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Piston of the Week: Rodney Stuckey

Piston of the Week (3/10/13 – 3/16/13): Rodney Stuckey

19.0 points, 3.3 assists and 2.8 rebounds on 51.9% shooting from the field.

Well, this one sure is out of left field.

Last week, Brady said to watch out a lot of Piston of the Week awards to go to Jose Calderon and Greg Monroe. And then the following week, BAM! Rodney Stuckey goes off for 7, 15, 22 and a season-high 32 points. He didn’t have a bad game this week. Even though he scored only seven points Sunday, he played only 23 minutes in the Pistons’ blowout loss to the Clippers. No one played well in that game, really.

But Even in a week where a team goes 0-4, there are some bright spots.

Stuckey averaged 34 minutes this week due to Brandon Knight’s injury, and Stuckey has done a more than adequate job filling up that role. After playing only 23 minutes against the Clippers before Knight was injured, Stuckey played 35, 38 and 40 minutes in the next three, and he played really well.

Here’s his shot chart from the past week (via NBA.com/stats).

Stuckey didn’t shoot great on 3-pointers, but he was great on short-range shots. 

The Pistons even scored 16.2 more points per 100 possessions when Stuckey was on the court than when he was off.

Stuckey has been a work in progress over the year, switching from point guard to shooting guard and starter to reserve. This week, he’s shown that he can be a very effective shooting guard off the bench, providing good relief once Knight returns.

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  • Mar 18, 201312:22 pm
    by tarsier


    We’ve long known that Stuckey can put together a couple really good games. He just can’t maintain it for much longer. For him, this isn’t even all that impressive. He has two Eastern Conference Player of the Week awards under his belt from prior seasons.

  • Mar 18, 201312:27 pm
    by DasMark


    Stuckey should never be the “Piston of the week”, I don’t care if he averages 30 PPG. 

  • Mar 18, 201312:28 pm
    by Tiko


    cant wait til he’s bought out this offseason and the #3 goes back to its rightful owner

    Stuckey = the start (and hopefully end) of these dark years 

    • Mar 18, 20133:21 pm
      by tarsier


      The question is whether he’ll be worth $4.5M next year. Because that is what the Pistons save by buying him out. And that’s right about his value.

      But one thing is for sure: it makes more sense to amnesty CV than to buy out Stuckey. If offloading Charlie doesn’t open up enough room, sure, get rid of Stuckey too. Otherwise, it’ll be tough to replace him with someone better for less.

  • Mar 18, 201312:47 pm
    by piston moribund


    Its only partially owed for the the next season at around 4mil.  Lets hope that he goes off for the rest of the season and finishes well and Joe D does the sensible thing and trade him to someone who can use him properly. 
    The problem is that in order for him to be effective, he has to have the ball in his hands, which is also the same for the MFWB also know as the a ‘white dwarf’ sans a black hole.  In this case, it would be a ‘black dwarf’ singularity.  In any case, both singularities need the ball to be effective so they cancel each other out and the ball folds into a different dimension and is ripped apart in time and space.
    This event distorts the time space continuum causing untold injuries to occur, where it otherwise might not have happen, to key components of the system doing irreparable harm.  This also distort the perception of reality so that any red giant that happens to be in the vicinity of the event appears to move backward in time a space, sometimes coming to a complete stop as astro bodies fly almost at will, representing the past and the future.

  • Mar 18, 20131:01 pm
    by Sort


    Stuck has shown he’s willing to play All-Starish for a few weeks of driving hard to the hole, of being incapable of playing effectively when he’s not dominating the ball for thirty-odd minutes a game, and of being a stat-stuffer when his team loses. He’s still got some potential to get it, but doubtful.

  • Mar 18, 20131:17 pm
    by MIKEYDE248


    Austin Daye won it once too.  It’s maintaining it that matters.  Jose has won it just as many times and has only been here a month.

  • Mar 18, 20132:43 pm
    by Pratik


    Stuckey continues to be a mystery. Don’t care right now though. I’m fine with the Pistons continuing to lose (but compete), as long as the effort is there. Adding another solid draft pick will further limit Stuckey’s role on this team, which will hopefully urge Dumars to trade him. I just hope Knight continues to develop, not worried about Monroe/Drummond combo they have the talent and drive/consistency to effect the game on a daily basis. But can Brandon Knight show more consistency would be the challenge moving forward.


  • Mar 18, 20133:02 pm
    by sebastian


    I hope that Joe will first fire L. Frank at season’s end and hire a coach, who is capable of coaching Stuckey and B. Knight, more effectively.
    Candidates that should be considered in no particular order: Zeke, Avery Johnson, Nate McMillan, or Sam Cassell.

    • Mar 18, 20133:46 pm
      by G


      The candidates that would be terrible in no particular order: Zeke, Avery Johnson, Sam Cassell

    • Mar 18, 20133:55 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      Other than McMillan, WTF have any of those guys done to suggest they’d be upgrades? Cassell has been a Flip Saunders and Randy Wittman assistant on awful Washington teams. Isiah coached a Pacers team that was better before he took over and better immediately after he left, then oversaw a trainwreck with the Knicks. Avery Johnson has been fired from two straight teams because his players hate him. Also, both of those teams improved after he was fired.

      Among established names out there, if the Pistons are going to pursue McMillan, Sloan, either Van Gundy (preferably Stan though) or Phil Jackson, I’m fine with that. As far as assistants, Budenholzer with the Spurs would be a great get as would Mike Malone with the Warriors. There are probably other assistants worthy of a look out there too, but they sure as hell aren’t named Sam Cassell.

      • Mar 19, 20138:31 am
        by Derek


        I like Nate McMillan for what he was able to squeeze out of an injury depleted Blazers team for multiple years. 

        I like Stan Van because his teams play hard.  I’m also intrigued by what he could squeeze out of Drummond after having coached Howard for so many years.  He could bring and enforce principles in the offense that could make running the team more crisp. 

        I love the idea of Sloan taking the reins of the team and implementing his offense.  I think we have at least four players (Monroe, Knight, Drummond, and Singler) who would fit seamlessly into his system.

        • Mar 19, 20139:06 am
          by G


          Don’t forget Calderon runs the PnR as well as anyone this side of Paul. I’d like to see what he could do in Sloan’s offense.

    • Mar 18, 20133:56 pm
      by G


      I’m not sure Joe D’s litmus for the best coach should be “who’s most likely to get the best out of Stuckey/Knight”. Priorities should be:
      - Can build an effective defense with limited defensive talent
      - Can draw up plays to get an easy bucket when needed
      - Game plans well & makes quick adjustments when plans go awry 
      - Has good rapport with the players

      Most of the guys you listed qualify for 1 or fewer of the things on that list. Only McMillian hits 3 or 4 of those 

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