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Oh hey, Andre Drummond is starting tonight

Andre Drummond is returning from injury for the Pistons game tonight against the Toronto Raptors, and the long national nightmare of Jason Maxiell in the starting lineup is over, per Dave Mayo of MLive:

Head coach Lawrence Frank said today that he planned to insert Drummond into the starting lineup the same week as the Feb. 3 injury, and had told the player as much, before those plans were delayed.

Drummond will start at center, with Greg Monroe at power forward.  Jason Maxiell goes to the bench.

I like to think Frank is putting Drummond in the starting lineup just to make Dan Feldman wrong. So to recap: Maxiell not a starter, Feldman wrong, America wins.


  • Mar 29, 201312:12 pm
    by pokerpro932


    Like,Like,Like . Screw tanking, I literally dont give a tiny rats ass to where we end up in the standings,thats how happy I am seeing DRE back.

  • Mar 29, 201312:51 pm
    by JB


    “America wins” ha

  • Mar 29, 201312:58 pm
    by G


    I thought Frank might do that – start Drummond to get him minutes with Monroe, but maybe only play him 20. I like it.

  • Mar 29, 20131:46 pm
    by jerrific


    Just like that? Drummond should’ve tried getting injured months ago.

  • Mar 29, 20132:06 pm
    by Ryank


    We’ll get to see if this notion “Drummond will make Monroe a non-liability defensively” works out or not.  Obviously it’s going to help some, but I still don’t think Monroe will be able to defend 50% of the 4s in the league.  The talented ones are going to put the ball on the floor and dribble past him for a mid range shot.  But I’m hoping the bloggers on this board prove me wrong.

    • Mar 29, 20134:13 pm
      by jerrific


      Most teams don’t have two legitimate scoring threats at the low post, Memphis and Utah are the only ones that come to mind. Monroe won’t necessarily have to guard the most talented fours. They will most likely match him up with whichever big is a lesser scoring threat. 

      • Mar 29, 20137:04 pm
        by Ryank


        Drummond needs to stay near the paint to help other teammates.  If you switch him out to defend the better scorer and pull him away from the basket as a result, then you have hamstrung his his ability to be a good help defender. 
        Monroe needs to guard players further from the basket, not the weaker of the two scorers.  It’s about keep Drummond in position to make defensive plays around the basket…plays Monroe is incapable of.

    • Mar 29, 20134:16 pm
      by jerrific


      Also, Monroes quick hands should be a better asset in the high post, where bigs can’t just push him out of the way and finish with out having to makeva move or two. He may see an increase in his steals because of it. 

  • Mar 29, 20132:27 pm
    by Big Rick


    I’m with you RyanK, same train of thought on Monroe being a liability defensively. Usually that’s disguised by being an above average rebounder and playing alongside a potential defensive ace like Drummond.
    We shall see. 

  • Mar 29, 20134:58 pm
    by hoophabit


    At last some fun watching the Pistons again!  At this point of the season the only thing that does make sense is to play the youth.  You have to see what they have to offer.  You want them to play as well as they can.  If they win, great, and if they lose so what?  I don’t think that is tanking.  I’m afraid it’s already pretty well established that this year’s Pistons aren’t very good.  That big changes are in store is certain, and hopefully they’ll be for the good.

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