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Lawrence Frank to miss Pistons-Mavericks game tonight

Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News:

Lawrence Frank will miss tonight’s game against Dallas as he’s still dealing with his wife’s health situation in New Jersey.


  • Mar 8, 20135:34 pm
    by Robbe


    Which SG would ya’ll like to see the Pistons sign this summer… Mayo or Tyreke Evans??? I say Tyreke Evans… Let BK7 learn the PG pos. behind Calderon… I still thik BK7 is the future at PG and hopfully we can get our future SF in this draft….

    • Mar 8, 20136:58 pm
      by Chris


      I think best case scenario for the Pistons is to resign Calderon to a decent sized contract (enough to make him happy) and keep BK7 at SG. Monroe and Drummond will of course be the two big men at PF and C and that leaves the SF. The Pistons have the money to go after a big name such as Josh Smith in the off season, but I could see them going after Otto Porter in the draft and putting him into the starting rotation. If that happens they would have the money to resign anybody they want and potentially sign a PG in free agency in a couple years when we are done with Calderon. The future is bright to say the least.

    • Mar 8, 20137:39 pm
      by Lorenzo


      I think we will have to wait and see what the market is like, especially when it comes to trades, and Calderon. Not to mention draft position and ultimately who ends up being available at that spot. If I had to pick between the two though I would prefer Mayo…though I’m not endorsing that course of attack for free agency right now.

  • Mar 8, 201311:17 pm
    by Chris N


    Hope Coach Frank’s wife gets well.

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