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Pistons trainer Mike Abdenour out indefinitely on medical leave

Keith Langlois of Pistons.com:

Pistons trainer Mike Abdenour will be out indefinitely on medical leave, the team has announced.

Man, that’s a bummer to hear. Abdenour is the fiery half the Pistons’ legendary duo of Abdenour and Kander, and I hope the long-time trainer is OK.

Feel free to share your favorite Abdenour-receiving-a-technical-foul stories in the comments. That’s right, there are multiple.


  • Mar 25, 20131:34 pm
    by Patrick The Troll


       One tech for a trainer is funny, but does anybody remember the game he got ejected for getting back to back techs in summer league, I think it was in 2010. recap: ejected for 2 techs(it happens), Trainer (weird but okay),  SUMMER LEAGUE!!!. That guy is gold.

  • Mar 25, 20131:49 pm
    by Mark


    I always imagined if Mario and Luigi had a father, he would look like Mike Abdenour. lol

  • Mar 25, 20131:57 pm
    by Mark


    On a positive note, Goodwill wrote in todays article that Drummond is starting at Center tomorrow vs the T-Wolves!!!!

    • Mar 25, 20132:22 pm
      by Blocks by Dre


      I heard he was out, but hopefully he does play we clearly need to see what he and Moose can do together before the season ends!

      • Mar 25, 20133:34 pm
        by tarsier


        If Monroe and Drummond get extended minutes together, that is worth increasing the risk of winning a couple games.

      • Mar 25, 20135:34 pm
        by Mark


        He’s not playing. Goodwill was wrong.

        Its possible Frank is just trying curb enthusiasm and could change his mind come game time. But the report I was referring to wasn’t true, at least based on what Frank said today at practice

  • Mar 25, 20135:32 pm
    by Coach_Ackley


    Let’s just hope Mike Abdenour will be ok.. The best moments I have of Mike are when he’s screams at the ref’s for bad calls and the way he jumps up after a timeout to get into the huddle with the team to hear what the coaches have to say.. Oh and I bet he gets a few words in to when the team ain’t playing well.. Wold love to hear what he tells the players if indeed he does speak up… 

  • Mar 25, 20137:06 pm
    by Scott Carter


    I hope he’s ok

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