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Brandon Knight tweets better than he defends rim against DeAndre Jordan

Brandon Knight left the locker room without speaking to the media after DeAndre Jordan dunked on him, so I was a bit worried about Knight’s mental wellbeing (let alone his physical wellbeing). But if his tweet is any indication, Knight is doing just fine:

It wasn’t in the scouting reports that the clippers threw lobs lol

Kudos tonight for laughing along with this. He’s not going to stop outsiders from having at his expense, so he might as well roll with the punches.


  • Mar 11, 201310:38 am
    by ryan


    Nice to see a sense of humor and perspective.

  • Mar 11, 201310:50 am
    by Huddy


    It sucks to get posterized but its really just wrong place wrong time in this case.

  • Mar 11, 201312:13 pm
    by Big Rick


    Yeah, plus it really isn’t his job to defend the rim and apparently it isn’t the job of our “best player” either. Kudos Tri BK7 for playing with more heart and fire than one of our prized big men. 

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