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Jason Maxiell has never been cooler

Jason Maxiell, who’s out for the season with a detached retina, has never been cooler.

Screen shot 2013-04-15 at 9.38.34 PM


  • Apr 17, 20132:52 pm
    by Ryank


    I thought he was Lebron when they showed this on TV the other night.  With the sunglasses, he looks like he’s trying to do a Hollywood look. 

  • Apr 17, 20133:20 pm
    by Wolverines23


    OH Jason..haha nice!

    Just heard Marcus Smart is staying in college. How does this affect the Detroit Pistons draft pick? Clearly, everyone else moves up, as Chad Ford predicted Smart as the no.2 overall pick. Detroit is currently projected to take the No. 8th pick. I didn’t believe Smart would go 2, but felt he would be ahead of Trey Burke and would be the first PG drafted. Now Burke will clearly move up.

    Current Standings Draft-
    1. Bobcats – Noel
    2. Magic – Mclemore
    3. Cavs – Porter
    4. Suns – Anthony Bennett
    5. NO – Victor Oladipo
    6. Kings – Trey Burke
    7. Detroit/Washington: Shabazz Muhammed, MCW, Alex Len, C.J. McCollum, Glen Robinson III, Mitch McGary, Jamal Franklin

    Best case scenario: I’m hoping with a Pistons loss, Washington win, and Sacramento win, Detroit moves up to 6.

    But Washington plays the Bulls in Chicago today, who are going to want to win to keep their 5th seed in the playoffs, if they don’t want to play Indiana in the first round. And the Kings have the Clips at home today, hoping they can pull off the upset.

    Worst case scenario Pistons pick at 8. I do believe that C.J. McCollum, MCW, and Shabazz have a chance to move ahead of Burke and Oladipo during the workouts and I hope that happens, in order for us to have a shot at Burke/Oladipo. Wouldn’t mind McCollum, MCW, or Shabazz (if that’s who is left). Thoughts?  

  • Apr 17, 20133:20 pm
    by bvpiston


    Like a boss!
    Maxie’s the man!!

  • Apr 17, 20133:28 pm
    by Wolverines23


    According to sports nation if we have the same record as Washington and Sacramento then:

    In the event that teams finish with the same record, each tied team receives the average of the total number of combinations for the positions that they occupy. In 2007, the Minnesota Timberwolves and the Portland Trail Blazers tied for the sixth worst record. The average of the 6th and 7th positions in the lottery was taken, resulting in each team getting 53 combinations (the average of 63 and 43). Should the average number not be an integer, a coin flip is then used to determine which team or teams receive the extra combination(s). The result of the coin flip is also used to determine who receives the earlier pick in the event that neither of the tied teams wins one of the first three picks via the lottery. 


    So I guess we could have a narrow chance of getting the 6th pick.  

  • Apr 17, 20137:30 pm
    by PG


    Good luck on the free agency market Max.

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