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Pistons reportedly pursuing Kelvin Sampson

Despite Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press reporting Kelvin Sampson won’t have a shot at the Pistons coaching vacancy, the latest says the Pistons are interested in Sampson. Ken Berger of CBSSports.com:

The Pistons are pursuing Sampson and McMillan, the former Trail Blazers coach, sources said.

Sampson interviewed before the Pistons hired Lawrence Frank, so it makes sense they’d pursue him again.


  • May 2, 20134:08 pm
    by G


    I think “pursuing” Kelvin Sampson might be a bit strong, it’s probably more “doing due diligence”.

  • May 2, 20134:17 pm
    by Clint in Flint


    Sampson interviewed before the Pistons hired Lawrence Frank, so it makes sense they’d pursue him again.

    If that’s the case we should be hearing about Laimbeer’s interview. 

  • May 2, 20134:46 pm
    by Blocks by Dre (Burke for the win!!)


    The fact we didn’t sign Nate after his interview means he didn’t wow the organization. Maybe we just want to hear from other coaches before making a final decision, but if Nate was great (pun intended) I would think that we would have hired him on the spot…I guess the search continues

    • May 2, 20134:57 pm
      by oats


      Eh, I don’t think the team ever planned on hiring the first (ok, second after the Lindsey Hunter favor/interview) guy they interviewed. Gores seems like the kind of guy that would want to go through a bunch of candidates even after he found a guy he thought was likely to be the right one. Let’s say Nate did wow them, that would just set the bar for other candidates really high to stay in contention for the job instead of just hiring Nate on the spot.

      • May 2, 20135:06 pm
        by Thiago


        Also… there isn’t much a coach would be doing now. Planning summer workouts? Scouting prospects or FAs? 

        I think the biggest worry would be that other team hired the coach you wanted before you, like Cleveland apparently did. But I think there’s no “trophy” coach out there, considering Phil is not coming.

        I’m starting to think that McMillan would be nice and Zelly would be interesting. The rest is the rest. 

    • May 2, 20135:01 pm
      by Thiago


      Nate might have wowed them, but he’s waiting on other options. Or the Pistons might be waiting on other options from playoff teams. Or they might want to interview a handful of coaches and hire the best (or least worst) of all. Or they might be waiting on Zelly.

      I think your conclusion is wrong. 

  • May 2, 20134:49 pm
    by omar


    what is Sampson’s style of coaching?

    • May 2, 20135:15 pm
      by G


      Loaded with recruiting violations maybe? I don’t know, he’s got a pretty sweet college coaching record.

  • May 2, 20137:10 pm
    by Russell C


    Sampson would be interesting. At Oklahoma his teams played upbeat but in the short time at Indiana he seemed to focus more on toughness and defense, while playing slower. Maybe he didn’t have the horses at Indiana or ran out of minutes. He’s working with McHale in Houston and always pops up somewhere even with the baggage which tells me that maybe he has skills

  • May 2, 20138:18 pm
    by Mongo Slade


    I feel Sampson would be a good coach to develope players I think he would get along with our players he got along with Jennings and Gordon. He also might start the malice in the palace Part duhh… at Lucas oil!

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