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Andre Drummond’s strange penguin Vines

Andre Drummond really likes penguins. He also tries to bring joy to every situation.

That was my attempt to put these clips into context, the effort was probably futile. Just watch these (hat tip: Trey Kerby of The Basketball Jones):


  • Apr 25, 20135:17 pm
    by Mark


    How do you play these Vine videos?

    They are just a black screen with a mute button 

  • Apr 25, 20136:06 pm
    by Big Rick


    Ummm…should we be concerned that our anchor in the middle and big man of the future has a fetish for penquins?

    • Apr 25, 20136:17 pm
      by gmehl


      Maybe before games they should sacrifice a penguin right in front of the big guy. This in turn would make him angry and look out to whoever gets in his way. The downside to this could be that he might just end up a big blubbering mess crying on court :-)

    • Apr 25, 20136:19 pm
      by Mark


      Blaha may need to change his famous saying when someone misses a layup. Instead of “he blew a bunny”….”he blew a penguin”. lol

  • Apr 25, 201311:15 pm
    by TIB


    I’m not sure what is going on here- like at all…

  • Apr 26, 201312:48 am
    by anthony


    This may be way out of line, but im going to doit anyways. Im warning you this isnt safe for work.. lol
    but this reminds me of a clip from the movie good luck chuck. in the ending credits Dane Cook is messing around with a penguin. lol. 


    • Apr 26, 201312:49 am
      by anthony


      skip to about 25 seconds in for the penguin appearance. lol

  • Apr 26, 20133:28 am
    by Detroit P


    The dudes a kid, just bored messin around, least he’s goofy and Isn’t some dude out getting into trouble

  • Apr 26, 20138:51 am
    by Big Rick


    Good point, just seems a little weird almost suspect to me tho. It could be worse, like you said; at least he’s not out their getting into trouble. 

  • Apr 26, 201310:32 am
    by Big Rick


    out there

  • Apr 26, 201311:55 am
    by Russell


    This seems like some innocent, dumb video-making that unfortunately totally looks like a gay fetish porn intro.

    ….and who is that other dude?

  • Apr 26, 201312:39 pm
    by Mr.BlockedShot


    Hope Andre capitalizes his off-season time in more interesting things like attending Hakeem’s school…don’t waste your time man!

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