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Greg Monroe, Brandon Knight shine, but Pistons lose on the road to Hornets

I’m no fan of tanking. But, as I wrote earlier, I am a fan of a non-playoff team like the Pistons trying really hard and losing, especially when that loss is to a team like New Orleans, who could move in front of the Pistons in the standings this season and improve Detroit’s lottery odds. Grades are below. Unfortunately, our recap generator isn’t working properly, so you’ll have to live without the graphics tonight. Box score is here.

Jason Maxiell was active, he picked up a couple of blocks and he had a big 3-point play in the fourth quarter to keep the Pistons close. Maxiell shot well, including from the perimeter, something he just hasn’t done a lot of since early on in the season. – B

Greg Monroe played about as well as anyone playing in front of his hometown crowd could want to. His scoring and rebounding were impressive, but he also was really active in the passing game, frequently finding Piston cutters with nice passes. – A

Jose Calderon ran the offense well and has 29 assists with just three turnovers in his last two games. Greivis Vasquez lit him up defensively, but Calderon did put up a fight. Vasquez hit a tough, contested runner late in the game to seal it for the Hornets. Calderon did just about everything he could do on that play and several others. Vasquez is just one of those players who excels at making weird looking shots (as anyone who watched him closely in college surely remembers). - B-

Brandon Knight has been exception in both games since returning from injury. He and Calderon seem to be quickly developing some chemistry together and Knight has confidently looked for his shot. He played good defense against Eric Gordon tonight too. – A

Kyle Singler was Kyle Singler — active, hit open jumpers and moved without the ball. He was the recipient of one of those nice Monroe dishes after a good cut towards the basket by Singler. – B-

Charlie Villanueva missed his only two shot attempts and didn’t do anything else to justify his existence on the court tonight. – F

Jonas Jerebko was active and, like Singler and Slava Kravtsov, provided a nice target for Monroe by moving without the ball. – B-

Slava Kravtsov didn’t do much, but he did find himself open for a nice cut to the basket and dunk in the first half. – D

Will Bynum wasn’t awful tonight, but he also wasn’t the dynamic presence the Pistons really needed off the bench either. He’s obviously not going to be much help defensively, but he also wasn’t very aggressive offensively. – C-

I was tempted to give Rodney Stuckey an ‘F’ simply for forcing an awful three with less than 10 seconds left and the Pistons down three. Yeah, he had the ball, yeah, time was running down, but he had much more time to get a better shot than that. But that would be unfair, considering Stuckey had an OK all-around game off the bench. – C+

Tonight was pretty much a similar weakness with Lawrence Frank getting exposed. The Pistons played tough and competitively on the road, but the Hornets seemed to make better use of halftime to make a few adjustments that helped the team win. – C


  • Mar 1, 201311:19 pm
    by Brandon Knight


    Jose Calderon couldn’t defend Vasquez. He is GARBAGE on defense!. OH do you guys still hate BK7?

    • Mar 1, 201311:37 pm
      by TDP


      22 points, sure.  On 18 shots. Zero FT attempts.

      Doesn’t scream efficiency.  

      • Mar 2, 201312:01 am
        by I HATE FRANK


        “”22 points, sure.  On 18 shots. Zero FT attempts.

        Doesn’t scream efficiency.”"”

        PUHAHAHA!!!!! 10-18 is better than 50% shooting …in the 2nd half he outscores Gordon 13 to 4 …

        The comment about zero ft’s tell me you didn’t watch the game….he attack the rim…scored 10 points in the paint..and was fouled several times NO calls ….

        @vince LOL @ John Stockton…. Sure that’s the comparison I keep hearing…its like you guys want him to play poorly just so you can say … I told you so… Damn stupid

        • Mar 2, 201312:29 am
          by Vince


          I don’t want him to fail. I want people to stop over valuing him and thinking he is some sort of basketball god. If he does well, good on him, if he is out of the L in three years time, thats a shame, I honestly could not care less about Brandon Knight, what pisses me off is people thinking he is crazy good, because he isn’t. He’s an above average guard worthy of a solid rotation spot. Thats it. He is a mediocre starter and terrible PG. 

          And If you think thats stupid, you haven’t seen some of your arguments.

          • Mar 2, 20138:26 am
            by I HATE FRANK

            clearly you have picked the parts that you want to hear or read…

            Many of us are saying give Knight time or atleast use him correctly….

            He is a scoring PG NOT as Pass first PG…. He is looking better at the 2 because scoring is natural for him…. so yes, as a PASS first  PG he is terrible, but as a scoring PG/SG he is  good…and I dont feel like doing the numbers again(small sample as they say)… and its just his 2nd year 

          • Mar 2, 20132:36 pm
            by Scott Free

            Basketball God?  People call me a Knight apologist and I don’t even want him starting.  You guys really read what you want to.  

        • Mar 2, 20131:16 pm
          by tarsier


          It doesn’t matter if he goes into the paint if he’s not drawing fouls. And if there’s no call, it’s not a foul. That’s the definition of a foul.

          Now, sure, you can make a case about one game. But Knight consistently doesn’t get to the line much.

          That said, I’ll take 10-18 for 22 points with no FTAs out of Knight any day. That may not be an excellent line, but it’s a plenty good one.

          • Mar 3, 201312:39 am
            by I HATE FRANK

            not to debate with u…but he was saying he wasn’t efficent because he didn’t get to the line …is a terrible arguement …He was not getting calls… he was getting hammered …

            But its okay… I love that he was attacking the rim 

    • Mar 1, 201311:43 pm
      by Vince


      No one hates him. He’s just maddeningly inconsistent and has homers who think he’s the next coming of John Stockton.

    • Mar 1, 201311:49 pm
      by oats


      Dumping on Calderon after he had another pretty great game offensively seems silly. He’s exactly who we thought we were getting, an extremely efficient offensive guard who plays terrible defense but is a net positive. Oh, and it was already been said before, but we don’t actually hate Knight. He’s an asset, and he’s slowly starting to look like a good starting shooting guard. I hate the idea of designating him the point guard of the future when he has not shown the ability to start there and give quality minutes.
      By the way, do you plan to ask this every time he plays well? If so I’ll just save the response in a text file and copy/paste it each time and save me the trouble of typing it repeatedly. You know, the usual points. We don’t actually hate him, just think he is miscast. He’s playing the 2, a position many of us have argued he should have been playing for awhile. Small sample size, give it time. He’s been a streaky shooter so far, let’s see how long he continues to play like this. I might add an optional clause of keep in my mind he was playing ______, and they suck (Bobcats, Wizards, and Hornets are his 3 good games in this streak).

      • Mar 1, 201311:52 pm
        by Vince


        I don’t think I can like this comment more.

      • Mar 2, 201312:15 am
        by Brandon Knight


        “let’s see how long he continues to play like this. I might add an optional clause of keep in my mind he was playing ______, and they suck (Bobcats, Wizards, and Hornets are his 3 good games in this streak).”

        Wow! instead of believing in him you guys are doubting him and waiting for him to do bad so you can point it out. SMH

        • Mar 2, 201312:34 am
          by Worm


          He never said he didn’t believe in him. He said he wasn’t going to anoint him as the second coming. I occasionally wonder if we have the most unknowledgeable fan base in the world.

        • Mar 2, 201312:51 am
          by Vince


          Like Worm said, he didn’t say he didn’t believe in him, he is stating facts. Look up that word if you trouble understanding it.

          You’re right Worm, sometimes I wonder. Its arguments like these where I miss laser. 

          • Mar 2, 20131:42 am
            by gmehl

            Oh yes Laser was always good at saying how it exactly was. I always found his comments ‘even keel’ even if you would always end up in an argument with him. I wonder what happened to him.

          • Mar 2, 20133:37 am
            by Vince

            I’d love to know what he thinks off all this Knight business.

            I like to think laser is watching over the PP comment section, and just decides not to comment anymore, because he’s the commenter PP deserves, but not the one it needs right now, we’ll remember his arguments, because they were great, but he isn’t a hero, he’s a silent guardian, a watchful protector…

            The dark commenter

          • Mar 2, 20136:09 pm
            by Anthony

            Haha. I’m new to PP so I don’t know this laser guy but he I agree. We need someone to come in these threads and just say it like it is.

            I like Knight. He talks and walks in a well manner but he hasn’t shown us anything special. Do I blame Dumars? No. Knight shown a ton of potential in college and I do believe that he could be a pretty decent player at the least. Sure we can give him time to “develop” but I wouldn’t go all in on him becoming another Chauncey or something. That’s what people need to get. You say give him time to develop but tat doesn’t always mean he will magically become good…

        • Mar 2, 20132:27 am
          by oats


          Worm and Vince covered it, but I didn’t say I didn’t believe in him, and I really didn’t say anything to even suggest I was waiting for him to fail so I can point it out. I want him to succeed, and I expect he will always be at least a good rotation player and maybe even more than that. If you read the entire post you’d notice I said he is starting to look like can be a good starting shooting guard. I’m not entirely convinced he’ll get there due to extremely limited sample size, but the early returns on the move to shooting guard are pretty solid. So, basically nothing you said had anything to do with what I said despite you actually quoting me.

  • Mar 1, 201311:21 pm
    by Jacob


    This was the best thing to happen, Knight and Monroe played really well and we lost! Good deal.

    • Mar 1, 201311:23 pm
      by Jon


      exactly my thoughts

    • Mar 2, 20139:25 am
      by Corey


      Agreed! It’s what I want to see every game that’s left this season.

  • Mar 1, 201311:22 pm
    by Jon


    Knight is starting to look much better after getting 5 games to get used to sg then 3 games to learn the position from the bench. hopefully this continues so that we have at the very least our 6th man of the future 

  • Mar 1, 201311:29 pm
    by Sevan


    Hmm…. It seems like we suck with Drummond. Oh yeah does anybody know when he is coming back.

  • Mar 2, 201312:37 am


    U guys are Pathetic…. Wizards were playing good basketball…both Wall and Beal have been play at high levels and the team just finished beating play off teams baco to back…

    The Bobcats are a poor team, but he out played kemba walker…a guy man of you are big on…

    Then he comes out tonight and out plays Eric Gordon and locks down defensively on him…

    Once again no one is calling him the savior, but it should be refreshing to the team that we don’t have to go looking for another SG…. We don’t have to overpay for Mayo..we can focus on drafting either a Young PG or a SF … There are more benefits in seeing Knight succeed than wanting him to fail…

    • Mar 2, 201312:49 am
      by Jacob


      Exactly, just imagine if Knight , Monroe , Drummond all improve from here on out, and all the cap space…. We could be a sleeper going into next year.

    • Mar 2, 20134:09 am
      by oats


      Stop accusing us of wanting him to fail. I feel like you are being intentionally dense, because everyone has said repeatedly that we don’t want him to fail. Guess what, WE DON’T WANT BRANDON KNIGHT TO FAIL! I pulled out your caps lock thing, but it is because I want you to read it like I’m yelling at you. If we were in person, I would have yelled that at you by now because I’m really sick of having to say the same thing over and over, ad nauseam. No one on here is rooting against Knight.
      Ok, moving on.
      The Wiz are better lately but are still the Wiz. I’ll actually concede that point though. The Cats are really terrible, and a shooting guard outplaying the opponent’s point guard doesn’t really mean anything. He played good defense on Gordon, but Gordon had 21 points on 18 shots. We’d be happy if Knight did that, so while Knight out played him it wasn’t by a ridiculous degree. Outplaying Gordon is enough to be happy about, but don’t overstate it. Plus, the Hornets are also a really terrible defensive team so the it was against a bad team point still stands.
      I’m still not sold on Knight being the shooting guard of the future. Three good games is a small sample size, and before those three games people were complaining about what a terrible idea it was to move Knight away from the point. I don’t remember if I posted about it on this site, but I thought the 7 games before this streak started was too small a sample size to call the move a failure. He’s now up to 4 good games in the 10 at shooting guard, so maybe it’s still too early to call off the search for a new one. He’s been a streaky shooter and had other good stretches, but he’s always come back to earth. So, let’s wait a bit to evaluate him at the two. If he plays well for most of the games left in the year we can consider halting the search for a new shooting guard. In the meantime we should keep evaluating potential shooting guards in case this is just another hot streak.

      • Mar 2, 20138:41 am
        by I HATE FRANK


        “”"The Wiz are better lately but are still the Wiz. I’ll actually concede that point though. The Cats are really terrible, and a shooting guard outplaying the opponent’s point guard doesn’t really mean anything.”"

        1.Defensive Walker was checking Knight…and Knight guarded both positions

        “He played good defense on Gordon, but Gordon had 21 points on 18 shots. We’d be happy if Knight did that, so while Knight out played him it wasn’t by a ridiculous degree. Outplaying Gordon is enough to be happy about, but don’t overstate it. Plus, the Hornets are also a really terrible defensive team so the it was against a bad team point still stands.”"

        2. are you comparing a 6-18 shooting night only 4 second half points or a 10-18 shooting night 13 2nd half points?….

        We lost because Caldron and  Bynum could not check their man….

        once again you guys are spending soo much time trying to discredit Knight…its funny…

        and if your not saying “You want hm to Fail or he’s not that good” and im saying “I dont think he is our savior and I think he can be good in the right system”

        why is there always soo much debate?


        • Mar 2, 20136:38 pm
          by oats


          1)Henderson guarded him more than Walker did.
          2) Yes, but not in the manner you seem to be using the word comparing. I am comparing them as in compare and contrast, but that is not the same as equating them. I thought the fact that I said that Knight outplayed him made that pretty clear. I’m saying Gordon still had a decent game. Not as good as Knight’s, but still a good game. If Knight had that game we’d point out his shooting wasn’t great, but he got to the line and got his points anyways, then praise him for the good game. Then you’d probably get on our case for pointing out the bad shooting an accuse us of going out of our way to find something to complain about with Knight, but that is neither here nor there. It’s hard to call it lock down defense if your opponent still had a good game and played a key part in his team winning.
          That said, we lost for a lot of reasons. Calderon and Bynum playing poorly on defense was one of them. Ryan Anderson killing us on the boards despite being a pretty crappy rebounder was another. Having a small forward also kill us on the boards was another, although Aminu is a really good rebounder for his position. Eric Gordon’s solid first half also left them in a position to win. A lot of factors contributed, but the credit for the win or loss wasn’t really the point of what I was saying either. The point was that Knight played good defense, but it wasn’t exactly lock down defense. He locked him down in the second half, I’ll give you that, but over the course of the entire game Eric Gordon still played pretty well.
          As for the debate, it’s because you constantly are searching for excuses for Knight or putting words in mouth. I’ve never wanted him to fail, but I still don’t think he is as good as you make him sound. You keep putting him at a status he hasn’t earned. First you argued he was the point guard of the future, and that if he was just in a different situation he’d look like one. There is no evidence to suggest that, and I do not think he will ever be a good or even average starting point guard. Making him into a score first point guard won’t change that, he just hasn’t been an effective enough scorer to make up for not getting assists or turning it over so often. He just isn’t an efficient enough scorer for that to work, because you have to be really efficient to make up for the fact that you aren’t helping you team mates as much as a passing point guard would. Besides, he is the one who had the ball and wasn’t shooting, that was how he chose to play the position. Now you are already wanting to make him the shooting guard of the future. I’m saying wait to see if he can sustain his success at the position before we stop evaluating other guys there. He’s an up and down player who happens to be up now. Let’s see how long he can stay there, and how he handles his next cold streak. That’s how we start to figure it out.
          So, in a sense I actually am saying Knight isn’t that good, or at least not as good as you keep declaring him to be. I’m saying he’s a useful player that hasn’t proven he can competently start for a good team. I want to give him a chance to prove he can be, but until I get a good reason to I’m not going to assume he will get there. These last few games are encouraging, just not definitive. Essentially I’m saying slow your roll and stop handing him unwarranted status on such limited evidence. You might not be calling him the basketball savior, but you are calling shooting guard a filled position before Knight has given us much of an idea how he will handle the position over the long term. I’m just calling for us to be patient and not to over rate him.

  • Mar 2, 201312:53 am
    by Jodi Jezz


    Calderon is complete butt on the defensive end!..That’s not Piston basketball…

    • Mar 2, 20131:15 am
      by Vince


      Piston basketball has not been Piston basketball for the past three years.

      • Mar 2, 20131:46 am
        by Jodi Jezz


        hahaha, that’s true…

      • Mar 2, 20131:48 am
        by gmehl


        I’d say about 4 years Vincent

      • Mar 2, 20131:49 am
        by MrHappyMushroom


        Time is sneaking up on you, Vince.  This is the fifth straight season of being pretty lousy.  (Unless you are  judging the AI/MCIAFI and Kuester I years as “Pistons’ basketball”. ;-)

        • Mar 2, 20131:58 am
          by Vince


          Ugh. Repressed memories. Can’t believe its been that long.

  • Mar 2, 20133:08 am
    by Brandon Knight


    I don’t know why you guys are so obsessed with Jose Calderon.  He can only pass!  … He is very slow. Can’t drive.  Not athletic. Dead on defense. And Old! He is way overrated by you guys.

    • Mar 2, 20134:42 am
      by Vince



      - “He can only pass” He has the highest/lowest (however you see it) turnover to assist ratio in the League. IN THE LEAGUE.
      - Great mid range game
      - Has a good shot from deep
      - Veteran presence with a strong leadership role
      - Finds open teammates
      - Is a pass first PG
      - “Can’t drive” yet his FG% at the rim is higher than Knight “the better driver”
      - Defense is pretty awful
      - “Not athletic” last I checked you didn’t need to be
      - Elite playmaker
      - Consistant


      - Can’t pass
      - Turnover prone
      - Has a nice stroke from three
      - Mid range needs work
      - He can drive but can’t finish
      - Very quick, especially his first step
      - Very shitty FG% for a guard
      - Still young, room to develop
      - Still prone to making rookie mistakes
      - Leader 
      - Inconsistent beyond belief

      Love how “Old” is supposed to be a bad thing… Jason Kidd? Shaquille O’Neal? Tim Duncan?
      HA. Calderon is overrated? Dear lord. And Knight is the most underrated player in the league huh? He is a god amongst guards? Yeah no. Most overrated player in the League is probably Deron Williams. Most underrated? Toss up between Terrence Williams, Greivis Vasquez and Stephen Curry. 

    • Mar 2, 20136:24 pm
      by Anthony


      Teams pray for a PG that can pass like Calderon. Yes he has his flaws but he can still have 5-6 more productive years just from his elite playmaking skills and shooting stroke i.e. Steve Nash

  • Mar 2, 20136:22 am
    by Derek


    Another good game from Brandon Knight!  He was attacking on offense and playing solid D while matched up against a really good SG.  With got a really tough stretch of games coming up.  I hope he and Moose can keep it up.

    I’m encouraged by the play of Calderon, Knight, Monroe, and Singler.  Let’s go guys

  • Mar 2, 20137:01 am
    by MoATL


    Alot of debate about Knight when it should be about Frank. Knight had a great game and has simply been balling lately. He has done everything you can ask for coming off the injury yet people are bashing him, quit it. 

    The issue is Frank rotations. Part of being a successful coach is having a feel for your team nite in nite out. This was one of those games where the starters were balling and the bench not so much. Case in point Stuckey. He was a non factor. Yet he may have played the entire 4th qtr. Yet last week we raved about Middleton who has shown in what time we have seen some good Defense and ability to put the ball in the hoop, Singler was Singleresque, yet Stuckey was playing SF for majority of 4th. Another issue is that our starters sit out on bench entirely too long. I understand with Drummond, our bench was a strength yet since its been mediocre at best. Bynum had a bad nite yet folks are bagging on Knight and Calderon who both played well. 

    • Mar 2, 20136:37 pm
      by Anthony


      Don’t even get me started on Frank.

      TBH, I like the guy. He seems like a real down to earth person but the fact of the matter is that he is not the coach for us. He did a pretty decent job last year in getting the team chemistry together after all of that Kuester stuff but this year was more so about trying to win games/develop instead of getting chemistry up to par. As many PP fans stated, Frank is a smart guy that seems like he takes multiple hours in order to make sure every i is dotted and every t is crossed but he sucks at his in game decisions. I still believe that Woodson was the better choice, not because the Knicks are playing well but because he he puts the best lineup out on the floor in order to win. Many coaches would have kept Melo at SF while Amare was hurt and I’m sure that others would quickly thrust Amare back in the lineup when he was healthy but Woodson has made rational rotations as head coach.

      On a side note, I don’t believe Frank will last much longer here. I really like our AC Brian Hill and I was also hoping for him to be the HC as well after Kuester. So my choices for a HC would either be Brian Hill, Shaw from Indiana (really love the guy) or Scott Skiles (love his defensive schemes.)

  • Mar 2, 20137:05 am
    by MoATL


    by the way as one commentor stated above, Knight attacked the rim with 0 calls. And was still get And 1 like baskets. Stop it. I know he can be turnover prone, but the last few games lets give the man his due. For some reason, cuz he’s young I assume, he does not get the calls.  

  • Mar 2, 20137:09 am
    by MoATL


    Oh and by the way, what happened to Slava in the 2nd half. We were getting pounded on the boards yet we love to play small ball particularly from 3-5 positions of our bench. I dont get it with Frank. Slava and Middleton has been coming along then Middleton gets no PT for several games then Slava shows promise then he’s benched. Then Charlie V heats up for a few games then he’s benched. JJ who i like, is out of rotation all season, all of a sudden he’s getting major minutes. 

    • Mar 2, 20139:34 am
      by Corey


      Slava doesn’t rebound. I don’t understand it. He appears to have the size and athleticism to be a great rebounder, but he sucks at it. I he’s had one good rebounding game that I can recall. If he improved there, he’d be a rotation player for a decade. but if his rebound rate doesn’t improve, he may bonion his only NBA contract.

      • Mar 2, 20132:42 pm
        by Scott Free


        His footwork isnt at an NBA level, he consistently cedes the inside and rarely makes a significant effort to block out.  I wouldn’t know first or second hand, but that strikes me as something that can improve with minutes & 1-on-1 coaching.

  • Mar 2, 20137:47 am
    by Domnick


    you guys should be ripping Stuckey instead of BK7…
    honestly, stuckey should’ve been traded before the deadline… what the hell!

  • Mar 2, 20138:12 am
    by frankie d


    reaaly wish pistons fans would lay off knight.  hated that joe drafted him – god no! another combo guard?! – but he is a piston so i try to look on the bright side.  dude looks like he can play.  is he a point guard?  heck no.  is he an all star SG or just a solid starter or very good 6th man?  i guess we will find out over the next 2-3 years.  but it is not his fault that joe d drafted him withe the mistaken notion that he could turn him into a point guard.  not his fault that l. frank tried to force him into being a ball-dominant pg at the  beginning of the year.  SMH, still, trying to imagine what frank could have been thinking about…stckey 

  • Mar 2, 20138:18 am
    by frankie d


    always have troule when i post from my phone.  was just going to note that i still have nightmares from those early season games when knight was dribbling the air out of the ball while stuckey was spotting up for corner 3′s.  what kind of idiot would ever imagine the team winning games  with those players doing those things?

  • Mar 2, 20138:47 am


    some of the arguments make no sense….

    Alot of Knight inconsistency has alot to do with his inconsistent role with this team….

    Knight has about 20 games to show what he can do at SG … it should determine alot going forward

    • Mar 2, 20139:31 am
      by Vic


      It’s not about his role. It’s about what he does with the chance he gets, just like everyone else.

      Knight is a scoring guard.

      He COULD be successful as a pg, if he had a better coach. His assist/turnover ratio and court vision has not been ideal for running a team.

      He’s more likely to be successful as a shooting guard, because he’s good at scoring, shooting, and is athletic and hustles on defense. 

      Hes even more likely to succeed as a Microwave pg off the bench because of his size and his up and down play. If he reaches his potential hes overqualified for this position.

      Plain and simple, thats just reality, nobody hates knight. We want him to succeed for the Pistons.


      • Mar 2, 20136:45 pm
        by Anthony


        Hit it on the nail Vic. Knight can be a good PG if he had the RIGHT coach. Larry Brown did wonders for Chauncey. Mark Jackson is doing a pretty good job with Steph Curry and Dwight had success with Patrick Ewing helping him. Dee Brown (guards coach for those who don’t know) and Lawrence Frank are not the right coaches to develop Knight.

  • Mar 2, 20139:17 am
    by MoATL


    Frankie D. I post from my phond as well. Always have issues with mobile site when posting yet on full site, no issue.

  • Mar 2, 20139:18 am
    by MoATL


    Phond = phone

  • Mar 2, 201310:55 am
    by Corey


    The important thing is that BK is showing he’s a useful rotation player. Going forward, he may play SG, he may play backup PG. in my opinion, a year or two backing up both spots may be ideal for him. But the important thing is that he’s at least looking like a capable 6th man. 

    So, in the offseason, we need to:

    1- resign Calderon for 2-3 years. Maybe on a front loaded 3 year contract, if they can’t usefully spend all the FA money otherwise. $12m the first year, then $3m/year for the next couple after that.

    2- draft a starting caliber wing. This looks VERY possible if they’re in the top 8- so hopefully we slide down the standings a bit.

    3- sign or trade for another starting quality wing.

    4- amnesty CV. I’d rather carry the cap space into next season than his contract.

    Then our lineup could be:

    Drummond  /  Kravtsov
    Monroe / JJ
    one of Porter/Oladipo/Shabazz  / Singler
    New SG / BK
    Calderon / BK

    that should be a playoff team, if they can sign or trade for a good SG.  And maybe changr coaches. Ideally, we’d trade Stuckey or JJ for a good backup 4. And if we get a top pick and take a guard instead of SF that would work too. It just looks like a better SF will be available in the 7/8 range. If we end up at 9 or 10 and the good SFs are all gone, that will be sad.

  • Mar 2, 201311:00 am
    by RalphHau


    My question is not about BK7 but what the heck is STUCKEY on the floor during crunch time.  He didn’t do diddly squat the whole game, he can’t dribble he looses the ball going to the hole he turned the ball over several times and then he is inserted during crunch time and finally takes the last shot.  What the heck was FRANK thinking. 

  • Mar 2, 201312:47 pm
    by Frankie d


    I actually enjoyed the game.  As has been said, as long as the young guys play well I really don’t care if they win or lose.  In fact I really want more loses and more ping pong balls.
    last night’s game is an example of what I wish they would have done a couple of years ago: turn the team over to young players and let them lead, play and grow.
    and not to beat a dead horse, but watching games is just so much more fun without Tay moping up and down the court.  Tay was like that lil’ abner character who walked around with a dark rain cloud hanging over his head. 
    Weird…even though calderone obviously is crucial to what they do, he never seems to dominate the court – at least in a way that diminishes the role of the young guys – the way Tay did.
    that alone is a huge step forward. 

    • Mar 2, 20132:16 pm
      by lisa


      So, do you think that’s why Frank put Stucky in the game, was to lose? He did play bad and was in during crunch time.
      Speaking of Tay,he seems to be doing good with Memphis. I was watching both games last night. They were giving Miami a run for their money. The commentators were speaking highly of Tay and his fit with his new team. Both games were fun to watch.

    • Mar 2, 20136:49 pm
      by Anthony


      Calderon sets his teammates up and that’s the difference between him and Tay. Tay felt that he had to be Kobe for the team but Calderon is different. He passes to the young guns and let them learn.

      • Mar 2, 20137:21 pm
        by frankie d


         ”Tay felt that he had to be Kobe for the team…”
        no disrespect for tay, cause he was a fine player on their good teams.
        but tay, as kobe on any team is a nightmare.
        he is what he is…a 4th or 5th option on a good team.  any team that looks to him as a first or second or third option is in trouble.  and if he truly believed that, tay is delusional, as well.
        no doubt joe felt he could play that role, which was one of the team’s bigger problems over the last 5 years.  he fell in love with his guy – tay – and did not view him as the player he truly was. 

  • Mar 2, 20131:08 pm
    by Frankie d


    Btw, Vasquez is exactly the kind of younhog guy the pistons could have gambled on back when they were loading up on retreads.  He was a late first rounder the year they turned down the butler/ first rounder for Tay trade.  He has been out there – traded once – but the pistons never looked at him.
    imho, getting a guy like Vasquez, cheap, is something joe d has never learned to do. 

    • Mar 2, 20136:50 pm
      by Anthony


      He got Chauncey for cheap…

      • Mar 2, 20137:17 pm
        by frankie d


        is this coming up on what…the 11th anniversery of that move.
        great signing by joe.  one of the best by any gm in the last 15 years or so.
        but come on!  if you gotta go back to 2002 to find an example…
        well, the facts speak for themselves. 

        • Mar 3, 201311:49 am
          by Mark


          Does Joe not get credit for acquiring Monroe and Drummond? 

          Sure it wasn’t because of any shrewd moves, but it doesn’t matter how you get the players onto your roster, as long as you get them. And in the past 3 yrs he’s once again assembled what could be the best frontcourt in the league as early as next year. 

          He’s already once assembled one of the all-time great frontcourts in Wallace x2. So this is now 2 of the best frontcourts in the league he has put together in his tenure. What makes it even more impressive this time is that he did during a period where he was prohibited from trades and FA signings. He had one option – the draft – and relativily low picks to do it with at that. 

          Not often you assemble the best frontcourt in the league with the 7th and 9th picks.

          Acquiring both Wallaces was in much the same manner. He found Big Ben as a throw in player in a trade, and then got Sheed for a bunch of scrubs off his bench.

  • Mar 2, 20132:52 pm
    by Scott Free


    1. I like Brandon Knight.  I’m not going to apologize for it. 

    2. Liking Brandon Knight doesn’t mean I think he’s “John Stockton” or even an elite level guard.   I just like his style of play, despite the maddening inconsistencies.

    3. I don’t think he’s ‘peaked.’  Eventually he’s going to start getting those calls, the same way Stuckey did.

    4.  I just don’t see the point in criticizing a young guard to the degree we have this early on in his career.  What most see as homerism, I’m just giving the benefit of the doubt.  Knight is smart, hard-working, and competitive.  I think that bodes well for his future and it would be refreshing if more people said as much.   

    • Mar 3, 201310:50 am
      by ryan


      Very well said. I don’t think Brandon Knight is perfect or even as good as Kyrie Irving but it does seem clear that he’s 1) hardworking 2) pretty skilled and a pretty good athlete and 3) a likeable young fella. I really enjoy having him on the team and feel like he’s making good progress.

      if you look at a guy like Jrue Holiday I think you see a good example of the type of development that Knight could make. They have different games but it wouldn’t surprise me to see Knight in his fourth year producing at an all-star level on both ends of the floor.

  • Mar 2, 20134:55 pm
    by piston moribund


    The main reason the team is losing games is because of Frank.  His personal decisions are awful and his overall coaching seems worse, although not sure it is possible.  He doesn’t seem to have a good feel for the game it terms of its ebb and flow.  the common pattern seems to be a good start, and then the opposition makes adjustments, and then things go bad and get worse.  The second half seems to be the same dynamic, whenever the opposition makes adjustments, there is not response, just more of the same and a prayer.  No defensive adjustments when the opposition goes on runs.  So sad that BK is our best defender.

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