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Brandon Knight won’t play in summer league

David Mayo of MLive:

Brandon Knight has endured injuries of varying severity since the Detroit Pistons guard played in last year’s Orlando Pro Summer League.  Part of his plan for good health going into next season is to not participate in this year’s summer league.

This seems like a wise move. Brandon Knight, despite his admirable intent to outwork everyone, had probably overextended himself by playing big minutes and hitting the court before and after practices. We know Knight playing through injury once this season caused another.

This also goes back to the earlier discussion about how much teams gain from summer league. I suspect it’s not much more than they would by spending the week practicing, though I’m certainly open to contrary opinions. But absent reliable evidence summer league helps young players develop, sitting Knight makes sense. It’s just not worth pushing him too far for something that might or might not help him, especially when there’s no doubt whether Knight will work hard other ways this summer to get better.


  • Mar 20, 20136:09 pm
    by CNA5


    I think summer league is more of an evaluation tool than a development tool.  I think it’s a good outlet for seeing if a guy’s physical tools are something that can help a team and what needs to be worked on heading into training camp.

    With that being said, I don’t think Knight or the Pistons would gain anything from him joining.  Knight’s physical tools and individual game are good enough to know that he can help.  He needs to become better at running NBA offenses- something that’s not happening during the 10 days of summer league. 

    • Mar 20, 20138:24 pm
      by hoophabit


      Well said, Knight in the SL is not essential.

  • Mar 20, 20136:42 pm
    by DasMark


    The summer league team’s turnovers just decreased by about six per game! 

    Knight’s just dodging Austin Daye, summer league MVP and super beast.  

  • Mar 20, 20139:41 pm
    by D_S_V


    Toronto has the gall to lose to Charlotte and Cleveland is about to choke on a near 30 point lead? In the words of the great YouTube commenters of the present, TO and CLE, please “kill yoself”. 

  • Mar 20, 201311:38 pm
    by Jacob


    I really want the pistons to get the best player possible, but I HATE tanking. What does it get you most of the time? A really good player that will leave at the end of his rookie contract, or an overrated bust. TOR and CLE are gutter trash franchises. Especially TOR their GM has to be a complete dumbass. Almost anyone could do his job better. So all you people that hate on Joe D, it could be way worse.

    • Mar 21, 201312:31 am
      by tarsier


      How many really good players have left at the end of their rookie deals? Very, very few. I think Shaq and Grant Hill did. Those are the most recent examples I can come up with.

      • Mar 21, 201310:08 am
        by Huddy


        And the team that drafted them can match offers generally.  What does not tanking get us?  A worse draft pick that would require a considerable amount of luck to be useful and still no shot at the playoffs.

  • Mar 21, 201312:31 am
    by tarsier


    Wins tonight by New Orleans and Washington. Hooray.

  • Mar 21, 20134:25 am
    by Domnick


    third year guard to have a summer league? thats for rookies right?
    knight needs to polish his point guard and scoring skills.. but not in the summer league… he needs a guy like Gary Payton to work with

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