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Joe Dumars, as opposed to Tom Gores, will run Pistons’ coaching search

Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News:

Dumars will be the one running the show in this situation, as opposed to last time.

Gores will have his say but I don’t think he’ll be as adamant this time around. Likely the same as it was with Mr. D to an extent

If you recall, Joe Dumars preferred Mike Woodson to Lawrence Frank two years ago, but Tom Gores liked Frank more. I don’t think the Pistons would have hired Frank if Dumars strongly objected, but I believe if the call were Dumars’ alone, they would have hired Woodson.

Woodson certainly seems like a better coach than Frank, but Dumars’ last two hires before Tom Gores bought the team – John Kuester and Michael Curry – failed. I guess I have more faith in Dumars to find the right coach than I do in Gores, but it’s far from a lock Dumars will get this right.


  • Apr 20, 20135:09 pm
    by piston moribund


    The Knicks, MSG, Woodson, hmmmm. Gores got taken to school by Checketts.  What a schmuck! 

  • Apr 20, 20135:36 pm
    by tiko


    McMillan or Shaw

  • Apr 20, 20135:54 pm
    by Anthony J


    Looking at all the active coaches in the league right now:

    Larry Drew – 3 years as Hawks HC, 6 years as assistant
    Doc Rivers – 9 years as Boston HC 
    PJ Carleismo - 1 year as Nets HC
    Mike Dunlap - 1 year
    Tom Thibs – 3 years
    Rick Carlisle – 5 years
    George Karl – 8 years
    Mark Jackson – 2 years
    Kevin McHale - 2 years
    Frank Vogel – 2 years
    Mike Dantoni – 1 year
    Vinny Del Negro – 3 years
    Lionel Hollins – 5 years
    Erik Spoelstra – 5 years as HC, 11 years as Assistant coach
    Jim Boylan – 1 year
    Rick Adelman – 2 years
    Monty Williams – 3 years
    Mike Woodson – 2 years
    Scott Brooks – 5 years
    Jacque Vaughn – 1 year
    Lindsey Hunter – 1 year
    Terry Stotts – 1 year
    Keith Smart - 2 years
    Gregg Pop – 17 years as HC, 4 years as assistant
    Dwayne Casey – 2 years
    Tyrone Corbin – 3 years as HC, 7 years as assistant
    Randy Wittman – 2 years 

    wow… look at all of the people who have 2+ years that still have a job (for now) with their teams… O hope Dumars can get a coach that actually can stay for 4 or more years. Dumars is stuck on the notion of ’if you don’t win or if you have a dissapointing season, fire the coach.’ Just like what Jeff Van Gundy said, “When the tough get’s going, fire the coach.” A team young team like the pistons have to grow along with the coach. OKC did it with Brooks, Charlotte has indicated that they will do the same with Dunlap, same with Rivers and the same with Hollins. They grew with their teams. We need a coach that can stay longer than 2 years!                            

    • Apr 20, 20136:58 pm
      by piston moribund


      A third of these coaches might not be at their jobs by the end of the year according to ESPN and also take note at the number of 2 year coaches on the job.  Mr.D wanted Larry Brown and Rick fired, both hires by Joe D.  Flip got pushed out by the players, Curry, and Keuster were put into a toxic environment, Frank was Gores’s hire.  There are always circumstances to the firing and hiring of these coaches but taking a former coach who is not coaching and is not fully vested in a team aside from broadcasting is a whole different story.  Also don’t forget that Dumars also wanted to Collins but he went to coach Philly instead.  Hopefully, Joe has learned from those mistakes.  Lets not take some overly emotional former coach at his word since its always much easier to make judgment calls sitting in a chair calling the game.  Much like it is to comment on situations like the relationships of other people when you are not involved.  Maybe there is reason why Gundy is not coaching? hmmmm

      • Apr 21, 20139:17 am
        by Anthony J


        True stuff your saying there Piston moribund. The ownership has had a lot of say in the coaches. Hopefully we can get a coach that can stick it out though and actually improve this team each year.

    • Apr 21, 20138:12 am
      by inigo montoya


      Larry Drew’s contract with the Hawks ends soon.  
      I think Drew has done a good to great job in Atlanta.  Atlanta will be undergoing some big changes this summer and Drew might not want to risk going forward with a team in flux.
      Maybe with the right offer he can be enticed to coach the Pistons.

      • Apr 21, 201311:40 am
        by hereherehere


        Hes benefitting off of what Mike Woodson built.

    • Apr 21, 20137:47 pm
      by CityofKlompton


      Brooks, Rivers, and Hollins all made considerable jumps with their respective team’s production and thus weren’t fired.

      In the case of Brooks, he took over OKC midway through a horrible season, got promoted from interim, and immediately improved the teams record the next year (by 27 wins, a rather drastic improvement I might add.) Doc Rivers’ Celtics hit the jackpot in 2007-08 (after three consecutive seasons with a drop in victories) when KG and Ray Allen decided to hop on board, and the team took an immediate springboard (42-win improvement & NBA Championship.) Had those two not come to Boston, I would bet a lot of money Rivers would have been fired after another year of poor team performance. Lionel Hollins took over a team in transition that got some massive rebuilding help when it acquired Marc Gasol and two first round pics in 2008. Then, they traded for Zac Randolph in 2009, who suddenly started giving a damn, and the Grizz started showing improvement.

      I think these are bad examples to compare to the Pistons previous coaches.  None of the recent Pistons coaches have made anywhere near similar improvements (err… ANY improvements.)  So to say Kuester, Curry,  or Frank should have been able to stick around because of the OKC, BOS, and MEM examples is pretty weak.

  • Apr 20, 20136:16 pm
    by Anthony


    There’s report that Phil wouldn’t be opposed to coaching in Cleveland. Whose to say the same interest in Detroit?? We have a much better future in my opinion. Put all the eggs in the Phil Jackson basket!!

    • Apr 20, 201310:55 pm
      by DasMark


      No we don’t. Cleveland has Kyrie Irving. Hype Andre Drummond all you like, but Irving isn’t potential, he’s a 21 year old all star NOW. 

      Dan Gilbert is also an owner that wants to win, and doesn’t hesitate to spend when the opportunity to contend is there. I don’t personally like Dan Gilbert, or the Cavs. But, his history as an owner has proved these points.

      Gores is a new owner, his motives are unknown. People want a Marc Cuban type owner, but he could be more Robert Sarver. We’ll have to wait and see.  

      • Apr 21, 20134:52 am
        by Chris N


        “Dan Gilbert is also an owner that wants to win, and doesn’t hesitate to spend when the opportunity to contend is there. I don’t personally like Dan Gilbert, or the Cavs. But, his history as an owner has proved these points.”

        What exactly is this proof that you speak of? 

      • Apr 21, 201311:14 am
        by hereherehere


        Youre basically coughing up what ESPN has rammed down your throat. Kyrie CANT stay on the court. Hes essentially the new Chauncey Billups. He’ll tear a team apart one night, then step on a lego and miss a month. You can play pseudo-intellectual all youd like- for Drummond being as raw as he is, he alters the game defensively on the same level as Irving does offensively. I dont buy that Drummond was hurt at all. The season was already over. Also, Dan Gilbert is a MORON when it comes to building an NBA franchise- hes WORSE than Cuban. Had he sat put instead of frantically trading for guys like Antawn Jamison, Mo Williams, or kicking JJ Hickson out of town- he MAY have kept LeBron in Cleveland (Id say LeBron had Miami tax laws in mind, however.). Cleveland sucks. Ask Joakim Noah- he’ll set you straight.

        • Apr 21, 20131:17 pm
          by C-Foe


          @hereherehere….This is so true, Dan Gilbert does not know how to build a franchise.  I truly believe that he and Cleveland are going to find out what the Clippers finally realized…that getting a bunch of lottery or 1st rnd draft picks does not guarantee long term success.   He was lucky with LeBron and his organization thrived because of it.  However look at where Cleveland was less than 10 years later…watching Miami reap the benefits of their patience with LeBron while they wait to see which lottery pick they’ll get.
            History has shown that the franchise reaps benefits from these #1 or high draft picks in terms of revenue and getting bandwagon fans when sports media hypes them, but they very rarely deliver a championship to the drafting franchise.  You have to go back to Tim Duncan (1999) to find the last #1 pick to win a championship for the franchise that drafted him.  It’s no coincidence that franchise he plays for has one of the most stable organizations in the NBA and is always competitive year after year.  You can’t keep dealing with change every 2 to 3 years.  They have a coach, they believe in his system and keep putting in pieces to make it work.   Now part of that was because Popovich won a championship so quickly that he earned their trust and they have stuck with him.  So we need to hire a coach, understand that the first year or two maybe rough but stick with him while he implements his philosophy.

          • Apr 21, 20132:02 pm
            by oats

            There are a lot of factors that prevented number one picks from winning a championship. There were busts like Kwame Brown and Bargnani. Kenyon Martin and Andrew Bogut were solid players but could be considered bad for top over all picks. Cleveland clearly doesn’t have to worry about that. There were some injury plagued guys like Greg Oden and Yao Ming. That is a concern for Cleveland. Still, given his age it is way to early to declare Irving’s injury issues will prevent him from ever winning it all. There is also a few guys that are too young and haven’t hit their peaks yet, plus the whole Miami and OKC teams have popped up to make things tough. That’d be guys like Blake Griffin, Derrick Rose, and everyone since then. NBA players don’t hit their athletic peaks until right around 26 or 27, so give them some time. You’re pretty much just looking at LeBron and Howard as guys that left before the team had a chance to get there. 
            I could do the same thing with draft picks from most any spot in the draft. It just isn’t a good argument for or against Cleveland. The last time a team won a championship with a guy they drafted with the 9th pick (Drummond’s selection) was Dirk Nowitzki in the 98 draft. The 7th and 8th picks (Monroe and Knight) haven’t had one drafted after 1990. I got tired of looking back to try to find the last one. Can we admit this argument isn’t going anywhere?

          • Apr 21, 20135:01 pm
            by C-Foe

               The argument (loose as it may be) is about winning championships not just winning games or having winning seasons.  My statement against Cleveland is that Dan Gilbert got a “once in a decade” special player and he and his coach didn’t have a plan other than give the ball to LeBron.  Yes, Cleveland won a lot of games, made it to the Finals, got a lot of bandwagon LeBron and Cavs fans, and made money but in the end it meant very little to the die-hard Cavs fans.  Now they are in the lottery for the third straight year hoping for another lottery star to pair with Kyrie because I don’t think Gilbert has a plan.  I don’t want Detroit to go down that road where we are hoping for high draft picks to get a superstar and hoping that things will turn around.
                 You mentioned, “There is also a few guys that are too young and haven’t hit their peaks yet, plus the whole Miami and OKC teams have popped up to make things tough.”  Yes, yes, yes.  I agree 200% with that statement.   My point was that in regards to winning championships, the lottery picks don’t increase your chances of winning a title immediately especially with these “one-and-done” college players.  Your research proved that when you found Dirk back in 1998 (or Wade in 2003).  It’s going to take time for these young players to figure it out and with these “super teams” forming it’s going to take more time for teams trying to rebuild through the draft.   So you have to have some stability (front organization and coach), have a plan, and be patient.  Now if the team is regressing then yes changes are in order.  However, I’m worried that this coaching carousel in Detroit will scare off some good coaches.
               I have no problem with Kyrie Irving, my statements were not aimed at him.  I think he can be a special player in this league if he continues to work.  However, the question is will Cleveland see the fruits of that in terms of a championship?

          • Apr 21, 20136:37 pm
            by oats

            How has Detroit not been in the lottery looking for stars? This is their 4th year with a lottery pick in a row while Cleveland’s only on their 3rd year. How does Detroit’s plan make more sense than Cleveland’s plan exactly? They are acquiring assets through the draft, which is the smartest way to build a team. Not only do they have 3 lottery picks from the last two years, they have a likely top 4 pick this year and 4 additional first round picks coming to them soon in addition to having all of their own picks. That’s a great group of assets to use. I fail to see how they are lacking a plan. I also don’t see what makes it so different than Detroit’s plan. Detroit clearly spent the last several years using the lottery to acquire assets. They then used a future draft pick to clear up cap space, a move Cleveland could replicate if they wanted but still have more draft picks than Detroit. I’m just not seeing where Detroit is doing things way differently.
            Also, it’s impossible to guarantee championships. Even a team as good as the Heat don’t have a championship guaranteed. The goal of any GM is to make a team a contender and hope things break their way. Tons of number one picks have gotten their original team to that point, including the two guys who walked away from the franchise that drafted them. Demanding more than that is just asking for too much, you can only hope to get to the point where your team has a chance to win it all.

          • Apr 21, 201311:03 pm
            by C-Foe

            How has Detroit not been in the lottery looking for stars?
            - Detroit has been in the lottery looking for stars.  However I think we are getting to the point where free agents (and not another Corey Magette or Ben Gordon) will help us more than another college draft pick.  If Monroe and Drummond (and possibly Knight) are our cornerstones for the future then let’s bring in some free agents to complement them.  Having another draft pick is nice but I don’t want to lose a cornerstone because our 2013 first round draft pick doesn’t fit a need. 
            How does Detroit’s plan make more sense than Cleveland’s plan exactly?
            - Never meant to imply that our rebuilding plan made more sense.  However Cleveland crashed because everything revolved around LeBron.   As much as I’m not a Mike Brown fan, I thought Gilbert never should have sacrificed him the way he did.  He had no assurances that LeBron would stay so his plan was to fire Mike Brown (after 61 wins) to convince LeBron he was trying to improve the team.  Now he is trying to rehire the guy after a failed stint with the Lakers who wanted him fired if he lost in the first round of a strike shortened season? This is why I question his plan.  I think Brown and John Kuester have been exposed post-LeBron.    
              As far as Detroit is concerned, our decent happened a lot slower because of the way the team was built.  I understood why Joe traded Chauncey however he made a bad move trading for A.I.  Coaching-wise, I thought Curry was okay, Kuester was over-hyped and Frank was just the wrong coach.   I need to see who Joe hires as the new coach. His decision will determine whether I question his current plan too. 
            I agree that it is impossible to guarantee a championship.  I’m not asking for a guarantee but what I don’t want us to do is break this lottery streak and then get comfortable with just having a winning record or just making the playoffs.      

          • Apr 22, 20138:39 am
            by G

            Pretty sure Cleveland has a lot of cap space also. Maybe not as much as Detroit, but they’re one of the teams looking to spend this summer.

        • Apr 21, 20131:41 pm
          by oats


          Sorry, no way Drummond never got hurt. At the time of his injury the team had a chance to take a shot at the 8th seed. I’m not buying that Dumars didn’t want to take that shot, and Frank definitely would have tried for it. Even getting close but ultimately not catching Milwaukee might have saved Frank’s job. There is just no way the injury didn’t happen. I bet the team held him out a bit longer than necessary, partially to be cautious and partially because they didn’t have much to play for by then. The Irving injury thing would definitely hold more weight if Drummond played a lot more games than him, but it was actually only one game more.
          Drummond is a great defender already, which is extraordinary for a rookie. He’s also still a rookie who makes rookie mistakes from time to time. There is nothing wrong with that because he’ll grow out of that eventually, but it has to be factored in when comparing him to Irving. His defense is just not as good as Irving’s offense. Irving is an efficient and high volume scorer, which is pretty rare. Any argument around equating those two players should focus on Irving’s defense versus Drummond’s offense, and Drummond’s offense is probably the better of the two. That said, I don’t think that’s enough to make them equals. The biggest reason that Irving is ahead of Drummond is minutes played. Drummond played 20.7 minutes per game, and while he played well when given more minutes we don’t know definitively if he can continue doing that over the course of a full season. I’d bet on it, but it is still a question mark. Irving played 34.7 minutes a game, which allowed him to log 800 more minutes than Dummond despite Drummond playing in an extra game. That’s a big advantage to Irving. The only way you pick Drummond now is if you completely ignore the whole minutes issue.
          Irving and Drummond might not be the best argument for Cleveland having the brighter future though. I’d say it is their draft picks coming up. Detroit will likely lose their pick in next year’s stacked draft class. The Heat will owe the Cavs 2 draft picks coming up, and if LeBron were to leave Miami those unprotected picks could be quite significant assets. They are also owed a first round pick from the Kings and Grizzlies. The Cavs also have a likely top 4 pick this year while Detroit is likely to pick 7. The lottery will change that around, but as of now Cleveland has better odds of getting a good player in this draft too.

  • Apr 20, 20137:52 pm
    by jerrific


    Frank was arguably and improvement over Curry and Kuester, so this isn’t necessarily a good sign.

    • Apr 22, 201310:57 am
      by MIKEYDE248


      He may have been a better coach, but still ended up with about the same winning percentage.

  • Apr 20, 20138:25 pm
    by gmehl


    Is it just me that sees it this way but wasn’t the main reason Frank got fired was because of all those blown double digit leads we had throughout the year? To me this indicated that we were a lot better than our record the last 2 seasons. I lost count how many times we led by double figures to only go on and lose at the end. A lot of this is on the players but most of it is on the coaching staff that draws up the defence that has the players in the position/match ups that they are in. Gores was the one that wanted Frank which we all know in the end has saved Dumars ass. If i had to put money on it i’d say Dumars will go with Nate McMillan this time around mainly because we have the team that can execute his defensive sets. In my opinion I think McMillan is the best guy for the job too because I think he will be able to draw something up to hide Monroe’s poor defence.

    • Apr 21, 201311:38 am
      by hereherehere


      Youre speaking Chinese to most of these people. Frank got the job in the first place because Tom Thibideau left town in Boston and somehow, people mistook Larrys defensive sets for Toms. He served his purpose- instill some sort of defensive mindset in the team, keep us in the lottery, and then disappear. Its a league built on progression, and he had hit his ceiling. I found it amusing that he DEMANDED that his option be picked up before year three, after winning a string of meanignless games- and yet BLOWING the ones WITH meaning as the season went along.  

  • Apr 20, 201310:47 pm
    by Domnick


    dumars had successful hires on – Carlisle, Brown, Saunders….
    he needs to know the common denominator of their success… to me record consistency.. and accountability… plus impact…
    next coaching hire — McMillan and Stan Van Gundy should be our priority.

    • Apr 22, 201311:02 am
      by MIKEYDE248


      Flip is looking for a job, maybe it’s time to bring him back.  Most of what drove him out was the vets rebelling against him, since he didn’t earn their respect after being coached by Larry Brown.  Most of the team the players on the team they have now shouldn’t have a problem playing for him.

      I’m not saying he would be my first choice, but looking at who else is out there, maybe it won’t be too bad of a fit.

  • Apr 21, 201312:43 am
    by Venice


    What do you think we need give up for deng? he can spot up @ 3 and can defend. It seems like they really like butler and he is a SF . recent mock drafts say that they like hardaway Jr to be their Sg. What do you guys think?

  • Apr 21, 20135:52 am
    by gmehl


    So Jeff Van Gundy is pretty much calling out Gores for not firing Dumars. If he had any balls then why didn’t he just say ‘how come they didn’t fire Joe instead of Frank’. I really hope Joe hires Nate McMillan.

  • Apr 21, 201311:25 am
    by hereherehere


    The Pistons ideal situation is for Calderon to walk- thus saving Knight from being bled dry like TJ Ford and Kyle Lowery in Toronto. No way does Jose play defense- EVER. Second, there are two tiers of coach you can go after. Your first being your retreds- your Van Gundys, Scotts, McMillians and Johnsons. Then theres your assistants like Pat Ewing and Brian Shaw. Of all of these listed, I would go with Ewing, McMillian or Shaw. Johnson is atrocious and Scott has to have Chris Paul to stay afloat. With Ewing or McMillian, you get a big’s mindset- which benefits Drummond AND Monroe. Brian Shaw is interesting because for being an NBA guard, he GETS how to use his bigs. Indy’s defensive system would be wonderful in Detroit with what we have. However- if Jerry Sloan showed interest, THAT should be your guy. He gets major production from his front court- which is going ot be our strong point.  As far as the draft- get off the Burke thing. hes a last ditch pick if hes there and Noel, McLemore, Porter, or my favorite- Victor Oladipo are already off the board. Dario Saric would be another sleeper pick that could spread the court with his shooting range as a 3 or stretch 4. All analysis aside- this is good for the Pistons and shows that Gores doesnt just listen to what the ignorant masses scream for. Joe has done ALOT more good with for this franchise than bad. Hed be jobless for all of an hour if fired- unless he decided to take some family time away fro mthe game.

    • Apr 21, 201312:14 pm
      by Jay


      Um, clearly you never watched much Supersonics basketball. Nate McMillian was a PG.

    • Apr 21, 20134:08 pm
      by Travis


      I agree. Joe D has his faults, but several ownerships would hire Dumars the next day. He might not have the respect from many of the Detroit Piston fans, but owners, agents, and fellow GM’s.

      I would have to believe shortly after acquiring Palac Entertainment, that Gores reached out to fellow NBA owners to find out what deals were vetoed by Mrs. Davidson. In those conversations, I would also have to speculate that there were a few trades and signings that would have improved the team.

  • Apr 21, 20133:52 pm
    by Travis


    Smartest comment thread on Piston Powered that I’ve read over the season. I didn’t pull out a single hair.

  • Apr 21, 20136:16 pm
    by HorsePower


    Its time for Joe D to go. Stop blaming the coaches you hired and stand up and take responsibility for assembling this squad of players, Joe D.
    How on earth are we going to attract a `good` coach with Joe D still running the show with his history of firing some many coaches?
    You need to be pretty naive to think the problems associated with the Pistons is isolated to the coaches, Joe D. 
    Detroit Pistons need to a new GM and coach.

    • Apr 21, 20137:01 pm
      by oats


      Jeff’s comments were pretty far off base in my opinion. It’s absurd to think Gores believes the talent was good but the coach was bad. He probably thinks what I do, the talent is bad and the coach is bad. Coaches can be graded independently of the talent on the roster. Frank’s rotations made little sense, his in game adjustments sucked, he buried his best player, and he still hasn’t implemented his defensive scheme. Then he gave the team an ultimatum that pretty much guaranteed they had to fire him. It made no sense to guarantee that 4th year based on what he’s done as a coach.
      As for an evaluation of Dumars, there are things to look at besides just the team’s current talent level. The team now has a pair of big men to build around, another lottery pick this year, and a bunch of cap space. Their future prospects are much better now than it was before Gores bought the team. Yeah, the talent is still bad, but the team is starting to move in the right direction. I don’t blame Gores for deciding to let Dumars stay.

      • Apr 21, 201311:36 pm
        by Haan


        Once again a pleasure to read your comments, Oats.  One quibble: I agree with the interpretation that Frank made his “ultimatum” as a face saving move with his next job interview in mind (“I needed to have the security of having a longer term role in the rebuilding that was taking place.  While it was understandable that the team didn’t grent me the guarantee, that made it inevitable that we go our separate ways.”)  Somethng like that when he already knew with virtual certainty that his fate with the Pistons was sealed.  Otherwise he acted as a complete fool.

    • Apr 22, 20138:50 am
      by G


      I think JVG over-simplified the situation. Detroit was pretty devoid of talent, but I thought they were good enough to at least contend for an 8th seed. Instead there was no improvement on either side of the ball, and several questionable moves by Frank.

      He asked what was wrong with Curry and Kuester? They couldn’t handle the players. If that’s the basis of his argument, he’s off to a bad start.

  • Apr 21, 20138:20 pm
    by Who will they hire


    Mike brown is looking for work 

    • Apr 22, 201310:49 am
      by G



    • Apr 22, 201311:21 am
      by MIKEYDE248


      I think Mike Brown is 28th on my list of coaching choices, right behind “G”.

  • Apr 21, 20138:37 pm
    by Otis


    Yeah Joe pretty much got his man when he picked Curry and then Kuester, and Frank was awful but still better than those two. I think Woodson would have gotten us the same result, though if Gores had gone with Joe’s man, we might actually have our wish and gotten him gone. I think this is Dumars’ last chance. Pick your coach, pick your team, and hope it goes well…

  • Apr 21, 20139:24 pm
    by frankie d


    for those who are hoping for mcmillan, consider this…
    just read something in the local(portland) papers that is interesting…
    supposedly, if the sacremento franchise moves back to seattle, mcmillan will be the prime candidate to coach the team in seattle.
    makes a ton of sense.  mcmillan is considered “mr. sonic” the face of the old seattle supersonics.  he had a pretty successful run there previously as coach – and player – and people still love him.  he’s still probably living in the seattle area.
    i’d bet that he’d accept any offer to stay in seattle and coach a team there.
    have to say i am softening on my opposition to mcmillan as coach.  
    i think nate is a very good/excellent coach.  my only hesitation about him is that he definitely prefers vets to young players (but hen, what nba coach does not!) and with the pistons’ franchise at its current juncture, i think it is imperative that young players get priority.  
    my nightmare is that joe d and nate will essentially sell out the youth movement for instant success with vets and in 3-5 years, the team will be right back in a rebuilding mode.  i would much prefer a long-range approach that emphasized developing young players so that the franchise could reasonably look at a 5-7 year run with a core of nice young talent. 
    but i took a look back at both his seattle years and his portland years and i think my concerns might be misplaced.  yes, nate likes predictable vets like just about any nba coach.  but he has shown an ability to work with and develop young guys, especially young guards, and that might be crucial for detroit at this point.  
    nate developed several young guards in seattle, and was crucial in getting the best years ever out of guys like antonio mcdaniel and, yes, flip murray.  ( i definitely recall when murray exploded in seattle and had a great half-year, when ray allen was injured.) and luke ridenaur.  and, of course, he had lots of success with young guys in portland during his first few years, though the team took a sharp turn to vets in his last couple of years.
    but coach nate is a hard core disciplinarian who doesn’t take any shyte from any player.  he is no-nonsense, firm and guys respect that about him.  
    (in one of the most interesting incidents of his portland career, he got into a widely-reported cussing match with andre miller at practice, and after things settled down, miller came back to play some of the best basketball of his life for portland.  and no negative stuff appeared to linger from the incident.   that ability, to not hold grudges and to be able to deal with tough vets like miller, is impressive.)
    either you play defense, take care of the ball or you don’t play.  
    also, my guess is that he knows stuckey from when stuckey was a snot-nosed kid in the seattle area playing BB with nate’s kid, and he just  might be able to get stuckey to consistently play the way he plays about 1/4 of every season, like a guy with borderline all-star talent.  
    and knight reminds me of a pocket nate mcmillan.  nate was the same sort of hybrid guard that knight is, though nate didn’t have the athleticism or 3 point shot that knight has.   he was also a bit more of a natural facilitator   but he might be able to turn knight into the kind of player knight would become if everything fell into place.
    so maybe mcmillan is the guy.   the more i think about it, the more i think i’d enjoy seeing nate coaching the pistons.  at the very least, there would be no concerns about the team lacking an identity.  he’d put his stamp on the team immediately.
    i still hope joe d looks at derek fisher, but nate is someone i might be happy about after all.

  • Apr 21, 201311:42 pm
    by Dan


    Woodson would have been fired in 2 years as well with the Roster that DUMARS provided.
    Time to go Joe!

    • Apr 22, 20138:55 am
      by G


      I doubt it. Woodson is just a better coach than Frank, and this team isn’t that far off from making the playoffs.

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