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Isiah Thomas, Joe Dumars compliment Brandon Knight for defending DeAndre Jordan’s dunk

Pistons play-by-play man George Blaha:

I know for sure that two of the Bad Boys have already complimented him. Joe Dumars told him he was proud of him and wouldn’t have expected anything less and Isiah Thomas sent a message along telling him he admired his toughness.

I wish Isiah were still a general manager. He’d trade Iman Shumpert and two unprotected first-round picks for Brandon Knight right now.

Alas, I guess it’s cool enough that the Bad Boys’ backcourt reached out to Knight.


  • Mar 15, 20131:58 pm
    by Derek


    Bad Boys for LIFE!!!  I’m glad they stepped up to encourage the kid.

  • Mar 15, 20139:16 pm
    by robertbayer


    zeke in his prime would have made the attempt .. and might have gotten it … and he would have called out his teammate bigs and let them know …. that from here on … THEY better man up .. buck up…and take andre jordan on and down every time a slam is coming… from now on .. Brandon Knight is my favorite up and coming young Piston player since Grant Hill .. I believe in Brandon Knight. great to hear about Zeke reaching out to BK7.. Sincere Thanks to Pistonpowered on this …

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