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Pistons’ coaching vacancy ranked seventh-most desirable

Chris Broussard of ESPN ranked the NBA’s current and potential coaching openings based on desirability from a coach’s perspective, and the Pistons ranked seventh. Here’s what an anonymous person within the league said about Detroit:

"I keep saying it, but being in the East always helps. They’ve had a winning tradition, so there are still going to be expectations. But they’re already in their process. And they’re not totally stripped down. They do have some good young talent that kind of makes sense. Andre Drummond, Greg Monroe,Brandon Knight — all those pieces make sense together. They just need to get some good veterans around them. And I think the owner is serious.

"Just the fact that he brought Phil [Jackson] in to help him find a coach. That speaks volumes about him and his ego because that means on some level he’s surrendered his ego and said, ‘We need help.’ I like that in an owner. If they make one or two right decisions with the money they have this summer, they could be right back in the mix."

The Pistons should be similar to the Raptors (No. 5), 76ers (No. 6) and Bucks (No. 9) – I have no idea why the Suns are as high as No. 8 – but this is  good dose of reality from the propaganda that Drummond and Monroe alone will attract a quality coach. Right now, the Pistons’ job is middle of the road, and Joe Dumars (and/or Phil Jackson) will have his (their?) work cut out to land better than a middle-of-the-road coach.


  • May 10, 20132:58 pm
    by Keith


    The most important thing about any new coach is that they are on the exact same page as the GM (Joe or elsewise). Joe hiring an offensive coach like McMillan then hoping for a defensive team would be bad for everyone. Likewise, making Phil Jackson a coach and assistant GM would create a power struggle between Joe and Phil. If there is a problem with team direction that Joe isn’t fixing, changing just the coach won’t fix anything.
    Detroit is not an attractive city. We can pretend otherwise, we can have pride in our own communities, but in the world at large there is simply not a lot of positive sentiment. We may have a couple good players, but our team was really bad the last several years and our overall talent level just isn’t high. A coach has to not just see promise in the roster, they have to see promise in the front office and ownership. Does an established coach trust Joe not to give away assets or hamstring the team with bad contracts? Is Gores involved in the team much? Is he going to micromanage (as was said about the Frank hire), and does he even know anything about basketball (Frank hire and signing off on Joe’s moves suggest not)?
    I would hope we find a good coach on the rise (e.g. Budenholzer and Adams). I just don’t think established GOOD coaches would take the career risk without serious demands (Phil wants to be GM, SVG and Sloan would want personnel input and significant guaranteed contracts). We don’t have the clout for the top coaches without overpaying, but that’s ok. We just need to decide where this team is headed, and find the right person for THAT vision, and stick to it for the next 4 years.

    • May 11, 20133:34 am
      by Jacob


      I think that gore does not want dumars as gm but is too afraid of what people will think if he fires JOE D.

  • May 10, 20133:04 pm
    by Jeremy


    To me, it is really a chicken or the egg type/catch 22 type situation. I’d like to think that who a  team’s coach is plays a major role in attracting potential free agents, but on the other hand attracting a decent coach is done with the team’s roster.
    So who do you sign first? The coach or the free agents? If you can get a desirable coach to sign first, then you may have a better chance a desirable free agents. If you can get desirable free agents to sign first, then you may have a better chance at a desirable coach. Was it the chicken or the egg that came first? Team’s in the middle of the road are damned if they do and damned if they don’t.
    If I were in the decision maker’s chair, I would probably go coach first and free agents second. I agree with Broussard in his opinion that this team has a good young core already and needs to start filling in veterans. I think I would be looking at coaches that don’t want to walking into a situation where they will compete right away but that want to build something that will be competitive. Best analogy I can come up with is its like owning your own business. You can either purchase a turn key business and have a far greater chance to succeed than fail or you can take the challenge and build from the ground up. I’d rather build from the ground up.

  • May 10, 20133:09 pm
    by The Rake


    Read this yesterday and this is just an opinion, as is what I will say. I think Detroit could be as high as #3 if Vinny Del Negro is somehow retained. If not, then they are 4-7 or 8. Big issue is that Detroit is a shithole and we run through coaches becuz we expect to win. Still though, is Minnesota really a better setup? Debatable. Bottom line is we are an attractive landing spot in part due to history of franchise, that we do expect and want to win and Dumars does carry some clout in name and history (how we view him is another matter). We will be getting a step up in coach over the last 3 we hired, its as plain and simple as that. If we take a chance on a young, unproven guy, we could end up with a Spoelstra, Vogel, Mark Jackson type success. It could also flop. Who knows? We all eagerly await.

    • May 10, 20133:57 pm
      by G


      Agree about MIN. Love wants out, after which all they have is Ricky Rubio. They just fired Kahn, which is a plus, but is Flip that much better?

    • May 10, 20135:49 pm
      by Sop


      Throw Toronto into the mix for most overrated in this review. did these guys forget how mediocre the Raptors were after the Gay trade? Plus Bargnani hasn’t proved he can be efficient with this lineup. looks like a recipe for stagnation.

      • May 10, 20139:10 pm
        by Blocks by Dre (Burke for the win!!)


        I agree. That and they don’t have a first round pick to make the roster better, my guess is that the Raptors look like the same team we’ve seen the previous season heading into the next one. Rudy Gay isn’t getting better and Andrea is still trash. We have a solid front court in Monroe and Drummond (though Monroe to me is a little suspect…but I’ll let it go for now for the sake of this argument) and we have cash to spend this summer along with a top 7 draft pick so we can actually get better. The timberwolves being a good destination is a head scratcher as well Unless Love has a positive attitude about playing for them instead of wanting out.

      • May 12, 20138:27 pm
        by Revken


        Actually, Toronto was 18-18 with Gay, and they won their last 5 games of the season – all against playoff teams.  I’m not a big fan of Gay, but he did play better for them than he was playing for Memphis, and he must have helped them win some games.

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  • May 11, 201312:08 am
    by sebastian


    I disagree with Broussard on this topic, but agree with him on his stance against pre-marital sodomy.

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