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Pistons still headed to Orlando summer league, despite firing Lawrence Frank

Despite firing Lawrence Frank, the Pistons will still play the Orlando summer league, according to team spokesman Kevin Grigg. Frank preferred Orlando to Las Vegas, which was convenient, because the Orlando summer league is cheaper due to its shorter length. The Pistons’ next coach might prefer Las Vegas, but he won’t change the economic realities or that fact that it might be too late logistically to change this year.


  • May 1, 20134:21 pm
    by mixmasta


    That’s fine. As long as our team is motivated with the coming changes.
    Having said that, can we ship out Stuckey for a bottle of Gatorade? It kills me that I used to have high hopes for this kid.

    • May 2, 201310:57 am
      by MIKEYDE248


      When I read this, the first thing I thought of was sending Stuckey & CV to the summer league.

      Hopefully they will amnesty CV and somehow get rid of Stuckey.  It’s a shame too, I had really high hope for Stuckey in is rookie season.  The way he played, he looked like a poor mans Dwyane Wade.

  • May 1, 20137:28 pm
    by Blocks by Dre (Burke for the win!!)


    I think we should play in Vegas because they’re changing it up a bit and turning it into a tournament. Players will want to win in the championship so they would play harder. But we’re cheap, have a boring owner who doesn’t show up to much and have no one exciting outside of Drummond to watch…ho hum

    • May 1, 20138:06 pm
      by Brady Fredericksen


      Effort isn’t a problem in Summer League — most of these guys are playing for a job, in Detroit or elsewhere.

      • May 1, 20139:47 pm
        by Blocks by Dre (Burke for the win!!)


        Yeah, the players on the end of the bench are…but if you look at our team and how we were last year, Knight, Singler, Drummond, Daye, Middelton, English were all guaranteed a spot so unless you look at players at the end of the bench, playing for a job doesn’t qualify not only with our team, but most of the other teams. 

        • May 2, 201310:13 am
          by Huddy


          They may have a guaranteed deal, but young guys in summer league are playing for PT and better roles on the team.  Professional athletes aren’t making the team so they can sit on the end of the bench and hide out while they make money.  They want bigger roles, contracts, exposure, etc.  All that stuff is much more important than winning some new summer league title.  Guys would be requesting time in the D-League or playing on obscure over seas teams if they wanted to compete for meaningless tournaments more than they wanted to go as far as possible in the NBA

  • May 1, 201311:15 pm
    by Big Rick


    Sucks for me since I’m on the west coast, but may be better for the organization. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. 

  • May 2, 20131:20 am
    by Lorenzo


    Whoooooo caressssssssssssssssss. Seriously Vegas, Orlando, makes little difference. Until you get some more talent on that roster it won’t change the bottom line; and where they play summer league is not going to change the bottom line.

  • May 2, 20137:44 am
    by Big Rick


    I cared! It was a reason to make a Vegas trip while seeing my teams’ young talent up close and personal since I live out in Cali don’t always get to see them play unless I go see the Lakers or the Clips. Those tickets are far from cheap. I was joking with a buddy ghost the other day saying….”Dang Lakers tickets for one game cost the same amount as a season ticket package for the Pistons.” Sad, but true. 

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