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Detroit Pistons #DraftDreams: Otto Porter


  • Measurables: 6-foot-8, 205 pounds, sophomore small forward from Georgetown.
  • Key Stats: 16.2 points, 7.5 rebounds, 2.7 assists, 1.8 steals per game; shot 48 percent from the field and  42.2 percent on 3-pointers
  • Projected: Top 5 pick
  • Hickory High similarity score



Random fact

Porter took a strange path to Georgetown. He grew up in rural southeast Missouri and went to Scott County High School, which had an enrollment at the time of 108 students. He also never played AAU basketball.

But big-time college still found him.

Maybe its because Porter’s high school has a long-standing tradition of basketball success. The Porter family had a member on Scott County High School’s first 11 state championships, starting with Porter’s dad, Otto Porter Sr., in 1976.

Fits with the Pistons because …

Porter fills a big need. If the Pistons retains Calderon, they will be in good shape at point guard, power forward and center, and Brandon Knight would be a serviceable shooting guard. Small forward, however, is currently occupied by Kyle Singler, and he’s not desirable starting option. Getting Porter would fill that need immediately, considering Porter projects as a solid player immediately.

If he plays to the full of his potential, Porter could possibly become a Tayshaun Prince-esque player. He’ll be an all-around player with good defensive ability once he develops a bit more on that side of the ball, but he’s on the right track.

Doesn’t fit with the Pistons because …

The Pistons don’t have anyone aside from Greg Monroe who can create his own shot, and Monroe only qualifies because I’m optimistically hoping Detroit possesses the basic skill of throwing entry passes going forward. Porter isn’t going to solve that problem.

If Calderon stays, that’s OK. But if Calderon leaves, Porter’s skills will be partially wasted on a team that doesn’t move the ball well. Porter learned at Georgetown how to function in an offense full of cuts and passing, but it’s not clear he has isolation skills.

From the experts

Chad Ford:

From a skills perspective, Porter is one of the two or three most complete players in the draft. He could look great in the drills section, though he, too, is unlikely to participate. Typically the top six to 10 players in the draft skip that portion of the combine. Everyone expects Porter to be stellar in the interview process, so the athletic testing might be the real key for him. If he tests well with his vertical leap and lateral quickness, it would further cement his status as a top-5 pick.


At 6’9 with a very long wingspan and a rail-thin 205-pound frame, Porter has excellent size for the small forward position, even if he must get significantly stronger before he can make an impact at the next level. This is especially important considering his lack of elite athleticism, as he is more fluid and smooth than quick or explosive. Though his intelligence and instincts allow him to compensate somewhat at this level, he will have to maximize his physical potential to contribute at the next level.

On film


  • May 21, 20134:03 pm
    by tarsier


    “If he plays to the full of his potential, Porter could possibly become a Tayshaun Prince-esque player.”

    Really? He’s only been better than Prince in every way (a lot better in some ways) at every point in his career so far. And if he maxes out, he could possibly be Prince-esque?

    Could you possibly undersell this guy any more? 

    • May 21, 20136:08 pm
      by NickB


      It’s more of the type of player that he looks like he’ll be rather than his ceiling. He doesn’t look like he’s going to be a guy who can take over games and score like mad. He looks like a glue guy- great perimeter defense, solid spot up shooting all over the floor, nice rebounding, etc.
      He could develop into a better version of Prince. He has a frame that could put on more bulk than the sack-of-bones Tayshaun ever could, and he appears to be a better 3-point shooter who won’t constantly end up taking really long 2′s instead. That alone will make him significantly more dangerous offensively. But he has plenty of work to do on offense one-on-one to equal Isolayshaun Prince, and his defense still has progress to make, even if it is already pretty good.
      It’s sort of dampens my excitement that I don’t believe he’ll blossom into a real star, but he’s the sort of (super)glue-guy that we have to have and will be a significant upgrade over Kyle Singler. A player like Porter is pretty much required on a championship team. I hope he’ll prove me wrong, but I know I’ll be very happy if we somehow end up drafting him and he meets my expectations – Tayshaun Prince+1.

      • May 21, 20137:39 pm
        by jordan


        I prefer prime Danny Granger with defense as his ceiling.

  • May 21, 20134:24 pm
    by jacob


    He does kind of look like Prince. Other than that comparisons aren’t that great. He can shoot the three.

  • May 21, 20136:38 pm
    by Scott Free


    If Tay fit as poorly with these Pistons as everyone suggested in the run-up to the trade; why would we look for a carbon copy?   

    • May 21, 20136:59 pm
      by NickB


      Tay was a poor fit because he was old, slow, didn’t space the floor, went into Iso a bit too much (although not as much as last year), and was overpaid. Porter is young, faster, shoots 3′s and not just long 2′s, and doesn’t do that much Iso or ball-domination. He can also get bigger and stronger than Prince ever was, he’ll be cheaper while he’s on his rookie deal, and he can grow and develop chemistry with the other long-term cornerstones of this team. Ever championship team needs a guy like Porter to be that glue guy, and so it’s good to grab him while he’s available, if he’s available.

  • Jun 5, 201310:04 am
    by Vic


    Otto is going to be a star… Stylistically, like Tayshaun Prince but with double the talent and double the production.

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