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Pistons roundtable: Offseason priorities

The (somewhat) annual Pistons roundtable has returned. Each day this week, our panel of Pistons writers will answer a question about the Pistons – all in one place. Please add your answers in the comments.

What is most important for the Pistons this off-season?

Drew Sharp, Detroit Free Press

The top priority is getting a scoring wing. It remains a challenge for them scoring in the half court. It’s unlikely they’ll get that guy through free agency. But they could use one of their young pieces (Greg Monroe and/or Brandon Knight) along with the more than $25 million under the salary cap to engineer a significant trade.

Mike Payne, Detroit Bad Boys

Not blowing money on the wrong players.  It was bad in 2009 and frustrating in 2011, but if they do it again this season during Greg and Andre’s reign, it’ll be tragically wasteful.  The team needs to save what they can and spend on the right free agents, guys like Brandan Wright and Jose Calderon.

Phil Fattore, Pistons 101

Spending the near $30 million in free agent dollars is important, but there aren’t many names worth “big money” contracts. The Pistons need an athletic small forward who can stretch the floor, opening the lane for Andre Drummond and Monroe. With forwards like Anthony Bennett and Victor Oladipo coming out, a strong lottery pick is the most important thing for the Pistons.

Daniel Poarch, Life on Dumars

The most important thing next year is going to be putting the young guys in a position to succeed. Drummond and Monroe are going to be the focus, along with Brandon Knight and whomever they land in the lottery, and the Pistons’ offseason direction should be to build around them as centerpieces. Hopefully, this means more than 20 minutes per game from Drummond next year.

Eric Stafford, Life on Dumars

Not letting Dumars give money to players like O.J. Mayor or J.R. Smith. We all remember the infamous off-season where he severely overpaid veteran players Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva. I’m just hoping we don’t get a repeat of that. Just fill the roster with short-term contracts and let the young players get the run they need.

Thom PowellLife on Dumars

Subtlety will be key. Last time Joe Dumars had this much cap space to work with, the Pistons were saddled with Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva’s contracts. Detroit needs to find players that fit definite needs, rather than guys with big names or contract year flukes. I’m hoping they steer clear of O.J. Mayo and Brandon Jennings and pursue guys like Gerald Henderson or Andre Iguodala. Also, don’t re-sign Jason Maxiell.

Natalie Sitto, Need4Sheed.com

Detroit has cap space and a lottery pick, if they don’t dramatically move players and draft well they’re going to have a repeat of the last few seasons.  Detroit is not a place where big time players want to come, so a big trade will mean big things.

Patrick Hayes, PistonPowered

Don’t repeat the mistakes of 2009. If you aren’t terrified by the thought of Dumars having money to spend on a free agent market that isn’t overwhelming with talent (assuming the Pistons aren’t in the running for Chris Paul or Dwight Howard), you haven’t been paying attention. The Pistons are still saddled with an awful contract from the summer of 2009, and they had to give up a first-round pick just to shed the other. They have a promising young duo, a still intriguing prospect in Knight and a couple of serviceable role players in Kyle Singler and Jonas Jerebko. Plus, they’ll add a lottery pick to that mix. Don’t ruin that promising group with overpaid, underachieving players.

J.M. Poulard, PistonPowered

Figuring out their identity. All the good teams in the NBA know what makes them successful. Whether it’s defense or offense, they have something to hang their hats on in tough games and grind them out. Detroit needs to figure out that it.

Jameson Draper, PistonPowered

There are two different paths for Detroit to take: re-sign Calderon or  let him go. If they re-sign Calderon (which they should), they should draft a small forward. Kyle Singler at the three isn’t going to cut it. If they don’t re-sign Calderon, they should focus on either developing Knight at point guard or picking up a high-profile point guard in the draft.

Brady Fredericksen, PistonPowered

Spending wisely. Just because you’ve got a lot of money doesn’t mean you have to spend all of it. If the team makes a run at Andre Iguodala, that’s probably a worthy place to invest big money. If the team makes a run at Monta Ellis, that’s probably just them spending for the sake of spending.

Dan Feldman, PistonPowered

Getting the first-round pick right. The Pistons’ late four-game winning streak definitely hurt their lottery position, and barring some May luck at NBA Studios, Detroit will pick No. 7 or No. 8. The Pistons can’t keep banking on premium prospects to fall that far, and unlike when they picked Greg Monroe and Andre Drummond, there’s a very real chance they’ll have to pick someone from a crowded field of similar players. For a team that needs more talent and traded away a future first-round pick, the Pistons need to get this one right.


  • Apr 18, 201312:10 pm
    by tommy t


    Did Drew Sharp just suggest trading Monroe? I stopped reading there and went straight to the comments. Maybe we could trade Drummond along with him.

    • Apr 18, 201312:34 pm
      by Jeremy


      I enjoy the sarcasm here, but I think the idea of trading Monroe is along the lines of when the Tigers moved Granderson and Edwin Jackson to bring back essentially Austin Jackson and Scherzer. The Tigers seemingly won out on that deal (great lead off hitter/great defensive center fielder and a guy who could be an ace on any team that doesn’t have Verlander, King Felix, C.C., Halliday). Moving Monroe could have the potential to bring back 2 guys or so (in some fashion – guy and picks, 2 guys) that could help the team more than Monroe himself. Not saying I agree with it. I like Monroe and what he brings to the table.

      • Apr 18, 20135:49 pm
        by tom


        The analogy to the Tigers doesn’t hold. The Tigers play in a ball park that make a defensive minded CF more valuable to them than to others – no such disparity of need exists here. More importantly the Tigers traded to save money, they ended up getting lucky that 2 guys they liked turned out to be what they were hoping for, but let’s not forget Granderson nearly won the MVP with NY.
        With the Pistons do other teams value Monroe more than we do? Seems to me that he is the perfect fit to pair with Drummond – sure it would be great to have 2 big guys who can play D, but where ever he plays Monroe will be a limited defensive player so he has more value on a team that already has a big guy to play D. While we certainly have needs that could be filled by moving Monroe he fits well with our team so there is no value added by just bringing in comparable guys who do other things well.

        • Apr 18, 20136:47 pm
          by oats


          Neither Drummond nor Monroe have much of a jump shot, so they kind of occupy the same space. There is a chance they might be able to utilize a lesser player than Monroe and get roughly as much out of it because he does more to open up the court. Plus, there is the upgrade at the other position that you have to keep in mind, sort of like upgrading from Jackson to Scherzer. I’d say the analogy holds up reasonably well actually.
          I find it unlikely that trading Monroe would be the right move, but I can’t just dismiss the idea. The team needs to upgrade it’s talent, and moving Monroe might be the way that gets accomplished. Especially if you consider that the strength of this free agency is the big guys. Josh Smith, Al Jefferson, and Paul Millsap all represent pretty minor downgrades from Monroe, and an argument can be made that Smith is actually an upgrade. Again, this isn’t how I’d want to do it, but the original point was that trading Monroe is not a non starter. There are scenarios where it actually could make sense.

        • Apr 19, 201312:01 am
          by Motown Mike


          I’d take DeMarcus Cousins all day and twice on Sunday over Greg Monroe. The athleticism of a duo consisting of Drummond and Cousins would be a dynamic threat that other teams would have to specifically prepare for. I don’t think you can say the same about a Drummond and Monroe paring. Adding Cousin to this team would possibly make us one of the most physically imposing teams in the paint in all the Association, both on offense and defense. Add in a legitimate point guard on the outside (Calderon works for me) to dish the rock inside to the bigs and I think you’re onto something markedly better than average play and results you will get out of Monroe and Dummond.

          • Apr 19, 20133:53 am
            by oats

            I think Monroe and Drummond are a better fit on either side of the ball than Cousins and Drummond, but let’s say that isn’t true for a second. The difference between Monroe and Cousins is pretty marginal. Given that, doesn’t it make sense to get the guy without all the off court baggage? Why get the head case for a pretty small reward on court? 

    • Apr 18, 201312:36 pm
      by vic


      I think we should trade Drew Sharp

      • Apr 18, 20131:38 pm
        by MIKEYDE248


        Still wish they had a like button.

  • Apr 18, 201312:34 pm
    by vic


    1st priority - 
    Draft Victor Oladipo or Tony Mitchell.
    If you can’t get skill (Ben Mclemore, Otto Porter, Trey Burke), swing for the fences on otherworldly athleticism. I know I’ll probably sound like a broken record but I think Tony Mitchell is this year’s Andre Drummond, severely held back by coaching change/system/pg play. He could be a great backup/small ball PF with potential at SF. Can shoot the 3, block shots, rebound, and is a dunking machine.

    2nd priority – draft Nate Wolters for Calderon Insurance.  Nate Wolters Will be a good pg in this league. Played some of the best D on Trey Burke as anybody all year long. Even in his “down” game in the tournament he had 5 assists, 6 rebounds. The ONLY PG in the nation who was top 10 in Assist/TO ratio AND EFG% (shooting efficiency not counting free throws) AND Pts/play.That way you still get an upgrade at pg who can space the floor if Calderon doesn’t come back. (plus he’s strong and plays D).3rd Guy I’d get would be James Ennis: sleeper SF, super athletic, for when Singler’s and Middleton’s defense just isn’t cutting it. (which will be every game unless Middleton adds some serious muscle over the summer and takes the starting job from Singler). 

    4th Priority – Bill Laimbeer
    5th Priority – Stan Van Gundy if 4th priority doesn’t workout

    6th priority – resign Calderon

    7th priority – if you don’t draft Tony Mitchell, you will need to sign a backup PF such as Paul Millsap 

    8th priority – If you can’t resign Calderon, sign Tyreke Evans and add his talent to the guard mix 

    • Apr 18, 201312:40 pm
      by vic


      Trey Burke was right behind Nate Wolters in EFG, but he didn’t make the top 10.

      So, effectively you could luck out and have just as good a pg as Trey Burke… in the 2nd round.

    • Apr 18, 201312:46 pm
      by G


      Mitchell would be a good get… in the 2nd round.

      • Apr 18, 20131:15 pm
        by vic


        who do you think will be better than him available after pick #7?

        • Apr 18, 20131:37 pm
          by G


          Bennett might be there, Muhammad (although I don’t really like him), Gary Harris (if he comes out), McCollum, Franklin, KCP, Dieng, Plumlee…

          • Apr 18, 20132:52 pm
            by vic

            Ok maybe MCollum, Len, or Bennett if he’s there. The rest of the guys I’m taking Mitchell over them.

            Yeah trading back is an option. 

          • Apr 18, 20133:08 pm
            by G

            What about KCP and Franklin? Kentavious has a better shot, Franklin looks more athletic, both played against MUCH stronger competition.

          • Apr 18, 20133:54 pm
            by oats

            I’d add Reggie Bullock. Bullock looks a lot like Afflalo to me. Mitchell might have an upside advantage, but his floor is just so much lower than Bullock’s. Bullock will be a really good rotation guy and most likely will be a serviceable starter. Considering his competition and the fact that he took a huge step backwards as a 21 year old, I can’t say I’m certain Mitchell will ever be more than a 10th guy on a roster.

          • Apr 18, 20134:09 pm
            by G

            Glen Rice Jr?

        • Apr 18, 20131:39 pm
          by G


          If you’re sold on Mitchell, why take him at 7, 8 or 9 instead of trading back and taking him at 20 or something?

    • Apr 18, 20131:26 pm
      by Jay


      I disagree, Priority 1A. Should be don’t resign Calderon. Unless he signs for under $6million you are overpaying for a 33 year old PG with NO defensive presence whatsoever who demands playing time and gives no development to the younger players. With Calderon on the team, Knight is the SG which make the entire backcourt undersized and a defensive liability. I would rather see Knight at PG and take the stats he puts up, than waste time and money with a stop-gap older PG in Calderon
      When you look at the statistics, Knight is not that far off of Kyrie Irving in any category except PPG.  The both rebound at the same rate, shoot about the same percentage, Yes Irving dishes more assists, but he also turns the ball over more. Plus he has been given the opportunity to just play PG for two years, Knight has had to deal with playing both guard spots with Stuckey and Bynum taking away that time at the PG that has benefited Irving.
      I think only a fool would give up on Knight at this point and giving a big contract to Calderon at this point is exactly that.

      • Apr 18, 20133:18 pm
        by oats


        If you are going to rely on a point guard who passes like Irving, he has to be a really efficient and high volume scorer. That’s where your comparison to Knight and Irving breaks down. Not only does Irving score a lot more, Irving also shoots way better than Knight. It isn’t close. Irving hits 45.2% of field goals, 39.1% of 3 pointers and with slightly more attempts than Knight, and 85.5% of free throws while taking 1.9 more of them. Knight hits 40.7% of field goals, 36.7% of 3s, and 73.3% of free throws. This isn’t close. Irving doesn’t just score more, and he scores way more, but he also is a way better shooter. That’s why Irving gets left at point despite his pedestrian passing numbers, it’s because it enables him to be one of the best scorers in the league. Knight could jack up his shot attempts and maybe compete in points scored, but he’d shoot such bad percentages that that idea just isn’t feasible.
        I think only a really big fool would make the starting point guard. He has not shown an aptitude for the position. He hasn’t hit the 2 to 1 assist to turnover ratio, and few point guards ever become competent point guards without reaching that goal by this point. If he was like Kyrie Irving and was just a scoring machine, then you deal with it because it’s more important to maximize his skill set than to get a better passer on the court. He isn’t that. That means he has failed to look like a starting caliber point guard. He could theoretically get there I guess, but I’d say the odds of him doing it are really small.
        Last but not least, Calderon has to rest. If Knight is the back up point guard he could work on his game. If the goal is really to turn Knight in to a starting point guard, why not have him do it off of the bench. Maybe if working in that role he can get his passing under control he will earn a bigger role. Then you can figure out what to do with Calderon. Personally I’d want Calderon on a deal where he could get moved to the bench in a few years and not just kill the team’s cap space. That can be done by front loading the deal to pay him more in the first year when he will be the starter and less in subsequent years. I just don’t see any reason the team shouldn’t bring in someone who can start while Knight develops. Why should Knight be allowed to continue starting at point guard and bringing the whole team down around him. Monroe and Drummond really need decent point guard play for their development, and Knight hasn’t given them that.

  • Apr 18, 20131:02 pm
    by Desolation Row


    Priority: Bid up on Dwight Howard to make sure LA pays him max money, convince Lakers to amnesty Kobe Bryant to save out on luxury tax windfall, sign him to short-term contract, change “Deer Hunting Season” in Michigan to “Deer Antler Collecting Season” and offer season tickets to every person who brings in a new pair of deer antlers to the Palace, concoct the most potent deer antler spray ever, stage miracle Ray Lewis-style comeback for Kobe, hire Phil Jackson for one last hurrah with Kobe, win championship. There’s your athletic wing. Problem solved. 

    In no other market in the NBA do there exist the same resources as we have in Michigan: deer. This is our time. 

  • Apr 18, 20131:28 pm


    Im sticking with Shabazz….

    He is a scoring Wing player, with enough room to get better.

    If not Shabazz , go with Glen Robinson ….

  • Apr 18, 20131:31 pm
    by by key decisions know


      I agree with what you are saying  give complete control to Phil Jackson try to make  trade maybe for Rondo  then because Phil is coach we give max deal to CP3  then we have Andre,?pf ,sf trade or draft or FA ,CP3,Rondo what you think ? or other ideas?

    • Apr 18, 20131:46 pm
      by G


      You’re crazy. Rondo as a backup? A Rondo trade would probably require the Pistons send at least 2 or 3 key pieces (Monroe, Knight and Jerebko or Singler, not that Boston would even DO that deal). Then you’re giving max money to CP3 (again, why would he come here?), so there’s no money left to pick up any other quality free agents, and you have no pieces to trade with.

      Here’s your depth chart:
      PG – CP3, Rondo
      SG – draft pick, Stuckey
      SF – Middleton
      PF – who knows?
      C – Drummond, Slava 

  • Apr 18, 20131:36 pm
    by Greg


    Draft Oladipo, let Maxiell, Bynum, Magette and Calderon walk, try to find trades in wich you to get star-players who are traded because of the salary restrictions or try to find trades for stuckey and charlie v for some young pieces or players with more potential like tyreke evans. Let Knight play the point and sign a good SF like Brewer. Don´t waste the money just for spending, rather save the money for trades during the season or free agency next year.

    • Apr 18, 20132:18 pm
      by Jay


      I totally agree, except not sure what if any valuable players you might get back in return for Stuckey or Charlie V….
      If I were Joe D, I would look to sign Nick Young too if his price tag is around the $5mil. he made this year.

  • Apr 18, 20131:40 pm
    by Edgar


    I think the key to spending wisely will be to hand out no contract longer than 3 years unless you’re getting an elite player (which we probably won’t). We need to do what the Rockets do. Solid, perhaps underappreciated or misused young players on cheap, short contracts that function as flippable assets until we find the right combination around Drummond and Monroe.

  • Apr 18, 20131:41 pm


    I also agree, TRADES!

    the Beautiful thing is stuckey and charlie come off the books this year, and that makes them both valuable trade bait…

    FA market is weak…and so is the draft….

    OJ mayo isnt going to change the culture of a franchise

    theres no sure thing in this draft, even if you had the number one pick

  • Apr 18, 20131:48 pm
    by by key decisions know


    Rondo and Paul togeather yes or no?

  • Apr 18, 20131:52 pm
    by by key decisions know


     everbody talks about Super 3 Paul at PG, Sg Rondo and ANDRE

    • Apr 18, 20131:59 pm
      by G



      Rondo isn’t a good shooter, it’s a waste to put him at SG. Plus, the Pistons would have to give up a TON to get him, meaning they overload at PG and unload almost everywhere else.

      Then you get to the money… They’d have to pay Paul a ton, plus they’d be taking on Rondo at $12-$13M the next 2 years. This is a bad Bad BAD plan.

  • Apr 18, 20132:01 pm
    by by key decisions know


       Much D, and Offense  other ideas ? just trying to think out of the box. He would come if Phil is Coach and we have space and probably good mix after draft and trades .

    • Apr 18, 20132:19 pm
      by G


      IF Phil Jackson comes in to run the show (BIG IF, especially since Dumars is probably retaining his job anyway), he could maybe entice CP3 away from the Clippers if he does 3 other things:
      1) Hires a quality replacement for Frank, Budenholzer may actually be the best option
      2) Seriously upgrades the Pistons 3PT shooting in FA, probably by getting Korver and a guy like Dorell Wright
      3) Sends Drummond to Big Man Camp with Olajuwon and Monroe spends all summer working on his mid-range j.
      4) Drafting Oladipo or getting a top 3 pick wouldn’t hurt either (Porter or McLemore).

    • Apr 18, 20132:25 pm
      by G


      Even then it’s unlikely, since Paul is already on a playoff team in a more attractive city. The Clips do have a terrible coach, owner, and are a poor 3-pt shooting team, but Paul probably re-ups with lob city. I doubt he wants to go from a top tier team to a situation in Detroit where he’d be lucky to end up with the 6th seed.

  • Apr 18, 20132:14 pm


    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wrpL6zlJNzU - shabazz against Missouri

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q1clejSvlIs - Shabazz again Arizona

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zCX1S0e0lMY - One shabazz worse games

    Please tell me how he is selfish, when they are designing plays for him to score?

    If you have time watch this, and please post footage of the guys you like…and lets talk

  • Apr 18, 20132:30 pm
    by Corey


    Trading Monroe could make sense, if you get a young stud wing or PG for him. And I mean stud, not “guy with potential.” Suppose OKC would have been willing to trade Harden for him last fall – and we’d known how good Andre would be this year. That trade would have made sense. Not sure who the “Harden” is in this scenario this year, but it’s at least possible. Suppose a Paul George was available for Monroe and Knight – that trade could make sense. But trading him just to trade him? Of course not. 

    My agenda for the summer:

    1- Amnesty CV
    2- Trade (or renounce) Stuckey – he only has $4m guaranteed this year. Of course, if someone wants to give a real asset for him, trade him.

    That combination of moves gives up virtually nothing on the floor, and saves about $13m in cap space next year.  The team would then have $35m+ available this summer under the cap.

    3 – Draft best player available. Hopefully that’s a wing or PG, but if it’s Bennett, so be it. This team is thin enough that there’s minutes available at every position but center.

    4 – Sign a star if you can, but that’s unlikely. If not, then

    5 – Sign cost effective and FRONT-LOADED contracts. Get Calderon, for example, for $10m, $4m, $4m or 12/3/3, not $6-7m per year.   3 year contracts are preferable, unless really front-loaded. But don’t spend all the available space. Save some for trades during the year.

    6 – Start gathering assets. Take the Houston/OKC approach of renting your cap space out for young players and draft picks.  Pick up a mid-late 1st round pick next year that way, or a good young player. Scavenge assets off the luxury tax teams. This is why we amnesty CV this summer – his expiring contract is useless to someone trying to avoid tax during the 2013-14 season, but the cap space from amnestying him would allow us to absorb a $9m contract – potentially saving a team $30m in salary and luxury taxes.

    7 - If there’s a big trade for a major talent upgrade, be willing to take on long term money. If not, make sure to have enough in the summer of 2014 to make a big contract offer after paying Monroe. This is very possible if we do #5 above with any free agent signings this year.

  • Apr 18, 20132:47 pm
    by Jay


    With no premier FAs likely to come to Detroit unless they are traded, and Detroit with little to offer in trade except cap space without sending away core pieces. The options for improvement are the draft and 2nd tier FAs. With that in mind I would approach the offseason like this if I was Joe D.
    -Let all my FA walk unless they are interested in coming back for the Vet minimum.
    -Sign a good coach. My personal favorite choice would be either Stan Van Gundy or Budenholzer from the Spurs.
    -Draft BAP. Don’t care what position it is. Unless the team’s pick gets a lucky lotto bounce it will be between 7-9 so I would choose from Oladipo, Burke, Muhammad, Olynyk, Carter-Williams, Zeller, and Len. Look for solid perimeter defender/shooter in the 2nd round (ie Hardaway Jr.).
    -I wouldn’t count on any of those players to start next year. Teams who count on rookies to carry a scoring load are often disappointed. Unless I got to the top of the lottery and could choose McLemore or Potter I have no expectation that my rookie selection should start.
    -Pursue Nick Young of the Sixers while other teams are chasing after O.J. Mayo. Only 27, solid 3pt shooter, can score in bunches. Is 6’7″ and a good defender at the SG spot. Only made $5mil. Last season, could come as a bargain at the $6-7mil./season.
    -Look at Danny Granger via trade or Corey Brewer via FA for the SF position. If Granger is healthy he can still light it up from anywhere on the floor and Brewer is a good scorer who is more streaky. Both have great size at the 3 and are above average defenders. Granger is only 29 and likely still has some good seasons left, Brewer is 2 years younger.
    -Sign a vet backup PG i.e. T.J. Ford, C.J.Watson, D.J. Augustin, Jarret Jack, Eric Maynor, or even Will Bynum.
    This would give the team a solid foundation moving forward, a good coach and a line-up of:
    PG: Knight, Free Agent
    SG: Nick Young, Stuckey, English
    SF: Granger or Brewer, Singler, Middelton
    PF: Monroe, Jerebko, Villanueva
    C: Monroe, Kratzov
    Plus you would have draft selections to plug in.
    Its not an All-Star team or the dream squad that people would like to put together but what it is, is reminiscent of what Joe D. did when he got Rip and Chauncey in the summer of 2002. Neither move was heralded as franchise saving, but both were great moves that didn’t break the bank, and eventually led to a championship. This type of offseason might not win it all, but it should at least get the Pistons to the playoffs next season.

    • Apr 18, 20133:01 pm
      by G


      I like some of that, but it looks like you’ve got Monroe playing 2 positions at the same time. If that means you’re trading Drummond for Granger, I hate the move and the Pistons would probably be giving up 100+ points per game. Also, half of those “back-up” PG’s you named would probably start over Knight. 

    • Apr 18, 20133:44 pm
      by oats


      Throw in looking at Deng in trade, I think Chicago will be willing to trade him if it helps clear up room under the tax line.
      I’m not that fond of Nick Young really, but I like the idea. I just don’t see him as the guy you have to get. Redick may be had for only slightly more, and Redick is a much better player. Anthony Morrow, Brandon Rush, Martell Webster, and Randy Foye could all fill that role. Rush or Webster could also probably be a small forward option, as could Dorrell Wright, Kyle Korver, Mike Dunleavy, and Matt Barnes. I’m not really criticizing your choices so much as I’m suggesting that there are more options out there.
      I still hate Knight as a starting point guard. I’d much prefer Jeff Teague, Calderon, or Jack. Augustin would also start over Knight by the way. Maynor and Watson have a chance at it too. To be honest, if it’s a legitimately open competition then Bynum might start over Knight too. I’d throw in Mo Williams and Devin Harris as guys I’d bring in to start over Knight. I’d then make Knight a 6th man. I just don’t get the need to start Knight. If Knight is going to be a point guard, and I think it’s highly unlikely, then why not let him prove himself capable of running an offense with the second unit so he isn’t hindering the progress of other players by being placed in a role he has not shown an ability to fill? That seems to be a far more logical way of handling his development than just continuing to hand him a job he hasn’t actually earned.

      • Apr 18, 20134:24 pm
        by G


        Would love to get Teague. I’m liking Dorell Wright more and more, I’d take him over Webster, Morrow, and Foye.

        Who do you think Chicago would ask for in trade for Deng? 

        • Apr 18, 20134:50 pm
          by oats


          I have no idea to be honest. I think Butler has made him pretty expendable though, so they’d be interested in moving him. Something like Knight and Stuckey might do it, with Chicago buying Stuckey out after the trade goes through. That gives them a young rotation player and about $8 million in savings. They’re sitting on $77 million on the books for next season, so that would take them to just under the tax line. They’d probably prefer it to be Knight and Singler though, which saves them even more money while adding another potential rotation guy. Either of those moves would be straight salary dumps, but it makes sense.
          I think Chicago would probably want to throw Boozer in to the deal as well, and that might be a non starter. Still, something like Knight, Stuckey, Jerebko, and Kravstov for Deng and Boozer adds about $12 million to the Pistons. If Detroit then turns around and amnesties CV that wouldn’t just kill Detroit’s cap situation this year and could still find pieces. The problem is that Boozer has two more years, so he will still be getting paid when Monroe is up for a new contract. 
          I think that kind of thing would be worth looking in to at the very least.

  • Apr 19, 20133:04 pm
    by by key decisions know


     G and Oats you two should call Gores and replace Joe D.

    • Apr 19, 20135:15 pm
      by G


      Joe D’s been doing fine the past year, he just needs a VP of Common Sense sometimes.

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