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Jason Maxiell out for season with eye injury

Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press:

The team announced Monday before facing the Raptors that the 6-feet-7 power forward will miss the final eight games of the regular season because of a detached retina.

He had successful surgery Sunday, but he will have to be away from basketball-related activities.

The injury isn’t career threatening, but it’s unclear how he suffered the injury.

Frank said several days ago Maxiell, 30, complained “the top part of his eye was a little bit blurry.”

So the training staff applied eye drops for temporary relief, but it was short-lived. He was sent to a specialist and the problem was discovered Saturday.

This is a tough blow for Jason Maxiell, a free agent after the season whose Pistons career might be over. The Pistons have already signaled they’re moving on by inserting Andre Drummond into the starting lineup, and if Maxiell returns, it will certainly be in a reduced role.

More pressing to Maxiell at the moment must be what his options will be this summer. After a relatively promising start to the season, his production had fallen off, and now prospective teams must worry about a serious injury.

Maxiell became a target of scorn by the many fans who wanted Drummond to start sooner, and that was unfair to Maxiell. He did his best to fill his role. It wasn’t his fault he played in front of Drummond. The blame belongs to Lawrence Frank, and I hope we view Maxiell positively for his professionalism and baby eating.


  • Apr 1, 20138:12 pm
    by gmehl


    Yeah all the best to big Max. As frustrating as it was to have him playing as an undersized PF for us the last couple of seasons it was never his fault that he was getting such big minutes. I’d like to think that we won’t be brining him back but if we did then i think it would be as the second big off the bench. Hopefully he can catch on with a contender and i for one would be happy to see him have success elsewhere as he never complained and always worked hard and that is all you can ask.

  • Apr 1, 20139:45 pm
    by jljbird


    Yeah, hate to see his Piston career end this way but he should have never started this year.  Yet, he did the best he could.  I don;t see him coming back (PLEASE JOE NO!) as we have Villenueva and Jerebko under contract.   Both will be Drummond’ back up off the bench.  

  • Apr 1, 20139:46 pm
    by RalphHau


    Yeah Max, hope you get better soon.  One of the few to bring it every night.

  • Apr 1, 20139:47 pm
    by RalphHau


    Hey, hope you get better soon.  One of the few to bring it every night.

  • Apr 1, 201310:46 pm
    by Mark


    I feel for Max. Get well soon. We probably won’t see him on the Pistons anymore, and this may hinder his FA options, along with his poor play lately. 

    He had the opportunity to opt out last year though, coming off a great finish to the season, and chose not to. He probably could’ve gotten a longterm deal with a contender at that point. Instead he came back, used up 5 mil of our capspace, and prevented Drummond from starting all year. So I cant feel bad for his FA situation. I do feel bad for his health thogh and hope he gets better asap so it won’t even be an issue.

  • Apr 2, 20138:15 am
    by hoophabit


    Best wishes to Max.  He always brought hustle and toughness.

  • Apr 2, 201312:24 pm
    by Jeremy


    I am more than likely one of those that advocated for Drummond over Maxiell in the starting line up (actually I was). But in all fairness, I would have rather seen a Maxiell and Slava front court in the second unit – athletically and defensively they could have changed games.

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