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Brandon Knight suffers ‘significant’ ankle sprain

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports:

X-rays negative on Detroit guard Brandon Knight’s left ankle, but injury appears to be a "significant" sprain, league source tells Y!

Brandon Knight played just four minutes against the Jazz last night before spraining his ankle, and judging by that report, it sounds like he’ll miss more games. Knight was on crutches and in good spirits, according to Keith Langlois of Pistons.com, and the latter is good to hear. Hopefully, the Pistons allow Knight a chance to heal fully, unlike when they rushed him back earlier this season.

It would be nice for Knight to get more experience at shooting guard, but if he can’t return, that’s OK, too. This season can’t end fast enough.


  • Mar 12, 20137:24 am
    by ryan


    Let Brandon Knight sit until he’s fully healthy the only silver lining to this ugly season is the coming draft and our position keeps getting better.

    Another question for you all. Will the Lakers make the playoffs? I’m kinda hoping they don’t but then the NBA will probably fix the lottery for them to win… any way I’d like to see Utah get in.

    • Mar 12, 20137:53 am
      by Jon


      they don’t get to pick if they’re in the lottery from the nash trade

    • Mar 12, 201310:55 am
      by tarsier


      The Lakers are looking to good lately to miss the playoffs. Besides, they should make for a very entertaining series with one of the West’s top three. 

  • Mar 12, 20137:53 am
    by Derek


    I hope the Pistons mgmt shut Brandon down for the rest of the season.  He hasn’t had much time to rest this season.  He went from plantar fasciitis to a thigh contusion to a hyperextended knee to a significant ankle sprain.  Shut him down.  Put him on the weights.  Let him watch Calderon.  Put him with Isiah or Gary Payton or somebody in the offseason.  Invest in the kid.

    • Mar 12, 20138:57 am
      by G


      Not to mention he was recently murdered by DeAndre Jordan. It’s been a rough year for BK7

      • Mar 12, 20132:18 pm
        by Derek


        And yet he still displays an unconquerable soul like the Invictus poem.  BK7 is tough.  Tangled with Ron Peace and caught blows to the grill.  Jumped with Duncan to block his shot.  Jumped with DeAndre Jordan…and got murked!  He says he would do it again.  Let’s see how the team responds without him.

        Let’s see Moose put more into the defensive side. 
        Let’s see Stuckey, stuck to the bench and Middleton getting a chance to develop.
        Let’s see something that resembles heart out of a bunch of guys who play like they don’t care.

    • Mar 12, 201311:01 am
      by ryan


      Good thinking Derek.

  • Mar 12, 20138:00 am
    by Robb


    Keep tanking guys, its helping our draft pick selection…

    No need to win against teams we know are already better than us…
    Get our kids healthy for next year and hope Mr. Gores does what we hope he does and buys us some nice outside shooters…We don’t need guards or centers for the next 5+ years unless its a top 7 guy in league…

    Did I mention keep tanking? 

  • Mar 12, 20139:22 am
    by Sop


    I just hope there’s no lasting damage. I did the same thing to my ankle last summer and its still messed up now.

    • Mar 12, 20139:31 am
      by Blocks by Dre


      He’ll be fine. NBA players have the luxury of having advance therapist and trainers, not to mention a facility to get better.

  • Mar 12, 20132:17 pm
    by Shawn


    Good thing this didn’t happen after the Kyrie Irving incident.

  • Mar 12, 20133:31 pm
    by Otis


    As for “the season can’t end soon enough,” I kind of disagree. Yes, it’s been painful, but so have the last bunch of seasons, and there’s no guarantee next season will be anything less than painful. The attitude is always, “let’s just get this over with and come back next season,” but then next season is instantly another guaranteed trip to the lottery.
    The two main things that would be nice to see this season are: Knight spending more time at the two, and Monroe playing more with Drummond. We’re going into a summer where the team can and should shake things up, but there’s nothing but question marks surrounding the three guys who are supposed to be our future.
    I’d really prefer not to extend Monroe until we see some strong evidence that he and Monroe can play together and have a legitimate chance of being dominant. I’m a little more patient about Knight, because there’s two more seasons before he’s due for an extension, and his extension is highly unlikely to be for the maximum, where Moose is all but guaranteed a max extension.
    Too many question marks going into an important offseason. I have a very bad feeling about this…

    • Mar 12, 20139:06 pm
      by Desolation Row


      The eagerness stems from the volume of cap space we will have going into the offseason. Gores/Dumars have a lot to lose if they mess this one up; I can’t say I expect many fans to stay interested if they botch the team long-term again this summer.

      Either there will be a huge improvement this summer, Dumars stands pat and waits until a better crop of free agents next summer (and potentially sacrifices a lottery pick to Charlotte in the process), or Dumars is gone. Chances are, something interesting will happen. Considering this team’s historic denial or aversion to tanking, this will be the first off-season in a while I’ve looked forward to. 

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