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Lawrence Frank: Pistons are better than their record

Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News:

Lawrence Frank usually subscribes to the old school, NFL-style theory of "you are what your record says you are."

At 23-37, before Friday night’s game, and seven games out of the eighth playoff spot in the East, the Pistons’ record would indicate they aren’t very good. But Frank, unsolicited before the game against the Hornets, changed to a more jazzy tune, perhaps in the New Orleans spirit.

"I think Washington’s a better team than their overall record, just like I think we’re a better team than our overall record," he said. "And I’ll say it again: This team (New Orleans) is much better than their record. Sometimes their youth in close games, similar to ours, can’t get one play here, one play there. What they did to us in Detroit was no fluke."

I can get behind Frank’s thinking here.

The Pistons aren’t the same team since they’ve acquired Jose Calderon, who has obviously made them better. Regardless of Detroit’s ability now, its pre-Calderon games still bring down its record. Just look at the numbers:

  • Pistons with Calderon: 5-9 (.357)
  • Pistons without Calderon: 18-30 (.375)

Uh. That didn’t go how I expected. The Pistons have actually won more without Calderon, but that doesn’t ruin Frank’s argument. See, the Pistons have been without the injured Andre Drummond. All these losses in his absence don’t change how good the team actually is. Obviously, the Piston are better when Drummond plays.

  • Pistons with Drummond: 18-32 (.360)
  • Pistons without Drummond: 5-7 (.417)

Umm. How about Pythagorean wins, which better indicate a team’s production than pure wins?

  • Pistons actual wins: 23
  • Pistons Pythagorean wins: 23.75

Aha! We’ve finally found a way the Pistons are better than their record. Who cares that it makes them less than a single win better? They’re better, end of story.

Previous sarcasm aside, I believe teams can be better than their record. I’m a bit surprised Frank would say it, though, considering his typical tone. The problem with using such a subjective measure is – I’ll let Will Bynum take it from here.

"I mean, we feel we are better than our record, but shoot, ask most other teams if they’re better than their record, you’ll get the same outcome," Bynum said.


  • Mar 6, 20133:18 pm
    by G


    There should be a Bynum quote machine somewhere on the internet

  • Mar 6, 20133:48 pm
    by Whoneedsastar


    Never change, Will Bynum. Never change.

  • Mar 6, 20133:49 pm
    by mixmasta


    Being better than our record does not bring us anywhere.

    • Mar 6, 20134:02 pm
      by G


      It brings us closer to the #1 pick… 

  • Mar 6, 20135:14 pm
    by Gareth Masters


    Pistons pre-Calderon, without Drummond


    Pistons with Calderon, with Drummond 

    Please? ;-) 

  • Mar 6, 20136:31 pm
    by robertbayer


    Good article .. Calderon is a defensive liabiilty ..  a great passer … but not so great on D .. Get used to losing with Calderon … That is why developing Knight as PG was and is an important matter that Frank hasnt been exactly successful at .. One thing is as good as our record .. our head coach Lawrence Frank. Frank is wonderful to interview and to listen to .. and then real practices and real games happen .. and then the players and fans realize just how good Frank is as a coach ..but the owner and GM .. they havent realized it yet .. unless this personal matter of missing the Knicks game involves them all in some kind of woodshed moment with Frank ..  

  • Mar 6, 20136:53 pm
    by frankie d


    “One thing is as good as our record .. our head coach Lawrence Frank. Frank is wonderful to interview and to listen to .. and then real practices and real games happen .. and then the players and fans realize just how good Frank is as a coach.”
    frank sounds like he should be a good head coach.
    he obviously works hard, has lots of knowledge and really, truly has passion for the game.
    he just doesn’t cut it as the guy in the head coach’s seat.
    he reminds me of norv turner.
    norv turner was/is a great offensive coordinator.  he knows the game.  but he sucks as a head coach.
    frank, imho, is an nba version of norv turner. 
    great assistant coach, but he lacks that certain something that good head coaches have. 

  • Mar 6, 20137:40 pm
    by picknroll


    I’ve said it before but a coach saying “we are better than our record” is a coach trying to justify keeping his job!!  I must admit I was OK with hiring LF but now it is becoming quite obvious he is in over his head!!

  • Mar 6, 20138:06 pm
    by Ozzie-Moto


    Frank was really saying  ”I am better that the teams record . please don’t fire my a@@”   
    He might be good at teaching in practice but he has ZERO game cred and low leadership skills.” in my eyes.

    As for those that keep harping on Caldoron’s lack of defensive skills   OK true but few Pass first point guards do have those skills. Young Players, especially those that don’t have great one on on skills NEAD a pass first point guard he does so much for Monroe and would as well for Dru at getting them and the rest of the marginal cast going.   Teams with combo guards at the point do OK IF they have good players at ALL the positions (clearly not Detroit’s roster)

    Message to Tom Gores:  If you really bought the Team and Palace because the Palace is a good music venue and you think the current GM and Coach are doing a good enough job, PLEASE sell it to someone who cares …  Your acting like an absentee  owner that not on top of things at all.

  • Mar 7, 20131:48 pm
    by MIKEYDE248


    The only thing this tells me is that either the players are underachieving or the coach isn’t doing his job.

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