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Toronto comes to the Palace


  • Teams: Toronto Raptors (26-45) at Detroit Pistons (24-48)
  • Date: March 29, 2013
  • Time: 7:30 p.m.
  • Television: FSD

What to look for

After getting routed at home by the Minnesota Timberwolves, the Detroit Pistons will be attempting to bounce back tonight when they host the Toronto Raptors.

The Raptors have lost five games in a row. In addition, they’ve had back-to-back losses by double digits entering tonight’s contest in Detroit.

Much like Detroit, Toronto’s most recent contest was a blowout defeat at home.

The Raptors played against the Atlanta Hawks on Wednesday night and took a 10-point lead at halftime on the strength of Rudy Gay and DeMar DeRozan’s play.

Both players made a living inside the paint by using curl screens and drives. They got a multitude of looks right at the rim but then fell apart in the second half because of the Hawks’ defensive adjustments.

Atlanta’s offense came alive in the final two quarters and nailed open shot after open shot against a seemingly helpless Raptors defense.

Dwane Casey’s unit was essentially ATL stomped.

Reviewing the game film from the Raptors’ sound beating should reveal a couple of things that should favor Detroit.

Amir Johnson is quite possibly Toronto’s best interior defender and he left the game early in the third quarter due to a left leg contusion. This gave Jonas Valanciunias an opportunity at anchoring the paint for the Raptors both offensively and defensively.

The rookie big man fought valiantly for post position and got himself some terrific looks at the basket.

On the other side of the ball, he played good interior defense against Al Horford and made him work for position. Mind you, this is a matchup that unquestionably favors the Pistons.

It’s not Valanciunas is easily moved on the block defensively, but rather that his lack of NBA experience affords him no leverage whatsoever with officials. He often gets mauled on the interior without repercussion.

Once his assignment catches the ball in the post, whatever contact he initiates usually results in foul calls. Thus, Detroit’s interior players should be presented with decent scoring opportunities against the rookie.

Also, the Hawks took away the curls and drives by having Jeff Teague play off Kyle Lowry.

Indeed, Teague’s responsibility in the second half was to ignore Lowry whenever he passed the ball and sit on players coming off screens. The Raptors lack of perimeter shooting and offensive sophistication hurt them on this front.

They never truly adjusted.

Lawrence Frank’s big men obviously are nowhere near as mobile and active as the Hawks’ frontcourt. Thus, the Pistons’ coaching staff probably won’t have the possibility of replicating the exact same game plan as Atlanta.

However, borrowing a few concepts from Larry Drew can’t hurt.

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  • Mar 29, 20137:50 pm
    by Jay


    LOL BK7 is just not having a good year…I hope it gets better for him soon. He’s one of my favorite players and really deserves it with that work ethic and professional attitude. 

    But in all honest, damn….I miss Andre Drummond. He makes this team so much more fun to watch. Already with 6 points, 1 block, 1 steal. 

  • Mar 29, 20138:00 pm
    by Herman Neutic


    Okay, I’ve seen enough. Take Drummond out and get back to tanking.

  • Mar 29, 20139:21 pm
    by jinzzy


    looks like Frank’s extra practice panned out in the end LOL 

  • Mar 29, 20139:25 pm
    by jprime18


    As much of a headache I’m getting from watching this game, I like the attitude I see from Moose despite the bad shooting night. He wants the damn ball and he’s hustlin’. He should be mad they are down this much and he isn’t giving up. I wish this team could play angry instead of passive all the time

  • Mar 29, 20139:41 pm
    by Brandon Knight


    18 minutes Wow I hate Frank…. And BK7 lol not a good month!

    • Mar 29, 20139:57 pm
      by Brandon Knight


      Is not having a good month****

  • Mar 29, 20139:44 pm
    by Brandon Knight


    Treyyyyy Burke wow!

  • Mar 29, 20139:45 pm
    by Corey


    Drummond wasn’t going to get 30 min in his first game back.

    besides, the best of all worlds is Drummond plays enough to improve and not enough to push them to wins. 

  • Mar 29, 20139:57 pm
    by robert bayer


    Frank is quite a head coach isnt he? Can we look forward to more of the same next season?

  • Mar 29, 201310:10 pm
    by Brandon Knight


    Yeaaaah my college basketball team won!  Go Blue. You know what Pistons should definitely draft Burke if he is available! He’s a warrior!!

    • Mar 29, 201310:18 pm
      by Blocks by Dre


      I agree 110% I’m not trying to hear “but Porter this, or Smart that” I’m done with all that we need to draft Burke no questions asked he’s a beast!

      • Mar 29, 201310:27 pm
        by Brandon Knight


        This is the lineup that I would like to see next season!
          Trey Burke

          Brandon Knight

          Josh Smith

          Greg Monroe

          Andre Drummond


  • Mar 29, 201310:41 pm
    by Mark


    This team stinks. 

    Sorry, Knight plays hard and I respect him, but I don’t know how you can bank on him being a major piece of the future. He just doesn’t show it to me.

    It seems to be all based on his draft position at this point. He plays hard all the time, but so does Will Bynum, but no one ever talked about Bynum being a future PG of the team because he was undrafted. If Knight were a late 2nd round pick, no one would be talking about him as future piece either, based on his play. He competes, but you have to also be good.

  • Mar 29, 201310:43 pm
    by Mark


    Realistically though, we need a real PROVEN coach before evaluating these players longterm.

    This is just isn’t working with Frank. 2 yrs and zero improvement as a team.

    No winning seasons since 2006. I like Frank as a person, but he’s just not the coach for this team.


    • Mar 30, 20131:07 am
      by haydzzz


      In all honesty I couldn’t see much other coaches getting this sorry squad anywhere. What talent do we have minus monroe, drummond and an old jose calderon? Where is the defense? Where are the athletic players? Most of this is Dumars fault, hes the one who makes the trades and free agent signings… when is he going to bring in a defensive player? When we drafted BK where was the mentor point guard? Resigning stuckey? Somethings gotta give with Dumars hes hanging by a thread, someone has to go and i think its him.

  • Mar 30, 20132:56 am
    by Mrshourite


    Man! I’m not feeling Moose on defense and lately he hasn’t been an efficient scorer of the ball either. 3 for 11 from the field is unacceptable for a big man. Someone made the argument before as to why he seldom challenges shots or sacrifices fouls to prevent drives, layups and dunks. It was because he’s too valuable to the offense. He’s not Kobe, Lebron, KD or even Blake but apparently he and our staff views him as elite so he doesn’t have the task of at least attempting to protect the paint. I know we have Drummond, but honestly does Greg score the ball efficiently enough to make up for his atrocious defense. There was concern that him moving to the PF would expose him on defense and he would have a hard time guarding more athletic longer forwards. Truth is he has problems guarding big plodding centers like Mark Gasol, shoot he would have a problem guarding my 5 year old niece. Laugh if you want but she is a beast. My frustration comes from too many plays where I’ve seen him literally do an impression of a matador and politely throw his hands up in the air like who me or “I didn’t do it” and proceed to sidestep out of the way and provide a clear path to the hole for the opposition. Watching that occur repeatedly throughout the season is infuriating! I use to like Monroe much more during his 1st 2 years but something happened along the way and instead of playing with that chip on his shoulder or mean streak that many of us wish for in him seems like he adopted a mentality like he has arrived or something. I know….well I hope he isn’t a finished product, but I now question how high his ceiling is.

    I’ve mentioned it before and someone mentioned it tonight in one of the comments on the Pistons site that if the plan was to play Drummond at C, and Moose at the PF, then why wait til now to play Moose at PF? Why not play Max or Slava at center while letting Greg play some minutes at the 4? They could have been doing this awhile ago. Doesn’t make sense, doesn’t seem like a good fit. I know the sample size is small but there is reason behind this and it goes beyond having an incompetent coach. It’s not far fetched to entertain trade scenarios that include Monroe. If it makes the team better, I’m all for it. We may need to do so while his value is high, and playing him out of his comfort zone may expose his shortcomings even more than before. My apologies for the tirade, but thank you for letting me be myself.

  • Apr 9, 201311:47 pm
    by Virgil Margel


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