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Former Pistons coach John Kuester joining Cavaliers

John Kuester is returning to the Central Division. Are you worried?

Sam Amico:

Brown, officially introduced as the Cavs’ coach Wednesday, will add former Detroit coach John Kuester and former L.A. Lakers assistant Kyle Triggs to his staff, a source told FOX Sports Ohio.

Kuester can’t hack it as a head coach, but he’s proven himself a pretty good assistant. He won’t singlehandedly turn the Cavaliers into a winning team, but at least marginally, he probably helps them.


  • Apr 24, 20134:17 pm
    by oats


    That was expected when Brown got the job. He needs Kuester to tell him, “Run more isos.”

  • Apr 24, 20134:43 pm
    by RL


    He should have hired Lawrence Frank…. lol

  • Apr 24, 20135:06 pm
    by Clint in Flint


    I wish him well.

  • Apr 24, 20135:35 pm
    by DasMark


    Kuester couldn’t even cut it as an assistant in LA, they demoted him to scout. 

    The guy is a joke, and is a phenomenal precursor to the failure that will be Cleveland basketball for the next few years.  

  • Apr 24, 20136:44 pm
    by robert bayer


    Gosh I sure am Glad that Kuester was hired there rather than here ..

    • Apr 25, 20131:43 pm
      by MIKEYDE248


      Him and Brown both, I would have hated to see either around here.

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