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Metaphors for Pistons’ season abound

David Mayo of MLive:

SALT LAKE CITY — When you’re cold, you’re cold, and the Detroit Pistons, already down two starters Monday, found an additional irritant when they didn’t have hot water for their post-game showers.

Pistons radio broadcaster Mark Champion:


Team visiting Alcatraz today. Hope they escape

You pick: Which better describes the mess that is the 2012-13 Detroit Pistons?


  • Mar 13, 201310:56 am
    by Poison


    Smh to say disappointing would be an understatement. 

  • Mar 13, 201310:58 am
    by G


    Do you mean Alcatraz as an aging, crumbling institution that ceased to effectively serve its purpose and now only exists as a reminder of days gone by?

    I think it probably better describes the 2009 Pistons. I’m going with the cold showers metaphor.

  • Mar 13, 201311:44 am
    by Tiko


    the only good that can come from this season is Drummond coming back healthy and showing good chemistry with Monroe

    or a top 3 pick…

    …Stuckey sucks  

  • Mar 13, 201312:44 pm


    one year in jail you can be raped, beaten, and killed….

    one year rooting for a suckie team…you get a lottery pick

    you decide

    • Mar 13, 20131:02 pm
      by G


      Yeah, but the players probably feel like they’re in prison. The fans can check out of the season without any problems, but the players have to keep playing. They have my sympathy.

  • Mar 13, 20134:06 pm
    by smellman


    The start of the season was tough, but with a bunch of rookies the team improved after that bumpy start and actually looked promising. They were fun to watch win or lose. But this last month or so has been horrible basketball, this team just don’t have any consistency and it’s frustrating as a fan to know we’re capable of those great games but are even more capable of getting blown out

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