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Pistons likely to receive No. 5, No. 6 or No. 7 pick in NBA Draft

I consider these NBA lottery odds the most accurate, because they account for not only how likely each seed in the lottery is to receive each pick, but how likely each team is to to finish as each seed. The latter is a bit more difficult to estimate, but huge thanks to Kevin Pelton for providing his computerized projections.

You can view the odds of other teams by checking them in the sidebar of the viz.

Detroit Pistons’ lottery odds

No. 1 pick: 9.0 percent

No. 2 pick: 9.7 percent

No. 3 pick: 10.5 percent

No. 4 pick: 4.8 percent

No. 5 pick: 19.9 percent

No. 6 pick: 23.4 percent

No. 7 pick: 13.6 percent

No. 8 pick: 5.4 percent

No. 9 pick: 2.6 percent

No. 10 pick: 1.0 percent

(through March 27)


  • Mar 29, 20131:46 pm
    by Nick


    Has the Pistons ever had the #1 pick?

  • Mar 29, 20132:49 pm
    by Brady Fredericksen


    The Pistons picked No. 1 in 1967 and 1970. They chose Jimmy Walker and Hall of Famer Bob Lanier, respectivley.

  • Mar 29, 20133:12 pm
    by Nick


    So I guess we been long over due for another no. 1 pick lol

  • Mar 29, 20133:53 pm
    by Anthony


    Correct me if I’m wrong, but if we’re slotted at number 5 right now, how is it possible to get the number 4 pick? It’s either 1,2,3 or 5,6,7,8 right?. Am I missing something?

    • Mar 29, 20134:30 pm
      by Daniel J. Luke


      Re-read the text before the odds: “they account for … how likely each team is to to finish as each seed”

  • Mar 29, 20134:04 pm
    by Crispus


    Who says we aren’t better than last year?!

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    by Hoop76 Ranks the Tankers


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  • Apr 10, 20131:25 pm
    by Rodney Morris


    The best pick for the pistons to add to the talent pool would be SG/SF Victor Oladipo or Point guards Trey Burke or Michael Carter Williams

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