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3-on-3: Drafting Peyton Siva at No. 56

1. Which available player should the Pistons have chosen?

Patrick Hayes: This was just trolling, right? If it was, well done Joe Dumars. Not only did you piss off every Michigan fan in the state, you also drafted the guy Trey Burke fouled in the NCAA title game (I can hear the ‘IT WAS CLEAN!’ screams all the way from Ann Arbor). I don’t have a preference for this spot. Siva was fine. My hope would be that whoever they took, Siva included, would be willing to go play overseas for a year so the team doesn’t have to worry about the roster spot.

Dan Feldman: Bojan Dubljevic. OK, I totally cheated and picked between the two draft-and-stash players selected after the Pistons picked. I don’t know the difference between either of them or any other foreign player at that point in the draft. But as I wrote, the Pistons are getting tight on roster space, and a Siva is probably unlikely to warrant spending a spot on him.

Jameson Draper: Siva was a good choice. It depends on the method for choosing, best available or most needed. C.J. Leslie or Deshaun Thomas were probably the best players available. Going by most needed, Siva was the right pick. The Pistons need a point guard.

2. How do you grade the selection?

Patrick Hayes: C. If Siva goes to camp and isn’t a candidate to go play abroad, I like his defensive potential. He can run an offense and he can get after it on defense. You could do worse than that with a late second rounder.

Dan Feldman: C-. Siva is fine, but between Brandon Knight, Rodney Stuckey and free agents (including Jose Calderon and Will Bynum), the Pistons will likely have enough depth at point guard without needing Siva when next season begins. At least Joe Dumars learned picking Mateen Cleaves makes much more sense late in the second round than in the middle of the first.

Jameson Draper: B+. It’s close to an A, because the Pistons really need a point guard, but Siva is not a starter in the NBA. He’s quick and a good defender, but brings nothing to the table on offense and is very, very small.

3. Will he make the team next season?

Patrick Hayes: I doubt it. The Pistons have too many former second round picks on the roster for all of them to make it next season. I think Siva’s position helps him, and I like the idea of having his defense in camp to push the other guards, but he’s really bad offensively. Whether or not he makes it solely depends on trades Dumars makes. Right now, the Pistons have too many end-of-the-bench-type of players. If they all make the team, Detroit will have big problems next season.

Dan Feldman: Slightly more likely than not. The Pistons must know they’re tight on roster space, and they likely don’t want the embarrassment of immediately cutting a player they drafted. That was fine when they were contending, but it probably won’t fly now. I’d be pretty surprised if Siva didn’t at least get a chance as the season begins, but I hope the Pistons enter the offseason with an open mind and realize drafting Siva is a sunk cost.

Jameson Draper: Yes. He could be close enough to Will Bynum-when-he’s-not-going-off-for-30-points-on-random-nights level, and he’ll be way cheaper. Bynum will find his way into free agency and Siva will be wearing the red, white and blue come November. Siva probably won’t get many minutes, but he’ll make the team.


  • Jun 29, 20135:46 pm
    by Javell


    I hope he makes the team… An thats comming from a michigan fan. Hes atheletic and could help the bench in transition. And can throw lobs to dre with his speed and penetration… Will bynum free agent so keepin siva is a no brainer. And we will se in the summer league next week what hea abt

    • Jun 29, 20137:09 pm
      by Ryan


      They’re choosing between Calderon, Collison, and a few others on the FA market. The team can try to absorb JJ Barea if Minnesota’s getting rid of him, or trade for Teague or Vasquez (also possibly Rondo, definitely not Bledsoe). Plus it looks like Joe wants Mo to try and turn Knight into Westbrook. So there’s no guarantee any one of the PGs on the roster now will stick. And who knows, maybe some undrafted PG outplays Siva in the Summer League. We’ll have to wait and see on this one.

      • Jun 29, 20139:13 pm
        by Tyrone


        Siva was a great insurance pick to address a need at back up PG.  Everything will now depend on what free agents or trades Joe D can pull off…  Will Siva make the final roster, at this point no one knows, like Ryan said we will have to waite and see on this one…

        Siva, i wish you nothing but the best, so get out there and earn your spot on this roster… 

      • Jun 30, 20134:28 am
        by Vince


        If the Pistons ended up with Grievis Vasquez I’d be stoked, I’ve been a fan of his since he entered the League.

  • Jun 29, 20136:31 pm
    by Mel


    Good Stuff Draper, I totally agree with your points.I was hoping for Burke but I understand why we have Pope. Silva is the same size as Burke and can run a team, perfect for the bench. He’s the perfect player to throw in when Knight has a brain fart on the floor. I like the the way the team is shaping up. Now on to free agency and trades. Stuckey won’t be here, I believe Dumars is playing it low key like he did the draft, but Stuck will be gone I believe Will B will be gone also  especially since other teams are looking at him. Hope Sheed gets the job, he can be that extra element to bring fire to the team. Plus he can teach Drum and Moose how to guard Howard lol.
    Lets see what we will have by summer league. Can’t wait. 

  • Jun 29, 20137:55 pm
    by Filo Putz



  • Jun 29, 20138:58 pm
    by DoctorDave


    1. If Siva is not willing to play overseas, then one of the earlier 2nd round guys (Singler, Middleton, English, Kravstov) probably has to go. Dumars should have packaged #56 (and/or #37) with #8 to get Ben McLemore. Who wouldn’t have loved that move?
    2. Grade: C-. If Siva makes the team, then one of the other 2nd rounders probably gets bumped out. If Siva doesn’t make the team: why draft him? NOTE: This grade goes up to A if Siva will play overseas.
    3. Doubtful. While there are not enough PGs on this team, there are too many Gs.

    • Jun 29, 201310:01 pm
      by Tony J


      Kim English is not guaranteed so I believe he may be gone along with Stuckey. I also believe depending on summer league, Kravstov will be off the team (if Mitchell proves worthwhile at summer league and Kravstov still stinks.) Also amnesty CV3 an hope JJ can work on his 3 a bit more (hopefully Sheed can come in and help him with that.)

      That could leave us with 5 roster spots. It would be best to target a good backup SG for cheap, a backup PG (unless Siva really proves something in summer league) and possibly a starting SF if they are not content with a Middleton-Singler SF tandem.

  • Jun 29, 20139:51 pm
    by Ryan Kelly


    I like siva.   He should make the team.   If for no other reason than keeping bums like stuckey and Bynum is a dead end.   It won’t make this team better in long run.   If stuckey or Bynum are part of the pistons actual rotation then it means dumars failed to upgrade the talent on this team.  That would be a disaster.   

  • Jun 29, 201310:03 pm
    by hoophabit


    Siva is small?  Burke according to combine measurements is 1/2 inch taller and 6 lbs heavier .  Burke does have two inches on him where wingspan is concerned, but is slower and less agile while also being significantly weaker according to the bench reps.  Don’t get me wrong, I would have been happy had the Pistons drafted Burke.  Siva deserves a chance.  He has been playing the facilitator role at a very successful program under an accomplished coach for the past four years.  Head to head Siva pretty much held his own with Burke.  He might be able to help.

  • Jun 29, 201311:13 pm
    by George


    No one is mentioning Myck Kabongo.  I think Siva was a safer pick, but Myck honestly has the potential to be a star in the league  (he is super raw still, so he would be a project).  I guess Myck already signed with the Heat has a FA for their summer league, so I guess they will give him a good look first.

    Back to Siva, I think he will be a fine player.  I think he will be a nice spark plug for our squad off the bench.  I also think he is ready to be on our squad now.  He already has a higher basketball IQ than Charlie V and Stuckey. 

  • Jun 30, 20131:25 am
    by frankie d


    siva is cheeks style of player and he might stick as a result.
    he defends, and he is a little wild, offensively.
    sounds  a lot like the old trailblazers mo coached.
    this portland resident would not be surprised at all if he made the squad.  
    in fact, siva is a lot like mo cheeks, the player, which may even strike a chord.
    cheeks was a ballhawking gambling defender who was very erratic offensively.  but his defense was so good, it made up for his mediocre offensive contributions.
    biggest difference is that cheeks was fairly conservative, in the sense that he tended to make the easy play and only shot if he had to shoot.  siva is much more of a gambler offensively.
    still, siva may strike a chord with mo and mo may lobby hard to keep him.  
    we shall see. 

  • Jun 30, 201312:06 pm
    by Charles D


    I dislike the pick. Not only is he too small (at 6-1) to be a starting NBA point guard, but he’s only got this high up the draft board because of his performance in March.

    Wait a minute . . . 

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