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Pistons probably haven’t interviewed Maurice Cheeks or Brian Shaw, despite report indicating they did

The Detroit Free Press published an un-bylined article called “Pistons’ coaching search: Who’s been interviewed so far.” It contains a chart with several coaches on the market and a column called “Interview.”

Maurice Cheeks and Brian Shaw each have a ‘Y’ in their row under the “Interview column.”

I have no specific information about whether the Pistons interviewed Cheeks or Shaw, but I’m extremely skeptical. I doubt the Free Press would break news of either interview in a format like this, and neither interview has been reported elsewhere that I’ve seen.

Cheeks’ name has been floated a few times by beat writers, but none that I’ve seen have gone as far to report the Pistons are interested. Mostly, the wording has been something along the lines of: Cheeks is believed to be on the Pistons’ radar. I’ve seen no solid reports he’s a candidate, let alone that he’s interviewed.

The Pacers have consistently maintained they’d prefer their assistants wait to interview until after Indiana completes it’s playoff run, and there has been no indication Shaw has deviated from that. There was a sourced report the Pistons contacted Shaw about setting up an interview, and though that was often twisted as it spread across the internet, the report didn’t even go as far to say Shaw had agreed to interview at any point.

More likely than not, the Free Press chart was compiled by someone who’s not closely following the Pistons’ coaching search – though I’ll acknowledge the slightest chance it was compiled by someone who’s following the Pistons’ coaching search more closely than anyone else. If that’s the case, the Free Press should put a byline on that piece and explain more about sourcing behind the Cheeks and Shaw interviews.

Until then, take this with a grain of salt.


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    May 21, 20139:43 am
    by 2013 Pistons Offseason - Page 8


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  • May 21, 201311:03 am
    by Thiago


    They also consider Larry Brown, Laimbeer and Isiah Thomas as candidates. I think that’s unrealistic.

    I’d love to see Larry Brown coaching this team again, though. Drummond would be the new Big Ben, holding the other team to 30-40%FG, less then 80 points…


  • May 21, 201311:47 am
    by Haan


    I’m liking Jerry Stackhouse as coach (somewhere) three years down the line: smart, loyal, and smart.  He needs some experience first.  On First Take, he discussed his aspirations in that direction. 

    That said, I’m hoping the Detroit coaching job won’t be up for grabs in 3 years.  Wouldn’t it be nice in three years if the guy we hired in the summer of 2013 was about to reup for another three year deal?

  • May 22, 20131:34 pm
    by XstreamINsanity


    According to a recent report, the Cheeks interview was a phone interview and he’s actually slated to do a second interview. And according to Keith Langlois, supposedly other candidates have been interviewed that hasn’t been leaked out yet.

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