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The case for Darrell Walker as the Pistons’ next coach

When analyzing Darrell Walker as a Pistons’ coaching candidate, I’ve mostly lacked positives. Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News fill that void:

He garnered respect from the locker room, mostly due to his low-key demeanor and playing experience. He once vociferously protested Kuester taking guard Will Bynum out of a game at home against Portland during the fourth quarter, when Bynum was on a scoring binge, yelling, "What are you doing? You can’t take Will out of the game now!"

Disagreeing with John Kuester is a plus, but I’m not sure that qualifies Walker any more than anyone who saw Kuester coach the Pistons.


  • May 14, 201311:24 am
    by omar


    Apparently, there is no front-runner for the position.

  • May 14, 201311:33 am
    by Richard


    Hire a Coach with a winning RECORD please and not these guys with losing records.

  • May 14, 201312:22 pm
    by The Rake


    Rip Hamilton among others who disagreed with Kuester. Maybe he can be the coach.

  • May 14, 20131:13 pm
    by Darius


    They need to hire either Nate Macmillain, Kevin Sampson or San Antonio Spurs Acc. Head Coach I forget his name. Or really go out on a Hughes limb and contact Jerry Solan so that he can utlatlize the pick-and-roll with Andre Drummond and Greg Monroe.  if I was the person in charge I would go after McMillian or Solan because they will utlatlize they bigs so that the Piston can be sices soul next year… Because if they do Greg Monroe will be an all star and Andre Drummond will get most improved player. 

    • May 16, 201311:40 am
      by Austin


      Darius it’s utilize  not utlatlize

  • May 14, 20131:16 pm
    by Otis


    Remember that interview on Pistons.com after Kuester was hired where Dumars talked about how good he felt after the hire and how he usually second guessed himself after making moves (heh) but this time he was completely at peace with hiring Kuester. Good times. Good GM.

  • May 14, 20131:21 pm
    by Domnick


    i dont kknow what to say but… it doesnt matter if he gets a chance for the interview… i want the result and see if the good coaches will get hired..
    btw, what happened with Phil Jackson – Joe D tandem? is it positive? im thinking that they are waiting for brian shaw then finalize the choices..

  • May 14, 20131:36 pm
    by Darius


    Again…. Either hire Mcmillan or Solan thats the only two they need to even consider hiring… 

  • May 14, 20133:25 pm
    by Hardy


    If I am not mistaken didn’t Walker coach the Raptors back in the day with Isaih Thomas as the GM?
    Anyway I would love to see McMillan, Sloan, Maurice Cheeks, Skiles, Budholzer and Shaw here.
    Right now the talent that is here needs to be developed. Which means you need a coach that can not only teach but can be inspiring enough to get the players to play tough night in night out. Once you have a coach that can motivate guys to hustle every play you will see better results and better execution on plays and  guys playing with heart.

  • May 16, 20137:32 pm
    by hgb


    An Experienced Head Coach is needed.  No more assistants that don’t work out……..

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