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Jose Calderon: ‘It’s not about winning or losing at this time of the season’

Jose Calderon, via Keith Langlois of Pistons.com:

It’s not about winning or losing at this time of the season. It’s about showing what we can do, have pride, play 48 minutes.

It’s refreshing to hear a Piston finally say that, but more importantly, it’s appears not only Jose Calderon feels that way.

The Pistons are giving more minutes to young players, experimenting with different lineups and losing. This is what many fans with an eye on the team’s long-term future – including myself – want to see. We’d all prefer Detroit’s present games mattered more, but they don’t, so at this point, there’s nothing wrong with outsiders hoping for losses.

In previous years, the Pistons were reluctant to embrace any practices associated with tanking. But this season seems a little different, and Calderon’s admission supports that.

The Pistons are getting less stubborn and more progressive. They’ll be better off because of it.


  • Mar 26, 201312:35 pm
    by tiko


    Pistons will win at least 5 more games this year… pushing them into 8-10 range

    • Mar 26, 201312:53 pm
      by G


      I see 5 or 6 win-able games left on the schedule, but I don’t think they win all 5 of them. Don’t get cocky just because they beat Charlotte by 1. They stuck suck plenty bad.

      • Mar 26, 20131:33 pm
        by tarsier


        Hooray for wins by New Orleans and Washington yesterday.

        If they can keep their record to 2-9 for the home stretch, they should enter the lottery as the third worst team. 3-8 may get them past Cleveland. Any more wins and they have to look out for the bottom four out west.

        I can’t see them passing any of Toronto (unless they sweep the two remaining matchups), Philly, or Washington at this point. A loss to Minny tonight could make them nearly impossible to catch too.

        • Mar 26, 20136:00 pm
          by gmehl


          Hey tasier, from our remaining schedule i was wondering what games you think that we’ll win. Here is how i see our remaining stretch and as you can see for the sake of our top 4 draft chances i think there are a lot of games we have remaining that can go either way. Does anyone know if Rudy Gay has been shut down because without him i think we definitely have a chance to beat them. The only games i think you could remotely pencil in for us are the Cleveland and Charlotte games but we’ve been that bad we could lose them too. At least Mr 4th quarter (Will Bynum) will miss tonights game and is likely shut down for the season. On the bright side i read that Kyrie Irving might play again so that could up the chances of the Cavs being a bit stronger.

          Remaining games:
          Minnesota (50/50), Toronto (50/50), Chicago (Loss), Toronto (50/50), Boston (Loss), Minnesota (50/50), Chicago Loss , Cleveland (Win), Charlotte (Win), Philadelphia (50/50), Brooklyn (Loss).

          • Mar 26, 20138:20 pm
            by tarsier

            I would nominally count on taking two out of Minny, Minny, Cleveland, and Charlotte. Probably one of Toronto, Toronto, Philly. Probably one of Chicago, Chicago, Boston, Brooklyn.

            But I’ve never been particularly gifted at prognostication. 

  • Mar 26, 20131:09 pm
    by Panzer


    Please, please, please! TANK! Please!

  • Mar 26, 20132:12 pm
    by Huddy


    This is great to hear from a player.  He clearly explains it isn’t about trying to lose, it is about having the freedom to try different players and systems at a time when wins aren’t so important.  It is all about being smart and using this time productively rather than getting wins that don’t count towards something.  This is exactly why Maggette doesn’t play and Drummond is being sat for so long, we do not need to waste this time or take unnecessary risks at this point in the season.

  • Mar 26, 20137:35 pm
    by JJ


    Jose is the best. He needs to step up for the team and be a leader so more people can respect him.

    • Mar 26, 20138:56 pm
      by gmehl


      Hey Jose got all the respect he deserves when we took on his $11,046,591 salary. His trade kicker that was activated when he got traded to us netted him a cool $484,609 which would pretty much pay off my house and investment property. I know its not all about money but for a 1 way player like Jose unless he improves on the defensive side of his game no one owes him any respect at all. He is a good PG offensively but the thing stops him from being great is his work on the other end.

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