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Adrian Griffin reportedly not a serious candidate for Pistons’ next coach

Chris Broussard of ESPN reported a week ago that Joe Dumars wanted to hire a new coach before the NBA Combine. The Pistons still haven’t made that hire, so in the meantime, they’re messing around by interviewing “candidates” like Adrian Griffin.

Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press:

At this point, it appears the interview Griffin was more of a courtesy to help a young assistant coach increase his profile.

Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News:

a source confirmed the meeting, although it would seem to be more a way to get Griffin’s name in the league pipeline, similar to the Rooney Rule of the NFL.

I don’t know what the holdup is – though, it’s nice Dumars could help Griffin – but what are the Pistons waiting for? I’d be fine with waiting to interview coaches still in the playoffs, but apparently that’s not the reason. So what is?


  • May 30, 20131:06 pm
    by jacob


    Could this be because Dumars and Gores simply do not agree on the next head coach? Maybe there is some sort of strain in there relationship. If that is the case maybe it is time to part ways with Joe D, although that is not what I am suggesting should happen. If the two people at the top cannot agree and don’t get along that could cause negativity throughout the whole organization.

  • May 30, 20131:19 pm
    by J Bird


    Does anyone else think they possibly have some sort of an agreement with Brian Shaw?  I don’t see any other reason they wouldn’t have made a hire yet, and he was clearly Phil Jackson’s top choice.  I know everyone reports he’s not in the running, but I’m not buying it.

  • May 30, 20131:24 pm
    by G


    Dumars is either jerking us around and is waiting to interview Shaw, or Dumars has lost the power and Phil & Gores are waiting to hire Shaw.

  • May 30, 20131:53 pm
    by frankie d


    i would bet on the latter being true.
    what is going on is pretty clear, imho.
    it happened with frank’s hiring.   the process is beyond his control.  he is playing a part, but he is simply one cog in the process.
    the only mystery is why joe d is tolerating matters.  
    while his rep here in detroit is not as brilliant as it was at one point when he was regarded as the best nba gm in the business, all over the league, he is still a man with some credibility.  surely he could get another job, somewhere in the nba if he put his name out there.  if the rumors are true, NJ wanted to hire him.
    is he simply playing a long game, confident that he will be able to wait out checketts and now jackson and then anyone else who may come on the scene?
    why he would want to do that is anyone’s guess.
    this entire process, along with frank’s hiring, does not give this fan a lot of confidence in gores.
    if, as seems likely and obvious, he lacks faith in dumars, he should just fire him.  why he is keeping dumars around is another mystery. 

    • May 30, 20135:54 pm
      by rick77


      I don’t care what people think cause you know what Frankie, tell me the GM who could have come in and did what he did.? I would hate for expectations on my job to be at the same level as Joe D’s. This is borderline ridiculous when it comes to a fans expectation of a professional sports team( Pistons)that has more titles than the Lions and Tigers combined in the last 30 years. We mad cause Lebron running shit? Cmon man you all have to give it up with these unrealistic expectations. No matter what Detroit did the last 5 years, this has been Kobe and Lebrons time. Btw who the @uck is Gores that you have that much faith in him to right the Pistons w/o Dumars? How bout we get rid of Gores and get a Dan Gilbert..Pistons won the title in 2004 and people bitching about get rid of Joe D. Damn, like I said I would hate for my job to have unrelaistic expectations when everybody is getting better just like me….Smdh

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  • May 30, 20134:48 pm
    by The Rake


    What all the waiting does is give everybody at chance at speculating, guessing, sniping, etc. Once we have a guy in place, a whole other flurry will take place, some for, some against. Then once they start playing under the new coach, a similar thing will take place. Some lauding him, others lambasting. This is the game. I’m just hoping we get someone who seems to have a strong enough personality to deal with the locker room, someone who can handle developing players, and someone who has enough tactical acumen to design plays that might win us a few games we might not otherwise win. Other than that, so much of it is on the players (and the GM that brings the players in).

  • May 30, 20134:49 pm
    by The Rake


    Take Jim Leyland, Tigers coach in MLB. Guy gets Tigers to two series, but routinely gets ripped for his lineups, allegiance to vets, etc. Right or wrong, thats what they sign up for and thats part of the job description.

  • May 30, 20135:48 pm
    by rick77


    Damn can people let Dumar’s and Gores do their damn job! I try not to post because it gets nerve racking reading a bunch of bitch sessions about nothing. I am sure that Gores as well as Dumars have this shit under control. Coming on this board daily bitching about whether Joe is in control or Phil is very numbing as well as annoying. Give Phil his balls back, he aint coaching Detroit or running it, so leave the pipe dream alone. Now as far as him being a great this and that, well take Jordan and Kobe away and how would the majority feel about Phil then?? I am all for a spirited debate and passing along info, but damn man this shit gets to be a bit redundant. I can almost bet that all three men are on the same page and its fodder to believe otherwise. Shaw will probably be the coach and they are respecting Indiana’s wishes regarding their coaches.. Nothing to see here. Let the men do their jobs…

    • May 30, 20137:50 pm
      by D_S_V


      I know man! Why are all these people posting about the head coaching vacancy in Detroit? It’s LeBron’s time anyways! We need to stop posting about the Pistons and let Dumars do his job! Why are all these people curious about who the coach is? It doesn’t matter because we don’t have LeBron or KD!

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