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Pistons don’t miss Tayshaun Prince’s defense that much

Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press:

But as the defense has become a sieve recently, Prince’s communication and know-how have been missed.

Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News:

Prince as a Piston wasn’t the lockdown defender he was billed as in years past, but he possessed knowledge, a wealth of experience he passed to teammates in the moment that made the Pistons at least a competent defensive club.

"With Tayshaun, he read situations quicker than our guys do now," Hill said. "Not so much defense on the ball but situations where you might have to help or read a play while it’s developing, which comes with the experience he had. He had a high basketball IQ. We’ve probably had some slippage with him not being out there."

Let’s ignore that, before Tayshaun Prince was traded, the Pistons gave up more points per possession with him on the floor than him off this season. Otherwise, his absence is totally the primary reason the Pistons’ defense has fallen apart.

Or maybe it’s one small factor behind, as, to be fair, the Vinces both mentioned, Brandon Knight and Andre Drummond missing significant time with injuries.


  • Mar 18, 20133:40 pm
    by G


    What about the fact that the perimeter defense went from Knight-Singler-Prince or Knight-Stuckey-Prince to Calderon-Knight-Singler or Calderon-Knight-Stuckey? Drummond being out is clearly a factor, but the Tayshaun trade left the perimeter D lacking.

  • Mar 18, 20133:57 pm
    by Huddy


    He is a great defender so for the remainder of the season yes his defense is missed.  Long term he is only going to get slower and have a harder time reacting and the pistons will hopefully fill his void in the draft/FA.  There is no use hanging on to a player based on his past that is fading we need to look toward the future.

  • Mar 18, 20134:26 pm
    by G


    Again, I don’t really trust the surface of the on-court/off-court +/- stat. It ignores the fact that Prince mainly played with the starters & Drummond, the team’s best defensive presence, played mainly with the bench guys. Do I think Prince is a better defender at the 3 than Singler & Stuckey? Hells yeah. 

  • Mar 20, 20136:24 pm
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