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Hosting the Bulls


  • Teams: Chicago Bulls (42-33) at Detroit Pistons (25-52)
  • Date: April 7, 2013
  • Time: 7:30 p.m.
  • Television: FSD

What to look for

This game is about two teams headed in incredibly different directions. The Chicago Bulls have been without Derrick Rose for the entirety of the season but they haven’t used that as an excuse to underperform.

The Bulls are currently the fifth seed in the Eastern Conference standings and have won six-of-eight contests. They also sport a positive scoring differential and have a shot at defeating the Brooklyn Nets in the opening round of the playoffs.

Tom Thibodeau’s leadership and direction have made the Bulls an incredibly tough out. Heck, the head coach’s success allowed him to recently sign a contract extension despite the long odds the team faced this season.

Murphy’s Law just doesn’t hit Chicago like it does other NBA cities.

The Detroit Pistons on the other hand are nowhere near close to being a .500 team. They’ve lost 8-of-10 games and do not seem to have a clear direction.

In addition, according to ESPN.com’s Marc Stein, Pistons’ coach Lawrence Frank might as well start looking for a new job in the offseason:

League coaching sources consistently submit Frank’s name as poised for dismissal when the regular seasons ends […]

The Pistons sport the third worst scoring differential in the east (minus-4.8) and have often looked listless.

The irony here of course is not lost on some of us. The last time Chicago and Detroit faced off on March 31, the Bulls were victorious in a fairly tight and competitive game that was decided by a point.

An argument could be made that both teams aren’t truly that far off, but the debate quickly ends when we take at look at the standings and notice the 17 wins separating both teams.

Detroit’s loss in Minnesota last night is somewhat indicative of the season as a whole. Despite facing a Timberwolves team with issues scoring the ball, they allowed Rick Adelman’s unit to hit them up for 107 points thanks to 24 turnovers.

Taking on the Bulls tonight should be a tougher task, but perhaps playing a divisional opponent at home should get them focused and lead to a good head-to-head matchup.


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  • Apr 7, 20139:19 pm
    by Mark


    The Pistons have a pulse tonight, but this is the time to TANK!

  • Apr 7, 20139:24 pm
    by Reaction


    Knight is playing well except for his turnovers. Lets see if he can continue it in the next few games.

  • Apr 7, 20139:47 pm
    by Haydzzz


    Ive missed this Jonas Jerebko!

  • Apr 7, 20139:50 pm


    This is not a meaningless win because of how long we’ve not beatin Bulls…good job guys

  • Apr 7, 20139:57 pm
    by Brandon Knight


    Just a friendly reminder: We don’t need Calderon!

    • Apr 7, 201310:00 pm
      by PG


      You forgot to say something. “Brandon Knight ownz. He’s the bestses.”

      • Apr 7, 201310:04 pm
        by Brandon Knight


        Oh no question about it, Knight was a beast tonight!

  • Apr 7, 201310:05 pm
    by Ron


    We have Cleveland and Charlotte coming up so we’re looking at a 3-game win streak. R.I.P Draft position….

    • Apr 7, 201310:10 pm
      by Brandon Knight


      Knight will crush Irving and the Cavaliers again! Watch out!

  • Apr 7, 201310:11 pm
    by Jay


    Oh gosh did Knight play well today. I think the only thing that’s keeping him from excelling in this league is confidence. He needs to know that this is his team. He’s part of the future, just like Drummond and Monroe. Obviously his decision making needs to get better, but I’m sure that’ll come along once he starts playing with confidence. I still think Knight is the pg of the future, he just hasn’t come “out of his shell” yet. 

    In terms of who to draft, it looks like we’re gonna be a #5 pick for now. I’d go with Otto Porter. It’s been said here many times but he can defend, rebound, score in and out, and plays with passion. I think he’d be a perfect fit here. Passing on Trey Burke will be hard though. Maybe we can get both in exchange for one of our expiring contracts. That would be perfect.

    Also, anyone else seeing how well Khris Middleton is playing lately?? Looks like he would compliment porter perfectly off the bench. We could be set for sf for many years. 


  • Apr 7, 201310:29 pm
    by Giles


    We are always set at small forward…….forward ever

  • Apr 7, 201311:22 pm
    by Mark


    So Jay, what do you do with Singler if you have chosen him to back up Porter(assuming he is still around when we pick).

  • Apr 7, 201311:23 pm
    by Mark


    That is Middleton to back up Porter?

  • Apr 7, 201311:37 pm
    by Vic


    I think I’d rather see Khris as a tall shooting guard. All he needs is a little more muscle and athleticism. I don’t see him as a 3, he’s not impressive defensively and he doesn’t do it all on the court, he just shoots.

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