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Phil Jackson and Joe Dumars aren’t talking much anymore

David Mayo of MLive:

Dumars said he and Phil Jackson, who was retained by Pistons owner Tom Gores as a consultant in the coaching search, “spent a lot of time together during those two days” when the former Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers coach visited here two weeks ago.

The two have had “one or two conversations since then,” Dumars said.

Score one more point for the theory Phil Jackson’s role with the Pistons is only for show. That’s a worthless exercise, but it’s better than the alternative: Jackson and Dumars engaging in a harmful power struggle.


  • May 24, 201310:35 am
    by mike


    How does Phil/Joe spending a lot of time together, and continuing conversations over the phone, suggests in any way that Phil was just there for show?

    Just because there may not be a power struggle going on, doesn’t mean the alternative is that its all just show. If if it were, they would’ve invited a media circus to the Palace during Phil’s week long visit. 

    Joe never seemed like a guy who was interested in putting on shows for the media. Why can’t Joe and Phil spending time together just mean they were working together for the greater good of the franchise?


  • May 24, 201311:18 am
    by gmehl


    I personally think that Phil was only brought in to share his views on Brian Shaw becoming our head coach. If they weren’t able to get an interview with Shaw then picking the brain of his former mentor would be a great place to start. Also with Skype/Facetime available I am sure a sly meeting has already taken place.

    • May 24, 201311:40 am
      by G


      I’m not going to repeat all the reasons why your skype theory is EXTREMELY unlikely, but just know that it’s extremely unlikely.

      • May 24, 20134:46 pm
        by mike


        Please repeat. Because its very possible the Pistons have already interviewed Shaw in person, not just skype.

  • May 24, 201312:13 pm
    by Russell


    Phil was brought in by Gores to better analyse how JoeD goes about his business.  Gores doesn’t know basketball operations.  Phil does, and as a friend, will give him an honest insight to how good of a GM he has at this time.  Like any business, you can’t take the word of people inside the organization as an unbiased view of actual worth.  He needed an expert to come in and assess JoeD from a business AND basketball perspective.  

    This pisses off EVERYBODY who has to go through a 3rd party corporate review.  However, those reviews are almost always done with the best intentions of the success of the business in mind.  From a fan’s perspective, this is the first steps to cleaning up a stagnant organization.  These kind of moves are what a CEO needs to make in order to get to the truth of why a business is failing.

    • May 24, 20134:48 pm
      by mike


      Thats true, but if Joe still wants to hire these bums like McMillan and Cheeks after Phil has told Gores not to, then shouldn’t Joe be fired for failing his evaluation?

  • May 24, 20131:32 pm
    by Big Rick


    I can dig that assessment Russell. Makes sense. I know it’s a busy offseason but it seems that since Gores took over Joe does far less talking than before. Still waiting for the annual off-season fan address from Joe. I’m guessing it probably won’t happen until the coach hire. 

  • May 24, 201310:44 pm
    by C-Foe


    Russell, if that’s the case and I’m not arguing that it’s not, then that’s not good.  Jackson isn’t qualified to evaluate the Pistons’ basketball operations because he’s never been in the front office.  Has he been a part of winning franchises? Yes, but as a coach.  I’m sure he’s interacted with the GM/Pres of BB operations many times but that doesn’t make him qualified to evaluate Dumars or anyone in basketball operations.  Now if Jerry West were available and Gores asked him to consult, the way Golden State did, then that would be a different situation because West has been an extremely successful GM.
     If Jackson is there to consult/give input on coaching candidates then that’s okay because he’s been a successful coach so his insight can add some value.   He also should not be there to lobby for Brian Shaw while there as a consultant because that’s a conflict of interest.   However, if Gores is using Jackson to independently evaluate his front office then my faith in Gores as an owner will be really shaken.

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