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Corey Maggette wants to play next season, maybe with Pistons

Corey Maggette has already discussed transitioning into his post-playing career, but hold your horses. Vince Ellis of the Detroit Pistons:

Maggette said he definitely wants to play next season.

"Right now I’ve had a full year recovering and working with (strength and conditioning coach Arnie Kander)," he told the Free Press on Friday. "We’ll see what happens."

I believe contenders looking for a backup wing could do better, but what about a rebuilding team looking for a veteran leader?

"Another option still is for me to be a veteran for these guys and come back here another year," he said. "That’s another possibility because we have a lot of young talent here and still need a veteran to talk to, and I know I’ve gained the respect of those guys and I’ll be able to do that.

If the Pistons bring back Maggette – and I’d call the odds 10 percent right now, up from zero before reading that quote – I can’t even imagine him getting more than a minimum contract. The Pistons need to add productive players or players with potential, and Maggette is neither of those. Maybe there’s value in his leadership, and the Pistons are better determined to evaluate that after seeing him for a full season, but I’d lean toward letting him walk and giving Greg Monroe and Brandon Knight room to step up as leaders.


  • Mar 5, 20139:06 pm
    by ryan


    I never bought the Maggette leadership thing any way. How is he a good leader? What qualifies him? Get rid of the dude.

  • Mar 5, 20139:08 pm
    by Tyrone


    i respect Corey for the way he has gone about his business while here in Detroit and I would not mind if he came back next season at the right price to be that veteran voice that our young team can and will benefits from.

    My question is Corey has had a full season working with Arnie to recover from what injury? Also could it effect his play next season? 

  • Mar 6, 201312:58 am
    by Vince


    @Ryan – Maggette is widely known around the League for being the elder statesman of the NBA. He is one of the most professional players out there and always contributes to a team in any capacity. Earlier in the season he was helping out the Rooks and teaching Drummond how to deal with being 18 and in the NBA. I really like him and I think he’d make a great front office guy.

    @Tyrone – I know, Blaha, Langlois and the Detroit Free Press are always saying he is injured or something, to be honest I think it has to do with age. He may be 33 but he has been in the League for a while. I think he can still contribute maybe 12 PPG as a rotation player (25ish minutes). I wouldn’t give him more than a bi-annual exception though (if thats still in the current CBA? Dan? Patrick? Someone?).

    Maggette is one of my favorite players, he was fun to watch in his prime and was always a professional. I wouldn’t mind keeping him around as long as it is on a shorter contract and he gets consistent minutes. This team needs some veteran presence, I think Calderon and Maggette can provide it.

  • Mar 6, 201310:35 am
    by MIKEYDE248


    If he can’t contribute on the floor in games there is no reason to have him back again next year at any price.  He would just be taking away a spot from someone that might be able to contribute, even if it’s only a few minutes every few game.  If he can help the team, sign him as an assistant coach, not a player.

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