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ESPN’s Bad Boys documentary sounds awesome, judging by early details

When news broke ESPN would finally air a much-discussed documentary on the Bad Boys, I was mildly excited. I’m sure, like nearly every episode of the 30 for 30 series, it will be entertaining and informative.

But I, and I suspect many Pistons fans, have seen and read so much about the Bad Boys that new information on the topic is lacking. It’s basically repetitive at this point.

To be clear, I would enjoy watching an hour of repetitive about those teams, but it’s tough to get too excited about something like that.

Well, now I’m excited. Richard Deitsch of Sports Illustrated wrote about the documentary, and here the top three things he wrote that have me so excited:


two-hour documentary


Given the previous collaboration between ESPN Films and NBA Entertainment — they partnered on the brilliant "Once Brothers" and the terrific "The Announcement" — Bad Boys is likely to be one of the better "30 for 30" efforts. (NBA Entertainment also produced the last year’s sensational "Dream Team" documentary for NBA TV.)


Cocoros said he’s already discovered never-before-seen footage of the team inside the locker room before and after games, as well as compelling footage of Chuck Daly’s huddles. "The way this team went about their business kind of mirrored the city — the toughness and the blue-collar work ethic," Cocoros said. "We will look at what was going on in Detroit in the 1980s. There is a lot of parallel to the time period and this film will bring that story to life."


  • May 20, 20133:30 pm


    It depends on what perspective they come from

    • May 21, 20138:07 am
      by Jeremy


      Why not from all angles? Have former Bad Boy players and Blaha discuss Detroit’s perspective and the build up from perennial first round and outs to the 86-87 Conference Finals against Boston, the 87-88 Finals against LA, the back to back championships (should of been 3, could of been 4), and the fall to Jordan in the 90-91 season.
      Have players like Magic, Kareem, Worthy, Bird, Mchale, Jordan, Pippen, Ewing, Drexler, Uncle Cliff, etc., etc., discuss what it was like playing against the team. Have Jordan repeat again that the best defender he ever went against was Joe D. Have league officials (Stern) discuss why rule changes were made following Detroit’s run (was actually done for both the Bad Boy runs and the Going to Work squad with the hand checking).
      Finally, I think I would like to hear some comments from current players on how they perceive the Bad Boy teams. Unless you were from Detroit, Boston, Chicago, or LA, it seems as though those teams get lost in translation when discussing the NBA’s golden era and rise to pro sport powerhouse in the 90s. Maybe its just me but it always seems as though the discussion surrounds LA and Boston and then picks back up with Jordan in 91. Many forget the Bad Boys were actually very good for a 5 year span.
      I mainly want to hear Kobe, Wade, Lebron, Melo, etc. discuss what it would be like to play against a team that was that physical and how it would alter their game/how they would alter their game. The closest thing I’ve seen to a team being that physical in recent time was this year’s Bulls squad and even heard a reference about Mahorn and Laimbeer by one of the national commentators during one of the playoff games against Miami.

      • May 21, 20139:32 am
        by tarsier


        Yeah, those Pistons get forgotten about when discussing that NBA “golden age”; but even in your comment bemoaning the fact, you forget about the Rockets who have just as much cause to complain about being forgotten.

        The fact of the matter is that both those back-to-back championship teams were a step below the Celtics, Lakers, and Bulls of the 80s-90s. That’s why they are often left out of the discussion. 

  • May 20, 20138:39 pm
    by lindsey


    So many awesome possible talking heads in this: Isiah, Laimbeer,Rodman, Dumars, Salley, Mahorn, hastings, Blaha, Larry bird, jordan, barkley…list goes on and on.

  • May 21, 20137:10 am
    by Grizz


    Looking forward to it! Thanks for the article PistonsPowered

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