for a faster-paced open-floor style of offense to be instituted in Detroit. Regardless he can get UP!

  • Jun 13, 201310:34 am
    by Venice


    Dre should enter the dunk contest!

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  • Jun 13, 20136:17 pm
    by jennie


    It was all a set up, don’t believe the hype, lol

  • Jun 13, 20136:22 pm
    by gmehl


    Somewhere some place Rihanna is LHAO. Take that woman beater!

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