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Pistons want to interview David Fizdale and Brian Shaw

Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News:

The Pistons have targeted a bevy of names to bring in, from former head coaches to assistants like Miami’s David Fizdale and Indiana’s Brian Shaw.

It sounds like the Pistons are conducting an expansive search, which is exactly what they should do, but these two candidates come with a slight drawback. Fizdale and Shaw are both coaching playoff teams, so the Pistons will probably have to wait to interview them. Goodwill:

The Pistons have no self-imposed deadline to hire a head coach, officials close to the situation told The News.

Under Joe Dumars, the front office has typically led the pre-draft process, with the head coach (if there is one) playing only a complementary role, so I don’t see a drawback to waiting for Fizdale and Shaw. A new coach wouldn’t be doing much now, anyway. It’s much, much more important the Pistons hire the right coach for September onward.


  • May 2, 20134:01 pm
    by mike


    Well I guess the one drawback to waiting would be if the Pistons aren’t impressed after interviewing them and in the meantime a guy Joe prefers (like McMillan) gets snatched by another team. 

    But I’m all for an expansive search 

  • May 2, 20134:16 pm
    by ottawa16


    heard the Bucks are interested in McMillan

  • May 2, 20137:11 pm
    by Big Rick


    I don’t know….don’t think I like the drawn out approach, seems like a similar scenario in how we landed Frank. I know it has to be sort of a turn-off to some coaches when a team interviews more than a handful of people, once they’ve shown you interest. Not saying we should rush, but I think we need to be swift about hiring just like we were swift with the firing. I would have hoped that we had a candidate in mind before we fired Frank. We also have to take into consideration that we aren’t the only team with a head coaching vacancy. 

    • May 3, 20134:03 am
      by oats


      Kuester and Curry were pretty quick hires. Both ways have some disadvantages. The fast one makes it easier to make a rash decision. The more drawn out one risks missing out on the best guy because he went somewhere else. Personally I’d say unless there was a no brainer candidate out there like when Larry Brown took over the job that the more drawn out approach is preferable. If Sloan were a bit younger then he’d be that guy, but at his age I really wonder how long he’d last. He’s the only one that would qualify as an automatic just grab him guy. I want the slow approach, and Fizdale, Shaw, and Sampson are among the candidates I want the team to consider. All 3 of those guys are assistants for playoff teams as well, and Fizdale’s team will likely be in the NBA finals. That puts a timetable on the search, and it isn’t a short one. In my opinion that’s preferable to a knee jerk hire, even if I do like the likeliest knee jerk guy in McMillan. I’m just not so dead set on McMillan that I am ready for the search to end.

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