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Tom Gores’ company gives money to Detroit for ambulances, police cars

Joe Guillen and Gina Damron of the Detroit Free Press:

Detroit private business, including the Penske Corporation, will donate $8 million for 23 EMS units and 100 police cruisers to boost public safety and reduce response times, Mayor Dave Bing announced this morning.

In addition to Penske Corp., the donors are: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, Chrysler Group, Ford Motor Co., General Motors, Quicken Loans, Kresge Foundation and Platinum Equity.

Platinum Equity is chaired by Pistons owner Tom Gores, who should be strongly applauded here.

Many want Gores to suck money from Detroit by moving the Pistons downtown (and assuredly asking the city to build him an arena it can’t afford if he does it). Instead, he’s giving the city money.

Very classy move by Gores.


  • Mar 26, 20133:55 pm
    by Kobina


    Good owners lead to good franchises.

    • Mar 26, 20134:16 pm
      by jerrific


      This proves he’s a stand up guy, not necessarily a good owner. The juries still out on that one. 

  • Mar 26, 20134:36 pm
    by A


    Great post, but I think many would have to respectfully take issue with the idea that those who want to move the Pistons downtown want Gores to suck money from the city. Obviously, what they want is to add to the revitalization of the downtown and midtown to help the city. Also I think most are envisioning a privately financed stadium, which might be affordable if they combine facilities with the Red Wings. Certainly you could argue that in the age of publicly financed stadiums that is a naive idea. But as an advocate of moving downtown I don’t think it’s fair to say I want Gores to suck money from the City. I want just the opposite. Apologies if I’m taking it out of context though.  

    • Mar 26, 20137:01 pm
      by Byron


      Privately financing a downtown  stadium would be fine, but it’s been shown over and over and over that communities derive no benefit from the stadiums that are supposed to rejuvenate them, and they frequently shackle the city to decades of ridiculous payments. And my once-favorite sports owner Mr. Illitch, he of a billion or two dollars, just in the last six months decided he needed hundreds of millions from Detroit’s schools to build a new Red Wings arena. If Gores wants to do it, and wants to fund it 100%, then cool, whatever. But if he wants to blackmail the city, he can take the team to Tulsa with the Shock for all I care.

  • Mar 26, 20138:34 pm
    by J Bird


    When has that been shown?  Cities are constantly backing new stadiums.  If it didn’t help their city with revenue, why would so many cities compete over professional teams?  Bars and restaurants depend on the crowds from games to stay in money.  I disagree he would try to “suck money” from the city.  Any new infrastructure downtown would be a good thing.  More people=more revenue.

  • Mar 27, 20136:18 am
    by Willy


    I wonder if he’d be willing to put money into the pistons and amnesty  CV especially after he tried to destroy our lottery chances the other night 

  • Oct 3, 20131:46 am
    by rascal


    i love tom gores to be the owner of pistons for a long time!!! look what he did to the city and specially to pistons!!! love it man!!! i cant await to see the opening night at the palace of auburn hills!!!

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