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Piston of the Week: Greg Monroe

Piston of the Week (4/1/2013 – 4/6/2013): Greg Monroe

22 points, 10.3 rebounds, 3.7 assists, 1.3 steals and one block per game, while shooting  percent from the field.

He was just plain good. The more he plays like he did this week, the better of the Pistons will be. It doesn’t matter if they should be losing games or if wins make fans angry — seeing Monroe, one of your building blocks going forward, play well is a good thing.

Not to mention, Monroe is heating up now, and getting ready to play in a contract year next season…


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  • Apr 9, 201310:51 am
    by DG


    Yeah.  I can’t believe I come on this board some times and there are fans that want to trade the Moose.  It would be hard to build a franchise if you trade every player just because he’s not a number 1 guy on a playoff team.  He’s a keeper.  A couple of years of Greg and Andre playing together and they’ll be sweet.  

    With free agency money and a good draft they should be in the playoffs next year.  With the right additions they’ll be contenders in 3 to 4 years.

    • Apr 9, 201311:57 am
      by Otis


      The problem is that if Monroe and Drummond don’t pan out, you’re screwed. If you concede that he’s not a #1 guy on a playoff team (and I’d argue he’s not a #2 guy on a playoff team and likely not a #3 guy on a legit contender) then I don’t think you can afford to keep him. He and Drummond are the only genuinely BIG assets on the entire roster, and– if we’re being honest– they’re both best suited to play center. If they don’t make each other better, you can’t keep them both or your team is going to stink. And I think there is a far less than average chance that they’ll be very good together.

      • Apr 9, 20131:31 pm
        by Brady Fredericksen


        Isn’t that always the risk, though? No one knows if any pairing is going to work out. However, if inefficient Brandon Jennings or Paul Milsapp can be No. 1 guys on playoff teams, I don’t see your logic with Monroe at all. He’s probably better off as the No. 2 guy on a really good team, but if Greg Monroe is your third or fourth best player, you’re a pretty frickin’ good team.

        • Apr 11, 20133:38 pm
          by Otis


          Well I don’t think he’s even a #2 guy on a “really good team.” And even if he were, it would be at center. I just plain don’t think it’s worth the risk. This mostly has to do with the composure of the team, too. Remove Drummond and I’d be content to reluctantly build around Monroe… by putting a PF next to him, not another center. I think if Monroe is your fourth best player you’re probably a legit contender, third best you’re a fringe contender, second best you’re pretty average, best you’re the Pistons.

      • Apr 9, 20132:09 pm
        by Huddy


        To say he isn’t even a #3 option on a contender makes no sense, his numbers are all for the most part int he top 10-15 (some higher) at the PF/C position right in line with all good guys at his position like Bosh, KG, Cousins, Randolph, etc.  He isn’t a volume scorer that is only benefiting from being the first option on the team since shoots almost 50 percent so I don’t see why he cant at least be considered a strong #2 guy.
        I think the main problem is people look at his contract and think hes going to be paid a lot how can we possibly build a team if he is only second best and makes that much.  The thing is Drummond is on a rookie contract for a while, whoever we bring in for the draft will be on rookie money for an extended period of time, and we have room to sign Monroe with considerable remaining space for adding another key piece beyond that.  With things being staggered in this way we wouldn’t really be in the type of corner people act like we would be.  This is not to mention the fact that he isn’t untradeable once he has a new contract, any team trading for him now would be accepting that they would have to sign him to big money anyway.
        Like @Brady said there is always a risk.  I would rather take a risk on a guy with proven talent that has possible cohesive issues with our other star than risk starting from scratch with a draft pick or development project.  If you think we are getting a proven guy in return I personally haven’t read any viable trade scenarios where that happens especially considering Monroe is close to his free agent year anyway.

      • Apr 9, 20137:32 pm
        by oats


        This argument is going on here too? Umm, what Brady and Huddy said sums it up reasonably well.

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