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Lawrence Frank expected to miss four-game road trip

Ryan Field of Fox Sports Detroit:

Brian Hill says he expects Lawrence Frank to miss the rest of the West Coast trip.

The Pistons play the Clippers tonight, Jazz tomorrow, Warriors on Wednesday and Trail Blazers on Saturday. After that, the Pistons have 14 games remaining this season.

At this point, I at least wonder whether Lawrence Frank will return this season. There’s obviously plenty of time left, but this already a longer-than-usual absence. Caring for his wife trumps basketball, and this season will end in the lottery, anyway. Frank shouldn’t rush back, but I definitely hope things turn for the better at home to the point he can return.


  • Mar 10, 20138:47 pm
    by Mark


    Prayers go out to Frank’s wife. Its starting to sound serious. I take back any negative things I said about him this year, as anyone dealing with something like this would have a hard time performing their job to their best of their abilities. I had no idea. Must’ve been tough on him all year with this cloud over him. Get well soon Mrs Frank

  • Mar 10, 20138:49 pm
    by Big Rick


    I 2nd that sentiment Dan, hope all is well in the Frank household and his wife haves a speedy recovery and he can resume his duties on the sidelines. But duties at home come 1st and foremost. Prayers out to you and yours Coach Frank, God bless. 

  • Mar 11, 20139:21 am
    by Clint in Flint


    I am sorry his wife is ill and I hope she recovers, but sick wife or not Frank is still a bad coach.

    • Mar 11, 201310:36 am
      by sebastian


      Clint in Flint is right. I, too, have sympathy for Frank’s ill wife, but let’s not get overly sympathetic and have L. Frank return, next season, as the Head Coach.
      He may need to be excused of his Head Coaching duties, so that he “may spend more time with his family”.

    • Mar 11, 201310:56 am
      by Patrick Hayes


      I don’t even like Frank as a coach, but I’m rooting for him to return solely to make awful commenters like you two miserable.

      • Mar 11, 20131:21 pm
        by sebastian


        Well, if he (L. Frank) does return, then he can then resume possession of this horrid season.

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