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Lawrence Frank: ‘You hope everyone looks in the mirror as well’

Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News:

Frank: "The accountability starts with me and you hope everyone looks in the mirror as well."

Whether that comment was directed at ownership, management or the players, Lawrence Frank has a point. Many people failed this season, and in turn that made Frank look worse. But Frank’s failures made others in the organization look worse, and a coach is usually the most disposable piece.


  • Apr 17, 201310:16 pm
    by Mark


    I was 50-50 on Joe, but everytime I think about how they refused to play Drummond with Monroe all year, I can’t help but hold Joe responsible for not demanding they play more together. 

    As far as I’m concerned, Frank and Joe should both go because of that whole fiasco. We see now that had they been starting together all year, we may have had a chance at the playoffs. Joe didn’t know what the best lineup was for his own roster. And Frank didn’t either. Thats inexcusable.

  • Apr 17, 201311:01 pm
    by mshansky


    I cannot get past the number of games in which the Pistons exhibited no energy, competitiveness, or even pride. If a team fails to put out maximum energy on a consistent basis, how can anyone NOT question coaching effectiveness?

  • Apr 17, 201311:32 pm
    by frankie d


    Absolutely ungracious.
    Or, 30 years ago, i  would  have called it a punk-a@@ thing to say.
     He must know that he is toast.
    Good riddance. 

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