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Andre Drummond’s lack of minutes frustrating Lawrence Frank

Andre Drummond’s playing time is one of Pistons fans’ biggest grips with Lawrence Frank. For months, we’ve wanted Drummond to play more, bemoaning the fact that Frank kept the center benched so long. We’d beg for starts, but we would’ve taken just a few extra minutes here and there.

But we were helpless. Drummond’s minutes were Frank’s decision.

Well, what goes around comes around. David Mayo of MLive:

"You see, obviously, the difference Andre makes," Frank said. "It’s almost like I’ve got to beg Arnie (Kander, the Pistons’ strength and conditioning coach who is monitoring Drummond’s minutes). But at the end of the day, we’re obviously not going to sacrifice ‘Dre’s long term for the short term. Each and every game, he’ll be able to play more."

How does it feel, Lawrence?


  • Apr 3, 20132:40 pm
    by Crispus


    “I was blind, but now I see”

  • Apr 3, 20132:45 pm
    by Franks Must Go


    I’m tired of this ****!

  • Apr 3, 20133:25 pm
    by G


    I’m half-expecting someone to show up with a commenter name like I HATE ARNIE or something.

  • Apr 3, 20133:45 pm
    by matt


    Stop winning Pistons!!! We’re finally at the 5th worst record spot so how about we don’t screw up our lottery chances and try to get the best player possible!

  • Apr 3, 20134:04 pm
    by deusXango


    The runt wants a good showing to try to salvage his job, now that the season’s lost, and he’ll do it at all costs; the one thing Mr. Gores and Dumars shouldn’t overlook is that “Rank” Frank is not Pistons material.

  • Apr 3, 20134:54 pm
    by Ryank


    I don’t think it matters much if we lose the rest of the games or win half of them.  The Suns and the Cavs have to win 2-3 of their remaining games for use to take their spot in the draft lottery system.  Chances are they are not going to win those games, so we are pretty much a lock for 5th worse record. 
    I say try to win every game to give the young guys experience…it’s not going to change our lottery situation.

  • Apr 3, 20135:27 pm
    by Corey


    There are teams with only 2 more wins than us. 

    • Apr 3, 20135:57 pm
      by oats


      Washington is 3 back. Toronto, Minny, and Sacramento are 2 back. New Orleans is just one back. I wouldn’t be shocked to see Detroit finish in the 6-8 range.

      • Apr 3, 20136:40 pm
        by tarsier


        It’s really tough to make up that many wins on teams with just 7 games to go. Count on 4-6 with a outside chance of 3 or 7.

        • Apr 3, 20137:25 pm
          by oats


          2 isn’t that hard make up if they are tanking and Detroit isn’t, which was the premise of Ryank’s comment that led to both Corey’s and my comments. I’m expecting Detroit to be picking 5-6, but I think they are as likely to be at 8 than at 3.

  • Apr 3, 201310:02 pm
    by Vic


    All this means is that they were tanking all along. All of the sudden he recognizes how Drummond impacts the game?

  • Apr 3, 201310:35 pm
    by picknroll


    I can’t believe LF has the guts to say he is asking Arnie for more AD minutes! He had all stinkin’ year to give him more minutes!  LF has got to go.

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