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Lawrence Frank probably won’t coach next season

David Mayo of MLive:

A source familiar with Lawrence Frank’s thinking told MLive Media Group that the former Detroit Pistons coach wants to coach in the NBA again but is leaning toward taking next season off and focusing on media opportunities which allow him more time at home.

Frank lives in New Jersey and family considerations are at center of his likely plans for next season, the source said.

The source said Frank might be willing to return to the NBA as an assistant coach but almost certainly not next year.

Lawrence Frank, with the Celtics and Nets, has proven himself a quality NBA assistant coach. He can certainly get an assistant job whenever he wants one.

Will be a head coach again? Not anytime soon, it seems.

Ten coaches who were in place at the beginning of the season have been fired. Half – Mike Brown (Lakers to Cavaliers), Byron Scott (Cavaliers to maybe Clippers), Larry Drew (Hawks to maybe Bucks), Alvin Gentry (Suns to maybe Clippers) and Scott Skiles (Bucks to maybe Nets) – have either been hired as a head coach by a new team or received published interest in another head-coaching vacancy.

But Frank has not received similar consideration, though that could be because he hasn’t aggressively pursued openings.


  • May 31, 201312:06 pm
    by patrick the troll


    It’s funny, I just noticed that I haven’t seen his name once for any open job, not even in the throw you a bone interview style.

  • May 31, 201312:26 pm
    by NickB


    Just out of curiosity, how many people would like to see Will Bynum back? I like him, his crazy energy is good for the team, and he can occasionally just go nuts and practically take over a game the way he scores.

  • May 31, 201312:39 pm
    by neutes


    If I was getting paid $4 million by the Pistons next season to do nothing I wouldn’t be in any hurry to figure life out either.

  • May 31, 201312:46 pm
    by G


    Funny how many retreads you see in that list. The Clips replacing VDN with Scott is like swapping Fredo for Sonny Corleone. Didn’t Gentry coach the Clippers back in the Brand-Odom-Miles-Q days?

  • Jun 1, 20137:00 am
    by Grizz


    I am absolutely shocked!  Is there no justice?! Frank will not be the head coach of any NBA team next year?! On the other hand, 4 million a season for Frank … what a deal! I am sure the Piston brass had to pay at least that much or we risked some other smarter team stealing Frank away from us .. What a horrible disappointment that would have been !! I just feel lucky we had the Lil General for 2 seasons …

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