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Pistons roundtable: Building blocks

The (somewhat) annual Pistons roundtable has returned. Each day this week, our panel of Pistons writers will answer a question about the Pistons – all in one place. Please add your answers in the comments.

Which current Pistons will be in Detroit’s rotation when the team next wins a playoff series?

Drew Sharp, Detroit Free Press

Assuming that series victory is another two years away, Andre Drummond, Jose Calderon and Jonas Jerebko are the only remaining pieces from this year’s team. I foresee the possibility of a trade involving Greg Monroe and Brandon Knight to bring in a big-time scoring wing, and the Pistons might get a pretty good lottery pick this year with a top-seven selection.

Mike Payne, Detroit Bad Boys

Hopefully Andre Drummond, Greg Monroe and Jose Calderon.  I’m hoping Calderon is retained for three years, with a contract acting as a financial placeholder for a Drummond extension, and the team breaks into the 8th seed next season.  With the right wing counterparts, I think those three could push the team into a tough first round challenger.

Phil Fattore, Pistons 101

Andre Drummond. While only a rookie, Drummond has already established himself as the future of the Pistons. With the Pistons still in a rebuild, the only player on the roster that should have the “NO TRADE” title is Drummond. He’ll be a Piston for years to come, including the next playoff series win.

Daniel Poarch, Life on Dumars

Right now, any conversation about the Pistons’ future starts with Andre Drummond and Greg Monroe. They’re already the two best players on the team, and if they can gel into a cohesive starting frontcourt, the Pistons will be dangerous down low. Brandon Knight, Jonas Jerebko, and Kyle Singler look like possible contributors, as well.

Eric Stafford, Life on Dumars

It’s a given that Monroe and Drummond will be important parts of any Detroit playoff team unless something goes awfully awry.  Brandon Knight could still be an important role player on a Pistons team that actually wins a playoff series. I also think Kyle Singler, Khris Middleton and Jonas Jerebko have chances if they’re used correctly.

Thom Powell, Life on Dumars

 Monroe, Drummond, Knight, Jerebko, and Calderon (provided he re-signs). With the way Kyle Singler fell off after the first few months of the season, I’m not sure he’s a rotation player for a playoff team. Knight’s fit on the team is similarly questionable, but I feel like with the right role — sixth man might suit him — he can help a lower level playoff team.

Natalie Sitto, Need4Sheed.com

Andre Drummond and Greg Monroe are the only two players on this current roster that the team can truly build around. The “Twin Towers” could be something special, and if the Pistons have any chance in the near future to  get to the post season, they’ll be a part of it.

Patrick Hayes, PistonPowered

Drummond is the only player I’d say with 100 percent certainty, with Greg Monroe a near certainty to be there as well. That’s it, though. I think players like Brandon Knight, Kyle Singler, Jonas Jerebko and even Rodney Stuckey could be rotation players on playoff teams, but I don’t see the Pistons getting back to the playoffs without making trades involving some of their young players. A Monroe-Drummond frontcourt, with the right acquisitions around them, could definitely be a playoff contender down the road.

J.M. Poulard, PistonPowered

As painful as this may sound, there aren’t many. Greg Monroe and Andre Drummond are both young, productive and full of potential. Given the scarcity of quality big men, it seems evident they will remain with the franchise longer than the other players. That gives them an edge in terms of being part of a team that will experience postseason success in Detroit.

Jameson Draper, PistonPowered

It will be a pretty similar team, because the Pistons should make the playoffs very soon – even as soon as next season. The key players to the hopeful playoff squad will be Monroe and Drummond, but I’m guessing Brandon Knight and Kyle Singler will be seeing a lot of time as well. Unfortunately, I don’t see the Pistons re-signing Calderon.

Brady Fredericksen, PistonPowered

Greg Monroe, Andre Drummond, Kyle Singler, Brandon Knight. All four of those guys can be a part of a playoff rotation right now, if they were put in such a situation. The idea of the Pistons winning a playoff series is still AT LEAST two seasons away. Singler can be a valuable part of that, but he’s better suited as a forward off the bench who can shoot and rebound — not as a starter.

Dan Feldman, PistonPowered

Grant Hill won Rookie of the Year in 1994-95, helped the Pistons wins 46 games the next season and 54 the following year – and he didn’t win a playoff series until 10 year after he left Detroit. That’s a long way of saying there’s a larger chance than most realize that no current Pistons will be here when the team next wins a playoff series. But I’d rate three players as more likely than not to contribute to a playoff-winning Pistons team: Greg Monroe and Andre Drummond for obvious reasons and Jonas Jerebko, whose contract is big enough to limit Detroit’s options for moving him and who has finally accepted the role-player mentality that will likely keep him in the rotation.


  • Apr 17, 20136:01 pm
    by Brigs


    I think as long as Drummond improves to about 50-60% on his free throws and if all the major players (andre, monroe, knight,singler, jerebko, calderon?, stuckey?)plus our draft pick have injury free seasons I’m looking at a play off team next year 

  • Apr 17, 20136:42 pm
    by oats


    I think the team can and probably should make the playoffs next year, but actually winning a series is much harder. We can assume they won’t do it as an 8 seed, and probably not as a 7 seed. That pushes the window back a bit. If Miami’s window closes on them/LeBron leaves then a 6 seed has a chance. Of course, if he stays in the East then whatever team he goes to will be tough to beat. As things stand the LeBron, Chicago, New York, and Indiana group all look like they will be tough outs for the foreseeable future, with the Knicks being the most likely to slip due to the age of some of their rotation guys. I honestly think Detroit won’t get a playoff win in the next 3 seasons, so that leaves a lot of room for turnaround.
    Monroe is probably on that team even if he is significantly more likely to be gone than Drummond. That’s because Drummond won’t be gone though, he’s staying put. Detroit has a lot of guys who could be around. Maybe Jose, although likely as a reserve by that point. Bynum has an outside chance of staying on as the backup point guard. Maybe Knight, but I kind of think the odds of him being traded between now and then are pretty high. Maybe Singler or Middleton, but I doubt both are still around. There’s an outside chance Stuckey could come back on a reasonable deal, especially if Knight gets moved. Slava also has an outside chance of hanging around to give 6 fouls, but I’d bet against him and I don’t know if that really counts as part of the rotation. I think the order of likelihood goes Drummond, Monroe, Middleton, Knight, Singler, Jose, Bynum, Stuckey, and Slava. If I had to guess, it’s Drummond and Monroe with only one of the other guys.

  • Apr 17, 20136:59 pm
    by Swish22


    No reason with some shrewd moves that the Pistons can’t move up into the fourth or fifth seed next year and possibly win a series. Hopefully they can move Stuckey who is #1 on my list of why the Pistons got off to a horrible start this season even though the mass majority of pistons fans are blaming Frank. Drummond obviously is a beast and Monroe sure showed serious determination down the stretch. BK certainly ranks at the bottom of the league stat wise but his young age and gritty play makes me think he’ll show some serious improvement if we can improve the overall talent on the team. I think JJ, Middleton and Singler will make a solid trio of forwards to come off the bench but I’m thinking all three really are better suited not starting. Middleton possibly will mature into a solid starter. Time will tell. Looking forward to the off season.

  • Apr 17, 20137:47 pm
    by Brandon Knight


    Calderon as a building block !!!! hahaha this is funny! Knight is the real deal! his father said it, “you still didn’t see the real Brandon Knight”

    • Apr 17, 20137:55 pm
      by oats


      The actual question was, “Which current Pistons will be in Detroit’s rotation when the team next wins a playoff series?” So, yeah, I don’t know what your point is. The headline is about building blocks, but it really is just asking for rotation guys. Calderon could definitely be a part of the rotation. Try actually reading everything.

    • Apr 18, 201310:25 am
      by Huddy


      Wait wait wait…his dad said that?  Never mind everyone there is absolutely nothing to worry about with this team.  Has anyone spoken with Stuckey’s parents?

  • Apr 17, 20138:02 pm
    by Brandon Knight


    Oops I missed that lol…. Yeah but not a starter!

  • Apr 17, 20138:39 pm
    by Ozzie-Moto


    Nets on a 14 to 2 run….  I sorry but MAY BE NO ONE…. if the management is not replaced soon,   I have herd so much of the over hype of players over and over again.  JD has given us bench players and has ben pretending they are starters for years.  Started with Curry as player (then coach)  Knight is a nice guy to bring off the bench,  JJ, Singler again also bench players. Since Frank screwed up really seeing how well Monroe and Drummond can play together even that is a little iffy ….. Half the time the team looks like a D league team and still WAY to many people want to give everyone ENDLESS chances.  WAKE up, life is short and your not getting the team you deserve as fans… 

  • Apr 17, 201310:23 pm
    by Ozzie-Moto


    Thank god Knight can’t hit the broad side of a barn. or pass for that matter …or the pistons would have hurt there draft pick yet again  what is with a team that goes on winning streaks against other teams that a are tanking …..  

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