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Dan Gilbert: Tom Gores hasn’t attended recent NBA owners’ meetings

Dan Gilbert – when he took a break from telling the Pistons owner Tom Gores how to run his team – insinuated Gores is an absentee owner. Mike Wilkinson of The Detroit News:

But Gilbert said he hasn’t had a chance to talk to Gores, who took over the Pistons in 2011, because Gores hasn’t been at recent NBA owners’ meetings.

Without context of how often other owners attend these meetings, I wouldn’t make a big deal about this. But it certainly fits with the limited amount we know of Gores, who attends just a couple games each season. That doesn’t mean Gores can’t be effective as an owner, but it is revealing.


  • May 1, 20132:08 pm
    by TDP


    He’s been at head-tilting conventions.

  • May 1, 20132:28 pm
    by Travis


    Bill Davidson was a very active owner at the owners meeting. From reports, he was a vocal supporter of David Stern and often was at odds with Mark Cuban. Those are tough shoes to fill. It seems that Paul Allen has been the most vocal, as has Clay Bennett, owner of the Oklahoma Thunder.

    Gores’ schedule may not be as flexible as Davidson’s once was or views his role as an owner differently than Allen, Gilbert, Cuban, and Bennett.  

  • May 1, 20133:51 pm
    by CNA5


    He also might have sent Wentworth or Norment in his place.

  • May 1, 20134:28 pm
    by Tiko


    OT: if Gilbert can get Gores to invest in Detroit with him or on separate projects or whatever I believe they can do wonders to the city of Detroit

  • May 1, 20136:41 pm
    by ryank


    just because Gores wasn’t there doesn’t mean one of those people wasn’t. He had two guys with him when he did his intro event… it seems like he made it known that they were going to be the people on the ground.  

    Gilbert is exactly right though… an arena doesn’t belong in a cornfield in the suburbs.  If they’re going to play there they should change the name of the team… they are not the Detroit Pistons.

    • May 1, 20137:33 pm
      by RobG


      This is such an old bit.   Many teams don’t play in the same city as what is on their jersey.  I look at Detroit as all of metro Detroit.   I for one love the Palace and have no issue with them playing their games in Auburn Hills.   I went to the Red Wings game last week and wished the Joe was “comfined” in the suburbs with how desolate that part of downtown is.

    • May 3, 20137:23 am
      by tarsier


      How many New York teams technically play in New Jersey, or just out side the city itself?

  • May 1, 20137:59 pm
    by Gabe


    Dan Gilbert needs to mind his own fucking business and concentrate on his own broke ass team that will be in the lottery for the next 5-10 years, i bet kyrie irving leaves thew cavs when he gets a chance to become a free agent, if dan gilbert wants the pistons to move to downtown Detroit soo bad why doesnt he resign from the cavs and and try to work for the pistons, i hate dan gilbert hes an idiot for saying and thinking that the cavs wiould win a championship before lebron will = FAIL 

    • May 2, 20131:23 am
      by Otis


      Preach it. Gilbert’s “broke ass team” WILL be in the lottery for the next 5-10 years! And we’ll have the best seat in the house, right next to them in the standings! #gopistons #staythecourse #wavetheflag
      Yeah, but in all seriousness, this fan arrogance is outrageous. How do these ridiculous people refuse to realize we’re in no position to criticize ANY team. At least Cleveland has an All-Star, recognizes where it stands and has been actively collecting picks instead of deluding itself into thinking the playoffs are within reach year after year and leaning on retreads like Maxiell and Prince, oh and in fact dumping a future first rounder to get financial flexibility a summer early in what looks like a relatively bad time to have cap space. And, to top it all off, Cleveland got where it is because they lost the best player in the league to a more glamorous team in free agency; meanwhile, the Pistons got where we are (for five years and counting, with no end in sight) because Joe Dumars has been HISTORICALLY bad for most of the last decade, taking a top two team and driving it right into the cellar through horrendous and inexcusable personnel decisions. Get real, Gabe.

  • May 2, 20131:26 am
    by Otis


    From the moment he first opened his mouth, Tom Gores made it clear to anyone with ears that he has no basketball acumen WHAT SO EVER, and he’s confirmed it every time he’s subsequently opened his mouth. So the fact that he does not attend these meetings does not surprise me. The man doesn’t have any idea what’s going on. He saw a good investment opportunity, and he’ll probably make a lot of money off this team once he figures out that Joe Dumars is the problem here.

  • May 2, 20132:11 am
    by Gabe


    Otis im Pretty Sure Joe Dumars has a CHampionship ring as a GM and player how many does Dan Gilbert have??? = 0 ya, im pretty sure the pistons are set to rebuild better than Cleveland, ( A  Team full of Scrubs except Kyrie irving) With the Pistons only one or two players away in contending for the playoffs in the weak east,  Joe dumars had the decency in building a team the right away to contend and not having a number one pick fall into their lap in the draft and still couldnt win a ship, cleveland has been last place numerous times as a franchise and im pretty sure the pistons has never finished  that bad, I bet Ive been wathcing the pistons prolly longer than you have and i actually attended more games than you, Hey can you name me another GM who can Draft Darko Milcic and win it the Same year we drafted him??? Andre Drummond will be a future all star as well as Greg Monroe, more all stars than cleveland will ever have for the next 5-10 years unless they get Lebron Back.. OH yA Dan Gilbert hired Mike Brown to coach the  during the NBA finals we had with Larry Brown and who hired him? Dumars?? who traded for Rasheed Wallace?  DUmars, who almost got Kobe Braynt on the pistons? DUmars, only thing Gilbert has done is not win a championship with the best player iin the league and failed to rebuild around him by making horrible trades and bad free agent signings (Mo Williaims, Atawn Jamison, SHaq when was is 35, Larry Hughes) (personal attack remove)

    • May 2, 201311:05 am
      by G


      Otis Redding maybe? Shut the eff up about Otis Redding, that dude’s a legend! He never wore a dirty ass trucker hat in his life!

      • May 2, 201312:07 pm
        by Gabe


        Ya maybe if Otis redding was commenting on the website but he aint you shut the eff up bra, I can aslo name 10 better Motown Artist and Philelphai and Chicago artist better than Otis Redding i bet you dont even have any of his records….. vinyl i mean cause i do

        • May 2, 20131:12 pm
          by G


          I’m effing with you dude, chill out.

        • May 2, 20131:13 pm
          by G


          And no, I don’t own any vinyl. My shit is DIGITAL. Ha.

  • May 2, 20139:09 am
    by Revken


    It bothers me more that Gores doesn’t attend many games.  How can he judge how his team is doing if he doesn’t watch them play?

  • May 2, 201311:28 am
    by Jeremy


    There are several things that need to be remembered. First and foremost, Dan Gilbert is recognized as the owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers, whereas Tom Gores is recognized as the owner of Platinum Equity that has Palace Sports and Entertainment (PSE), and the subsidiary Detroit Pistons Basketball Co., under its portfolio of companies. It is Platinum Equity that owns PSE and the Pistons, not Tom Gores. Here is a quote by Gores from an article in Forbes on the purchase: “Over a year ago someone brought the Pistons deal to me internally. We’re not normally in the business of looking at sports teams; it doesn’t fit our everyday profile. The economy continued to be tough in Detroit, and the NBA lockout was hovering. Still, I said, Let’s call a meeting. Let me at least understand what’s there” (http://www.forbes.com/sites/stevenbertoni/2011/09/21/tom-gores-on-buying-the-detroit-pistons/). Notice the first word in the second sentence: “We’re.” It isn’t “I” am not in the business of looking at sports teams. In the article Gores goes on to discuss his team at Platinum Equity looking at the purchase as the acquiring of another company. Gilbert, on the other hand, purchased the Cavs as a separate entity from Quicken Loans.
    Second, we don’t know what officials from Platinum Equity attend these meetings. Remember, Platinum Equity is the entity that owns the Pistons, not Gores himself. All I know is that I feared Platinum Equity viewing the team as one of their quick flip projects. They are in the business of buying failing businesses, making them successful, and then selling them off for a profit at the end of the day. Being a successful business and a successful team are two completely different things. Sometimes they go hand in hand (Yankees, Red Sox, Lakers, Celtics). Other times the business is successful but the team isn’t. Look no further than the Lions on this one – they have consistently performed poorly (until recently) but still sold merchandise and tickets. 
    Finally, I have no clue what Gilbert’s issue with the Pistons is, but I feel like there is something there. Remember, Rock Financial was a presenting partner of the Pistons for a number of years and that relationship ended a few years after Gilbert bought the Cavs. Fred McCleod (whom I deplore for his play calling) worked Pistons games with Kelser that were broadcast on FS Detroit (plus sometime on PASS) while the transition from UPN 50 (which broadcast the majority of Pistons games with Blaha at the helm). He bolted for Cleveland when Gilbert bought the team to become the Cavaliers official TV voice. I have friends who worked with Pistons in the PR Department and rumor coming out of there is that Gilbert was trying to lure Mason away from the Pistons to become the Cavs stadium voice. Gilbert was also a strong proponent of Illitch purchasing the Pistons. Much of the non-game entertainment and theatrics that went on during Pistons games were “borrowed” by Gilbert for Cavs games. Does the image found here at this link http://blog.cleveland.com/cavs_impact/2008/01/medium_cavs_scoreboard.jpg look a lot like a pregame event that occurs at the Palace?
    I for one like the Palace and what it represents for the Pistons’ History. I, however, am not opposed to a move to downtown Detroit. Its not that much further of a drive from where I am coming from anyways. Gilbert just has business interests in the area (Greektown Casino among others) and is looking at the fact that Pistons games in the area would bring added business to him between Lions and Tigers seasons and on nights when the Redwings aren’t playing.

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