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Kyle Singler and Khris Middleton have potential to become next Shane Battier

Zach Lowe of Grantland wrote a great article (redundant) about New Age Shane Battiers, in other word players who can:

• Defend shooting guards.

• Defend small forwards.

• Shoot 3-pointers proficiently.

Lowe names two Pistons with the potential to meet that criteria:

Kyle Singler: Singler shot 35 percent from deep and provided some valuable spacing for the shooting-challenged Pistons while logging time at both wing positions. Has to prove he can hold his own defensively.

Khris Middleton: Detroit is high on Middleton’s potential to become precisely this sort of player, but he attempted just 45 3s and didn’t receive consistent minutes (or really any meaningful minutes at all) until the last month of the season.

It’s rather generous to include Kyle Singler and Khris Middleton, neither of whom shot even league average on 3-pointers. Middleton was a really bad defender when the Pistons inserted him into the rotation, and though he made great strides, he still didn’t prove he can defend either position. Singler lacked the foot speed to defend shooting guards, and he was only so-so against small forwards.

Both players have potential to improve on their rookies years and become New Age Battiers, but they have a long way to go to meet all three criteria.


  • May 3, 201312:47 pm
    by Quick Darshan


    In response, DraftExpress listed Victor Oladipo, Otto Porter, Giannis Adetokunbo, Reggie Bullock, Soloman Hill, James Ennis and Travis Releford as possible “New Age Shane Battiers” in the draft.

  • May 3, 201312:49 pm
    by Quick Darshan


    These types of players are particularly valuable for the Pistons because most of the money will presumably be tied up with Monroe and Drummond.

    It’s the Grizzlies model.  Better to put the money in Gasol and Z-bo.  Then opt for a Tayshaun Prince over a Rudy Gay. 

  • May 3, 20131:00 pm
    by ryan


    I have high hopes for both guys for the reasons other folks have mentioned and the fact that if either develops into a latter day Shane Battier they’ll be able to help us without needing the ball. Hopefully Khris Middleton settles into a wing role and Kyle Singler into a forward role.

  • May 3, 20131:14 pm
    by Jodi Jezz


    LOL, lol…Maybe Middleton has the potential to be the next Battier, not Singler…Singler couldn’t sniff the defense Battier plays…

    • May 3, 20132:32 pm
      by Huddy


      What better defense did Middleton play than Singler this year?  Either one would have to improve a lot to be considered a Shane Battier, especially considering the talent level at SF in the NBA.

      • May 3, 20132:50 pm
        by tarsier


        Just leave it be. Jodi Jezz doesn’t care that Singler has thus far played better D than Middleton, he will find any possible excuse to bash Singler.

        Nobody claims Singler is an all star but Jodi feels a need to tell everyone that he is basically the worst player to ever play a minute of an NBA game. 

        • May 3, 20135:19 pm
          by Jodi Jezz


          Haha, that’s not true Tarsier…I hope it doesn’t seem like I hate on Singler that like that…I think Singler would be a great role player off the bench…

  • May 3, 20131:22 pm
    by Vic



    Theyd have to get Otto Porter or James Ennis for that. I would say Victor oladipo but I see him defending twos I don’t see him defending threes unless its off a screen for a few seconds.

  • May 3, 20131:23 pm
    by Vic


    Glen Rice Jr too, he has the shooting and the tools

  • May 3, 20131:43 pm
    by pistonsPoland


    Middleton was a really bad defender? WHAAAT? When? How? He was one of the best 1vs1 defenders at the end of the season

    • May 3, 20133:00 pm
      by G


      Against the other team’s scrubs maybe, but not against legit competition. The best 1-on-1 defender was probably Drummond, followed by Knight and maybe Stuckey or Singler, but nobody was really that good. Kind of like evaluating which marble is sharpest.

  • May 3, 20135:33 pm
    by Tiko


    Do we really wanna draft the next Shane Battier with a top 7 pick?

  • May 4, 20131:15 pm
    by Greg


    Does anyone else think Detroit should draft Dennis Schroeder?

    • May 6, 20138:43 am
      by G


      In the 2nd round, sure, if he’s available.

      • May 7, 201311:23 am
        by frankie d


        first round choice for sure…have you seen the mock drafts lately?
        i think you will owe me some fake internet bucks pretty soon.
        btw, i’d love for detroit to move back a few spaces, maybe just out of the lottery, and pick schroeder.
        i think he’s going to be a very nice point guard. 

        • May 7, 201311:31 am
          by G


          We made that bet & then half the draft went back to school. He’s probably a late 1st rounder at this point, but you got in under the money line & earned your fake $1,000. 

          I’d still rather take whoever’s available when the Pistons draft over moving back for anybody. Moving back in the NFL works, moving back in the NBA rarely does. 

  • May 7, 20138:03 am
    by Sports Detroit


    That’s a low blow!  Who wants to become the next Shane Battier?  Maybe Kyle Singler will become him, but Khris Middleton has far more potential than Battier and Singler.  Battier can’t play defense and Middleton can.  Battier is not that athletic and Middleton is very athletic.  Furthermore, Middleton has more of a nice stroke or shot.  During Khris Middleton third season, he will become someone to reckon with on the court.  Shane Battier’s game isn’t all that special, in fact, it’s kind of weak.

    • May 7, 20139:08 am
      by G


      I would be ECSTATIC if Middleton would be the next Shane Battier. At this point in his career Battier is about a league average defender (which is better than Middleton, btw), but back when he was with Houston & Memphis, he was one of the best in the league. Add in some really good 3PT shooting & he gave Houston a stopper at one end and you couldn’t leave him open at the other end.

      When Middleton starts checking the Melo’s and the Paul George’s of the world, then you can start talking about his D. 

  • May 7, 201311:24 am
    by frankie d


    a guy who i think has a good shot at being that type of battier style player is tony snell of new mexico.
    watch this kid.  he’s got a solid catch and shoot jumper…he’s long and athletic…only thing he needs is consistency and focus.  definitely worth a second round gamble. 

    • May 7, 20137:49 pm
      by oats


      I’m worried about Snell’s athleticism. Most quality defenders are also good athletes, and that usually translates to rebounding and steals. The .8 steals isn’t great, but the real question mark is the 2.6 rebounds. If he’s really a good athlete he should do better than that as a small forward. He’s got a good 3 point shot and has been a quality passer, but I’m far from sold on his potential as a defender. I’m hoping you are advocating him at pick 56, because that’s the range he probably belongs in. The team should be able to do much better than Snell at 38, and even at 56 there are some other guys I’d think long and hard about taking ahead of Snell.

      • May 8, 20138:44 am
        by G


        I’d really like them to go after a guy they can stash in Europe with that 56th pick. Unless they get super lucky there’s no way that guy makes the roster.

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