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Andre Drummond will play Friday, says beat-writer consensus

David Mayo of MLive:

The Detroit Pistons still have not updated Andre Drummond’s formal status but all the signs and unspoken code seems to point to the rookie center returning Friday against the Toronto Raptors.

Drummond said he has "been ready for three weeks" and teammate Greg Monroe said the two practiced together extensively today and that his 19-year-old teammate appears back to previous form.

Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press:

But signs point to a Drummond return. He has been a full participant in practices for nearly two weeks and while he is fully healed, they want to make sure his conditioning is right so he doesn’t suffer another injury.

Don’t be surprised if he starts alongside Greg Monroe, who would move to power forward, although his minutes will gradually increase through the rest of the season.

Keith Langlois of Pistons.com:

Lawrence Frank wouldn’t commit to Andre Drummond being in uniform and available to play when Toronto comes to The Palace on Friday, but he certainly circled close to such an admission.

“In terms of tomorrow, I’ll give you that answer tomorrow,” Frank said after a Thursday practice he described as one with “good spirit, good energy, good effort” – perhaps, in some measure, because Drummond was again a full participant and spent a good chunk of it playing alongside Greg Monroe.

“We may want to create a competitive situation where we may not want to tell Toronto exactly what we’re doing,” Frank grinned. “That may be a part of it, too.”

We’ve been down this road once before, but unlike Vincent Goodwill’s speculation about Tuesday, the likelihood of Drummond playing Friday has more widespread support.

Also, Ellis and Goodwill must be getting the idea Drummond will start his first game back from somewhere, but I’d be shocked if it happens. Regular starters often come off the bench in their first game after returning from injury. Reserves rarely start in that situation.

Lawrence Frank, via Mayo:

"When Andre does come back, it will be a build-up of the minutes," Frank said.  "When you’re out the amount of time he’s been out, it’s going to take a while to get your legs back. … So we’ll build it up and read it, and just kind of take it game by game and see where he’s at."

That doesn’t sound like someone who will start immediately, but we’ll see Friday.


  • Mar 28, 20135:13 pm
    by oats


    First of all, he could start but only play about 20 minutes.
    The rest of this I said earlier today, but I’ll say it here since it is more on topic here. All in all, whether or not he starts is far less important than if he plays with Monroe. The team needs to start evaluating that partnership, and they also need to start developing a rapport between those two.

    • Mar 28, 20136:10 pm
      by Mark


      I agree mostly with what you’re saying. But in order for him to maximize his minutes with Monroe he DOES need to start. 

      If he comes off the bench at the 6 min mark of the 1st, Monroe is going to be coming out at the end of the qtr. So thats only 6 min of PT together per half, only 12 min for the game.

      With only 10 games left, Drummond literally needs to play every one of his minutes with Monroe, to get a true evaluation. The only way to do that is by starting them together.

      Like you said, Drummond could start and still keep his minutes down to 20. But by starting you can align all those minutes with Monroe at the same time.

      Plus, it might even be best for him health-wise to be able to warm up and go right into playing, vs warming up and having to sit 20-30 min realtime before going in the game

      • Mar 28, 20136:32 pm
        by oats


        Monroe’s playing 33 minutes a game. Time Drummond with Monroe in the second quarter, and he can still get most of his 20 minutes with Monroe next to him. At least that is the case before Drummond starts to increase his minutes above what he’s done so far this season. That point might not even come this year though.

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  • Mar 28, 20137:58 pm
    by gmehl


    Am i the only one that thinks this is the worst timing for Drummond to come back let alone have him starting along side Monroe? Firstly its not that i don’t want him to be back or to not have started along side Monroe cause that’s not it at all but rather just the timing of it. My worry is that by doing so its a lose lose situation. We lose if the 2 of them click and end up winning us a couple of games which will no doubt compromise our lottery odds. We’d also lose if the 2 of them don’t pan out together either. Then again i suppose in a shitty way of looking at it we kind of would win if the 2 don’t pan out because by playing them together i guess the prize would be that we discover that they don’t which would in reality suck. I guess i am saying why are they only doing this now. Sometimes i feel this organisation is just trying to annoy me on purpose with the things they do. Hopefully Drummond is ok and the 2 of them click and Frank can still manage to do what he does best…lose!

    • Mar 28, 20138:54 pm
      by Anthony


      I’m hoping they click and play extremely well together, but that someone else kills the game making us losespits possible for a win win in this situation. 

      • Mar 28, 20139:16 pm
        by Mark


        yeah, I’ve been waiting since June to see these two start together. I thought we were going to see it from day 1 of the season. I certainly don’t want to wait until day 1 of next season before getting to see what they look together.

        It’ll only be 10 games, but thats still 2 more games than a preseason gives you to evaluate lineups, and about 3 weeks worth of games. I’ll take it.

        Even if they dominate together, the rest of the team is still a mess enough to cost us games in the end and not mess up our lotto chances too much. Besides its not a good draft anyways. I care more about Drummond than any of these prospects, so I’d rather get to see him play again and know that he’s all good.

        I also want to see the Drummond-Calderon dynamic, as it will be a great indicator as to whether he should resign him or not. If they look great together that should seal the deal. If not, then its good that you got to see it first before giving Calderon a contract.


        • Mar 28, 20139:16 pm
          by Mark


          In short, there’s a lot more to gain by playing Drummond than there is by not playing him.

    • Mar 28, 201310:39 pm
      by oats


      1) Any progress they can make as a pair is a win. This draft isn’t that top heavy, so it’s worth dropping a few spots to get them used to playing together. As of now we have to assume the Monroe/Drummond pairing is the main part of the rebuilding effort, so let’s drop a few spots if need be.
      2) Monroe and Drummond can make progress to developing chemistry without actually getting to the point where their chemistry gives them any more wins. That’s especially true given how bad the rest of the pieces on the team are.
      3) Less so for the team, but if Drummond plays I have something entertaining to watch for a change. It’s been a long time since the team has been legitimately fun to watch. I am totally up for rooting for tanking if Drummond is hurt, but if I can actually get some entertaining basketball I’ll take it even if the team does hurt it’s draft positioning.

    • Mar 29, 20138:40 am
      by Jeremy


      If the two of them excel together, it doesn’t necessarily equal a win. It increases the chances of one but the other 10 players dressing need to chip in as well.

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